2012 Toyota Aqua side

The Japanese auto major, Toyota Motor Corporation is sometimes credited to bringing in the first mass market hybrid vehicle, the Prius to the world. The Prius has been a huge hit since its launch globally and Toyota has brought out a new version of the Prius, the Prius C. The Prius C is the new standalone hybrid hatchback model that will be sold under the name of Prius C in the global market and the under the name of Aqua in the Japanese market.

The new Prius C adds to the Toyota Prius line-up which includes the regular Prius, the new plug-in Prius PHEV and the Prius V minivan. The Prius C is a 5 door hatchback which measures 3995mm in length, 1695mm in width and 1445mm in height. The Prius C gets a wheelbase of 2550mm. with these dimensions; the Prius C is marginally bigger than the new Toyota Yaris. The Prius C features a 1.5-litre gasoline engine along with a lightweight hybrid system and high output electric motor.

Toyota is yet to disclose further details about the Prius C but according to a Japanese brochure, the domestic Prius C would be getting the 1.5 litre engine that produces 74 BHP of power at 4800 RPM and 111 Nm of torque at 4800 RPM. It will return a fuel economy figure of 35.4 km/l. Toyota is yet to release the prices of the new model. The Toyota Aqua will first debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show while the Prius C will be showcased at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show.

2012 Toyota Aqua interiors

2012 Toyota Aqua rear