The TVS Apache RR 310 has many enthusiasts confused as it’s priced at a premium but is it worth your money?

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First of all, let us tell you the Apache RR 310 and Bajaj Dominar 400 are two very different motorcycles. The former is a full faired bike while the latter is a naked sports cruiser. Not only are these two machines different in form, they’re very much different in terms of the asking price as well. The Apache 310 costs approximately Rs. 50,000-60,000/- more than the Dominar 400. So is the flagship TVS product worth all the extra money or is the flagship Bajaj product still the best value for money offering in India? We tell you in this article, read on.

Let’s start with the styling. Both the bikes look sportier in their own ways, no doubts on that. But, we feel it is the Apache that looks slightly better than the Dominar because of the full fairing, tall windscreen and the raised tail section. Not to forget, looks are subjective. One interesting fact is that both the bikes here somewhat resemble a Ducati bike. The Apache resembles a Panigale while the Dominar resembles a Diavel!

Next is the instrument cluster, both the motorcycles have a fully-digital console. The Apache’s unit gets a vertical layout while the Dominar’s is horizontally-stacked. However, it is the Apache’s unit which is more-loaded. The Dominar’s console shows a speedometer, tachometer, clock, twin trip meters, shift light, side stand indicator and an ABS light. The Apache’s console in addition to the above also displays engine temperature, gear position indicator, lap timer, top speed timer and notifier, live and average mileage indicator and also has a hazard light switch.

Ergonomics on the Apache 310 and the Dominar are more or less the same but the former also doubles up as a track bike. Riding position is comfortable on both the bikes and the foot-pegs are slightly rear set. Both the bikes are essentially sports tourers, TVS taking a supersport form though. While both the Dominar’s front and rear seat are appreciable and comfortable, the rear seat on the RR 310 is slightly small and high-set makes it quite cumbersome for a pillion.

The Dominar’s 373.3cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled and fuel-injected motor is high on displacement, power and torque when compared to the Apache’s 312cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled and fuel-injected motor but the latter is faster than the former by over a second in the claimed 0-100 km/hr sprint. It could be because the Dominar is heavier than the Apache or also due to the gearing and full fairing which is extensively wind tunnel tested.

Features-wise, both the bikes get LED lighting, Apache gets dual projectors though. However, the headlight on the Dominar is the brighter one when compared to the Apache’s dual projectors. The Dominar has a 10 LED unit which works in 4 modes. 1 two dim LEDs for the pilot lamp. Second, the 6 focused LEDs on both the sides work for AHO, 4 centre LEDs work for the dipper headlamp and for the high beam, all the 10 LEDs are on.

While the Dominar gets a slipper clutch, the Apache gets inverted front forks. Talking about suspension, the Apache’s Kayaba front and rear suspension are softer sprung and super-compliant offering stupendous ride quality. The Dominar, on the other hand, gets a stiffer suspension setup.

Last but not the least, the service. Bajaj service has been really good especially with regards to the Dominar. While Bajaj has been giving test rides of the Dominar, we aren’t sure how will TVS deal with the service and test rides of the Apache 310.

With all things said, if you are someone on a budget and looking for a value for money offering, then the Dominar 400 is the one to choose. In case you can stretch your budget, the Apache 310 gives you one, the big bike feel (because of the full fairing) and two, access to German engineering.

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