The transport ministry has designed a new mechanism which involves rectification of part details at various levels. This will cut down the time required for the registration process considerably.

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India is following the steps of a developed country. The registration system of vehicles in our country is about to go through major changes. Soon you will get the registration certificate of your vehicle instantly after getting your vehicle. The whole process will follow strict rules and regulations. False malpractices and violation of any rules will not be possible after this new system is in place. The transport ministry has designed an IT-based structure which will allow tracking and recording of details. This details will include model, chassis number and colour of the vehicle which will come under records right from the manufacturing level and will be rectified by the dealers.

The new arrangement will leave no space for any misdeed as the recorded details of the vehicle will come under the system from the base level, hence the dealers will not be able to cheat customers. The system will start from manufacturer entering the first details when the unit is sent for type approval. The second set of details will be enrolled by the type approval department when they approve the model. Following that, the manufacturer will enter the chassis number, colour and engine number of the vehicle. Hence when the unit will reach the dealer, it would have already been through tough regulations.

This will ensure the details of the parts of the vehicle are legitimate and no dishonesty has occurred at any level. The certificate of conformity when given to the customer is genuine and well-founded. Presently, the registration of vehicles are issued at dealer level and the registration certificate of heavy vehicles is issued by the RTO. The current system takes a lot of time for this process. But as the lay-out of the vehicle will already be in the new system, the time taken will reduce considerably. The wrong data entry or duplication of any part will not be possible after the new system is set in motion.

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The new system will cut down the time required for the registration process drastically