Toyota Innova EV Concept
The Innova EV concept looks similar to the current Crysta

The Toyota Innova EV concept broke cover in Indonesia

At the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), Toyota has showcased the Innova EV concept car. It is based on the current generation Innova Crysta.

Developed by Toyota Indonesia, the electric MPV is said to have already passed quality and internal safety assurance tests and, in its current state, is ready to be driven.

But, the Japanese firm has claimed that the concept car was primarily readied to study customer interests and increase the popularity of electric vehicles in the Indonesian market.

Toyota Innova EV Concept Side
The current Innova’s platform should have been extensively modified to accommodate an electric powertrain

To look at, the Toyota Innova EV concept looks almost identical to the Innova Crysta sold in India. The EV has the same bodywork and lights (the rear light lenses are clear jobbies though).

Since it is battery-powered, the Innova EV concept has a blanked ‘nose’. It also has a different ‘chin’ for a more rugged appearance and a mildly different rear bumper. Of course, the alloy wheels are different as well.

Toyota Innova EV Concept Rear
An electric Innova could be the car the Indian EV segment needs to get to the next level

Inside, the electric premium MPV has a cabin that is similar to the Innova Crysta powered by an internal combustion engine. The car now displays blue graphics and comes with a customised screen that shows information like remaining battery charge, available range, among other related things.

No information regarding the car’s battery size and kW (or should we say) output was available when this article was written. Once Toyota reveals those details, we shall update the content. So, watch this space.