Triumph Trident 660 Review 8
The lean angle of the bike might increase gradually over time due to the faulty part

Triumph will recall some Trident 660 units to replace their faulty side-stand

Triumph has decided to recall the 2022 Trident 660 in India after a recall for the same was announced in the USA. The issue? Well, the roadster’s side-stand could bend over time.

The British marque has issued a recall for 314 units of the Trident in the USA and all of the affected models were manufactured between 7th February 2021 and 15th May 2021.

Triumph says the side-stand of the Tridents manufactured in the above-mentioned period could bend over time which could lead to the bike becoming unstable and eventually, it might even tip over.

The faulty side-stands were sourced from a third-party supplier who had used incorrect raw material to manufacture the component.

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The middleweight bike has been selling well since launch

At the moment, the exact number of units of the Trident 660 sold in India that are affected by this side-stand issue is unknown. However, an official communication is expected soon from the British marque.

Of course, the faulty part will be replaced free of charge and owners will be individually contacted by the motorcycle manufacturer.

Until the Triumph Trident 660 recall gets completed, owners of the bike might want to check if the bike is still upright after parking it every once in a while.