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Most people would point towards the Camry when asked about a hybrid in India

Emissions regulations are ever tightening and new technology rises cost of vehicles. To offset the cost of production, Toyota has plans to localise its hybrid and EV tech in India.

By doing so, Toyota would be able to reduce costs on three important and costly components in a hybrid or electric vehicle – electric motor, battery and control electronics.

This would also see the rise of India as a production hub for EVs and batteries, something that is single-handedly dominated by the Chinese at the moment and also allow indigenous manufacturers to rise, again, like in China.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Senior Vice President Naveen Soni has revealed the above, adding that the firm is telling the Indian government about localising hybrid and EV tech and the opportunities that would create in the near future.

What would happen is that manufacturers can manufacture electric, mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fuel cell vehicles at much cheaper rates than when they have to source components them from elsewhere.

Toyota EV tech is well known around the world at the moment since the manufacturer has tried its hand at everything, including the not-so-popular fuel cell vehicles. It even partnered with Suzuki and Denso three years ago to come up with a battery plant in Gujarat and has been selling hybrids in India for a while.

By localising components, Toyota estimates that more hybrids will hit Indian roads in just a couple of years. Manufacturers would face a win-win situation when that happens since they can meet even stricter emissions regulations that the future will likely have in store.

One other advantage would be that manufacturers would be able to meet the Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) norms as well.

If what Toyota says happens, then more manufacturers will follow suit and products made in India would find their way across the globe, apart from providing job opportunities to thousands, at the very least.

Toyota EV Tech

  • Toyota plans to localise hybrid and EV tech in India
  • Has communicated to the government about the advantages of localisation
  • Expects more hybrids to hit roads if that happens
Toyota EV tech
Let us hope that Toyota’s localisation plan picks up pace

Source – Carandbike.com