Ultraviolette F77 Production
The F77 can crack 100 km/hr in 7.5 seconds

Ultraviolette F77 production ready model showcased for the first time, gets drastic updates

After a very long period of testing, EV startup, Ultraviolette, has unveiled the production ready version of its F77 electric sport motorcycle. The company said public test rides will begin early next month while commercial launch will take place by this year.

Ultraviolette claimed that it has so far received 65,000 bookings from across 190 countries including India, United States, many European countries. It added that the bike showcased now has been heavily upgraded from what was shown back in 2019.

Some of the upgrades include switching to 21,700 format battery cells, better battery pack heat management, and range increased to 200 km, 50 km up from what was capable earlier. Power comes from a BLDC motor that churns out 33 HP at 2250 RPM and 90 Nm.

Ultraviolette F77 Production Group Pic
The bike gets dual-channel ABS

As per the company, the F77 can now crack 60 km/hr from standstill in 2.8 seconds while 100 km/hr takes 7.5 seconds. The top speed is capped at 147 km/hr making the bike faster than the SVM Prana by 24 km/hr.

Some of the key components of the F77 include adjustable USD front forks and rear monoshock, 320 mm front and 230 mm rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS, and the much hyped 50:50 weight distribution.

Ultraviolette claimed that it had to design every single component from scratch to create its performance electric bike. Attention to detail was the key ideology in the design and testing processes of its maiden product.

Ultraviolette F77 Production Black And White
The claimed range is 200 km

In addition to the upgrades to the powertrain, the sport EV’s headlight bezel has been updated as well. The digital dash comes with custom fonts and graphics and a 4-button module to operate its functions.

Having fitted additional structural elements to increase the stiffness of the F77 chassis, the EV maker admitted that the bike weighs more than before. In the first year, Ultraviolette only plans to produce 15,000 units of the F77 but productions will be ramped up later.