Etios Motor Racing Trophy Concept

Toyota has unveiled the concept cars for its Etios Motor Racing Trophy, which is a one make racing series. This motorsport championship will be supported by TRD (Toyota Racing Development) and will start in the second half of 2013. There will be 6 individual race events wherein the Etios Sedan Petrol will race in the very first season. The cars will be certified by FIA and will feature racing parts from TRD. This championship will training young racers to hone their skills and help them for their future in motorsports. The Etios racing cars will soon be touring 12 cities and visit 22 Toyota dealerships across the country.

Driver selection will happen through application submission at starting January 15, 2012. This will be closed within one month. The company will then keep camps between March and June, 2012 to shortlist the drivers and arrive at the final driver line-up. The selected applicants will go through simulator evaluation rounds and go-kart selection. After this, the selected drivers will drive the Etios Racing cars, receiving training from experts.

Etios Motor Racing Trophy

Etios Racing TRD

Toyota Etios TRD

Toyota Etios Racing Car

Etios Liva TRD