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2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review

Bike tested: Triumph Street Triple R; Road Test No. 1261; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 10,32,965/-

The Street Triple R is an affordable version of the track-spec Street Triple RS

Triumph recently launched the most affordable Street Triple to date- the Street Triple R, which replaces the S in India and takes the entry-level Street Triple tag from it. The Street Triple R gets the inline-3 765cc motor, signature bug-eyed headlamps, aggressive styling and the superb versatility from the RS, and all at a much lower price tag. All this makes it almost too good to be true on paper as it undercuts the S economically while it ups the game in almost every other aspect. But specs are just half the battle won, and we’re here to give you a full report of how the new Triumph Street Triple R performs in the real world.

Motor Quest: Triumph has been a key player in the superbike market here in India for quite some time now. It were the 675s which made us fall in love with the inline-3 setup and everyone appreciated it when Triumph introduced the 765s around 2018. For 2020, Triumph has brought the Street Triple R to the table, and no one expected it to be priced so aggressively.

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One will definitely mistake the ‘R’ as the ‘RS’ in a quick glance

Styling: The Triumph Street Triple 765 R looks very identical to the 765 RS, and it’s a good thing. It gets the signature twin bug-eyed headlamp which is full LED, LED indicators, aggressive fairings at both sides, new fly screen, and the tail section sees revision as well. Along with this, the R gets conventional mirrors unlike the bar-end ones on the RS and misses out on the body-coloured belly pan, which makes it look a little less aggressive. The major distinction between the two models, though, is the red colour on the sub-frame under the seat which is absent on the RS.

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review 10
The bug-eyed headlamp isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is surely aggressive and purposeful

The Triumph Street Triple 765 R looks great and the build quality is just exceptional

Further, the paint quality and finish are quite exceptional, like any other Triumph. There are two shades to choose from, the Sapphire Black and the Matte Silver Ice. Towards the rear, the tail section is minimal and complements the overall proportions of the motorcycle. Overall, the Street Triple’s design has always been standout which means it might not be attractive to some but we, for one, definitely love the new avatar of the 765 R especially because of the high levels of attention to detail!

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review 32
The instrument cluster is neat and the 6-LED blue limiter is like a cherry on top

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear: Now this is a place where Triumph has taken a step back from the RS. Why? Because the new Street Triple R gets the previous-gen instrument cluster from the 675s. While we would’ve loved the TFT setup of the RS on this one as well, there’s nothing much to complain about the semi-digital speedo on the R too. The tachometer is analogue while everything else is digital. The digital display shows a plethora of information including riding modes, lap timer, distance to empty, gear position indicator, live efficiency and ride duration along with all basic bits.

The speedometer is practical but feels dated in a world full of TFTs

The story remains unchanged in the switchgear department. The R misses out on the premium switchgear from the RS, but again, there’s nothing much to complain. It gets a hazard light switch, an ‘i’ button and a mode button along with the usual switches. The feedback is haptic and the finger feel is nice as well. To sum up, while the instrument cluster and switchgear is pretty neat altogether, we feel some bikes in this segment offer better equipment.

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review 20
The rider seat is comfortable but the pillion seat isn’t too accommodating

Ergonomics: Ergonomically, the Street Triple R doesn’t feel like a middleweight superbike. The narrow tank and straight handlebars result in a roomy experience for the rider, and even the posture is upright with a pinch of aggression. The seat height at 825 mm might be high for some, though, but it is ideal for most people. The pegs are set high but have a centre-set position which makes them comfortable. Additionally, the Triple also offers adjustable levers which help you tune the levers according to your riding style. There is a catch, though, and it’s the pillion comfort. The narrow rear-end results in a cramped position for the pillion and the seat isn’t too plush as well. Lastly, the rearview mirrors are very purposeful as they offer a wide view of what’s behind and don’t vibrate even at triple-digit speeds.

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review 21
The 765cc triple-cylinder motor feels joyous at any RPM

Performance: The new Street Triple R bears the ‘765’ tag in its name, which means it gets the 765cc motor. This is the same motor which is being used in the Moto 2 world championship as we speak. This inline-3 765cc motor here churns out 118 PS of peak power at 12,000 RPM and 79 Nm of peak torque at 9350 RPM. This is 5 PS and 6 Nm more than the previous-gen S while it is 5 PS lesser than the top-spec RS, slotting it right between the two. On the go, the R seems very similar to the RS, but the 5 HP deficit can be felt once you get to higher speeds. The engine characteristic is pretty linear with a super punchy mid-range, though, thanks to the well-spread power band.

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review 8
All you need to do is twist the throttle and the front wheel comes up in no time

The whistling sound of the inline-3 motor is just soothing to the ears!

Moreover, the inline-3 setup is known for its high levels of refinement and the superb exhaust note which are both present here as well. The 6-speed gearbox comes straight out of the RS and the R gets a bi-directional quick shifter along with a slipper clutch. The clutch feel is light, which makes the R suitable for city commuting too! There are decent electronics to back you up as well. You get three riding modes along with 3-levels of traction control, which makes life easier when things get tricky. However, we found it to be pretty jerky as the TC cuts the power abruptly. Lastly, the bike returned 20 km/l during our test, which rounds the total range to about 320 kms for the 17.4-litre tank. Overall, the 765 R is a pretty well-behaved motorcycle and can serve as the perfect upgrade to someone looking for a do-it-all bike.

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review 5
New Showa suspensions are fully adjustable and serve their purpose well

Riding Dynamics: The Street Triple R might not boast of the premium suspension or braking setup from the RS but it is a big step up from the 765 S. The 765 R features big-piston adjustable 41 mm Showa USD SF forks up front and an adjustable Showa piggyback reservoir mono-shock at the rear. The damping quality has improved, and the feeling is closer to the suspension on the RS. The suspension setup has become harder, making the bike more fun in the canyons while feeling a little stiff in the city. It isn’t too stiff by any means, and even if it feels so, one can always make use of the full adjustability to tune it according to their liking.

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review 2
The 765 R handles like a supersport and corners are no problem at all

The riding dynamics are pretty amazing for city duties as well as occasional track days

At 168 kg, the Street Triple R weighs almost as much as the KTM Duke 390, making it pretty lightweight. The ground clearance at 160 mm is decent as well, and speed breakers or potholes are almost never problematic. Coming to the chassis, the bike feels nothing less than a supersport motorcycle in corners and change of directions feel super agile. In the braking department, Brembo M4.32 callipers do the duty and the braking performance is amazing offering a sharp bite. The tyres are also a step ahead as the 765 R gets Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 rubber and they are pretty sticky.

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review 6
The tail section is like the Daytona 675 and looks minimalistic

Verdict: At Rs. 10,32,965/- (on-road, Mumbai), the Triumph Street Triple 765 R is amazing value for the money, especially for the equipment at hand. There’s no other bike in the middleweight segment which offers such versatility, power, and equipment. The only bike that came close to beating it is the KTM Duke 790. Past-tense because we’re still waiting to ride the BS6 iteration of the 790. Surely, the Duke 790 feels more abrupt and urgent while riding, but the 765 R is the more powerful, better sounding, more premium feeling, and a bit more reliable one between the two. However, in some aspects like the instrument cluster and the suspension tune, the 765 R could improve, but it doesn’t decrease its value by any means. All in all, the 765 R is the perfect upgrade for someone who wants a do-it-all superbike in today’s times!

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Review 13
The exhaust note is loud and stands out in a world full of twins and inline-4s

What’s Cool

* Looks stunning and premium
* Performance is handy, and the bike sounds amazing
* Super planted riding dynamics with feedback-rich brakes

What’s Not So Cool

* Pillion comfort could have been better
* Instrument cluster and switchgear seems a little dated
* The fully-faired version of the Street Triple – Daytona is still not available

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Specifications

* Engine: 765cc, Inline-3, Euro-5
* Power: 118 PS @ 12,000 RPM
* Torque: 79 Nm @ 9350 RPM
* Transmission: 6-speed (Bi-directional Quickshifter)
* Top Speed: 218 km/hr (VBOX)
* Fuel Consumption: 20 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Suspension: Fully Adjustable 41 mm Showa USD forks (Front), Fully Adjustable Showa Monoshock (Rear)
* Tyres: 120/70/17 (Front), 180/70/17 (Rear); Pirelli Diablo Rosso III 
* Brakes: Twin 310 mm Disc (Front), 220 mm Disc (Rear)

2020 Triumph Street Triple R Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height (mm): 2065 x 775 x 1065
* Wheelbase: 1405 mm
* Seat Height: 825 mm
* Ground Clearance: 160 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 17.4-litres
* Dry weight: 168 kgs

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