TVS Motor plans to launch India’s first hybrid scooter by the end of the year. The Streak hybrid will cover 30 kms per battery charge. The lead acid battery weighs just 115 grams. The two-wheeler has a four-stroke engine and an electric hub motor as the two sources of power. This is a parallel hybrid system wherein both engine and electric vehicle modes are available. The power sources will be in operation as per the programmed strategy or the mode selected by the user. To make the most efficient use of the energy, this hybrid system charges the battery when the brakes are applied and utilizes this power whenever required. In addition, this two-wheeler conserves energy when the vehicle is stationary at a traffic signal or at a standstill condition by stopping the power source.

The TVS Streak Hybrid has four optional modes for users to choose from : –

1. Electric Only: For short trips and zero-fuel consumption

2. Engine Only: When battery SOC is very low

3. Hybrid Electric Mode: Both sources run as per the programmed strategy

4. Hybrid Power Mode: Both engine and electric together for better acceleration