TVS Motor Company has just showcased the Apache RTR 200 FI, but with a twist. It can also be powered by Ethanol! You read that right.

TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi Ethanol 1

In the recent past, TVS has been one of the most active motorcycle brands when it comes to new and unique launches. After a long and tiring wait, we finally got to witness the FI and ABS versions of the Apache RTR 200. Then, just a day before the expo, TVS launched the NTorq 125, a worthy competitor to the likes of the Honda Grazia, Suzuki Access and the Yamaha Ray ZR.

But this one tops them all, for sure. A 200cc motorcycle that’s powered by Ethanol! As if electric powered motorcycles are already outdated. Coming to the most exciting part, the specs, the TVS Apache 200 Ethanol is powered by a 200cc engine with Twin-Spray, Twin-Port EFI technology that is capable of an impressive 21 PS @ 8500 rpm and 18.1 Nm @ 7000 rpm with a top speed of 129 km/hr. It sports vibrant green graphics on the tank with a sticker to indicate ‘Ethanol’. The alternative “greener” fuel is said to contain 35% oxygen and will thus lead to reduced NOx, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide emissions.

Well, TVS definitely knows how to surprise everyone, and it sure did. But the real question is, will the Apache Ethanol actually see the light of day? We’re a little skeptical about that, because going by their standards of launching variants(read: Apache RTR 200 FI and ABS), this motorcycle doesn’t look like its going to be launched in the near future. We sure hope it does, as it is one of the most exciting future prospects of the 2018 Auto Expo.

TVS Apache 200 Ethanol

– Produces 21 PS and 18.1 Nm
– Top speed is claimed to be 129 km/hr
– Launch is still far away

TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi Ethanol 3

TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi Ethanol 2

TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi Ethanol 4