Does Toyota even need to promote the Fortuner? With demand exceeding supply by a long shot any type of marketing seems futile. However Toyota didn’t anticipate that when they launched a Bluetooth campaign in Delhi, Cochin, Mumbai and Hyderabad airports in early September. The Fortuner displayed in the airports has been Bluetooth-enabled which provides rich content and relevant information about the vehicle to the passengers waiting in the lounge. The activity can also be made available to passengers using GPRS by sending an SMS to the number displayed on the banner. While Bluetooth would be available free of cost, there would be charges applicable for GPRS.

“This is a high-end vehicle with superior technology. Normally, promoters fail to communicate properly about the vehicle to the target audience with just car displays in airports. This is the fundamental challenge in automobile industry today. Besides, it also costs a good amount of money which might not give the required ROI to the advertiser. So what we have tried to do is to help the automobile company with a solution that would give him value for investment,” said Suresh Narasimha, founder and CEO of Telibrahma, the Bluetooth solution provider.

Source – Network2Media