Toyota India plans to give a boost to the Corolla Altis with CNG power next month. The Corolla CNG will be a attractive proposition for taxi buyers who look at running costs over refinement. The Toyota Innova too has got a CNG variant but with a fantastic diesel on offer, sales of the CNG Innova never really picked up. The factory fitted CNG kit will result in a price hike of around Rs. 40,000/- and will be around 80kgs heavier than its petrol counterpart.

Toyota is said to have recalibrated the rear suspension to take the extra load. The CNG Corolla will feature a modern Sequential Injection system, along with its own ECU, to deliver economy without sacrificing on performance and driveability. This modern Sequential Injection system allows for the CNG to be injected at a pressure of 2.0bar, as compared to the other cars that use a Venturi mixer system that deliver a maximum pressure of only 0.8 bar. Economy trials have proved the car to be quite efficient with figures hovering around the 20km per kg of CNG, without sacrificing power output which is a known issue with most CNG conversions.

Source – CarWale