Around a decade back when the roads were ruled by Bajaj scooters there was also one more scooter which managed to break in and rock the scene, that scooter is the all time favourite Vespa. Vespa was first launched in India back in the 50’s by the Firodias. Good news is that Vespa is coming home after a good old decade. Piaggio will launch a 125cc gearless Vespa scooter as their first product. With an investment of 30 crore in Baramati Maharashtra, Piaggio (the parent company) looks all geared up to penetrate into the market. The plant is expected to produce 150,000 units which will reach three lakhs by mid 2013. Piaggio may also launch a motorcycle, their market research is still going on. Apart from two wheelers Piaggio is also working on a 200cc petrol engine for three wheelers.