Pulsar 200 NS Touring Mods

We all like to go on long distance journeys on our bikes and the only thing which stops is us the lack of practicality of some of our machines. Not all bikes are easy to pilot on long distances as the wind blast can tire you out while carrying luggage can become a task. There are a wide range of options to address these issues, ranging from affordable products to ones which cost quite a bit. India’s most popular premium bike is the Pulsar and now touring accessories are available for the 200 NS.

The touring accessories for the Pulsar 200 NS comprise of a touring visor and luggage carrier. A long visor is of great help on a naked motorcycle where the wind is usually bogging you down. The long visor available for the Pulsar 200 NS will help sustain higher speeds for longer durations of time. This accessory is a must have for all Pulsar 200 NS owners who like to travel across cities frequently. The 200 NS is a more comfortable bike than the Duke 200 and thus it is also a better bike for touring.

The luggage carrier fits neatly in place of the grab rails and that makes the accessory look like stock. You can easily mount your luggage on this and don’t have to worry about tying it up too much. While the 200 NS accessories can be procured locally, if you want touring accessories for the KTM Duke, you might have to order stuff from abroad. The Duke’s luggage carrier attaches with the grab rails and is priced at an expensive Rs. 12,000/-. The Pulsar’s touring accessories start from Rs. 2000/- and the bike doesn’t look out of place with the large visor.

Pulsar 200 NS Tall Visor

Pulsar 200 NS Touring Visor

Pulsar 200 NS Touring Bag

Pulsar 200 NS Touring Hook

Pulsar 200 NS Touring Accessory

Pulsar 200 NS Accessories

KTM Duke Touring Hook