TVS Motors has launched the Apache 180 ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) in India priced at Rs. 78,880/- (ex showroom, Delhi). The flagship Apache is being launched at an introductory price and is priced at a premium of Rs. 9000/- over the regular Apache. If the RTR 180 ABS is successful then TVS will give the RTR 160 ABS as well. Anti-lock Braking System technology is an integration of a HECU (Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit) and Independent Wheel Speed Sensors which help determine when a wheel is likely to get locked. When the brakes are applied hard, the wheel tends to lock. At this point, the HECU takes over instantaneously and modulates the brake pressure continuously to keep the ‘Apache RTR 180 ABS’ in the most effective braking zone while ensuring precise maneuvers.


In simple words, sensors on the front and rear wheels independently monitor the speed of rotation at all times and can sense the risk of wheel lock whenever the brakes are applied. If the sensors communicate an impending wheel lock, the HECU modulates the braking pressure and prevents it, therefore reducing the risk of the rider losing control of his Apache. When the ignition is turned ‘ON’, the Apache RTR 180 ABS does an automatic self-check, which is indicated by the blinking of an LED on the console and the speed sensors monitor the wheel speed and send signals continuously to the HECU.


“With this new, compact motorcycle Antilock Braking System (ABS), which has been developed by Continental’s Chassis and Safety Division in collaboration with TVS Motor Company, we have further strengthened our presence as a strong international supplier in the Indian automotive industry. ABS for motorcycles emphasizes our philosophy of ‘Intelligent mobility and safety for everyone’. It is a vital and decisive step on the road towards “Vision Zero,” when safety is evolved to such a level that there are no more serious accidents on the road. In view of globally available technologies, safety is non-negotiable. It is gratifying for Continental that we have associated with an Indian manufacturer to give India her first motorcycle with ABS technology,” Mr. Murali Srinivasan, General Manager (Chassis and Safety Division), Continental said.

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The Apache RTR ABS, is also equipped with RLP (Rear Wheel Lift-off Protection) system which regulates deceleration when the bike is likely to lift off during emergency braking situations and takes over control, with no loss of stopping distance. With the RLP system continuously monitoring and controlling the braking, the bike gives the best stopping performance. The bike comes with an ‘ABS-Off’ switch, which disables the ABS technology, enabling the rider to showcase his capabilities on the Apache RTR, in controlled conditions. In an effort to enhance the ‘thrill of biking’ in the TVS Apache RTR 180, the company has fitted the bike with an all-new 3 phase Full DC lighting system and an efficient energy management system. The Apache RTR 180 ABS comes in the spectacular white color with differentiating orange decals and is immediately available at select TVS dealerships across the country.