IDE Volkswagen Polo

The design language of the Volkswagen Polo has always been a reason that persuades modifiers to try their hands on the little German baby. The stance of the Polo reflects soberness and seems like a perfect blend of retro, rugged design that flaunts a hidden mighty-character that is hard to find on other hatchbacks. Taking the advantage of the Volkswagen Polo’s aesthetics, a modifier group, IDE Autoworks from Gurgaon has done some precise exterior modifications to the car.

The IDE-Volkswagen-Polo is completely revised and the comprehensive changes have boosted the Polo’s appeal. However, the modifications are limited to the exterior but IDE has followed an asymmetrical design language specifically to evoke the impressive drivability of the Polo. The IDE-Polo is white in colour that looks outrageous with the rally stripes while the red accents add the sporty touch to it. The stripes position is leaned towards the right side to represent the driver oriented characteristic of the Polo as mentioned earlier.

The black theme is prominent in the complete design as the roof, VW logo and the front grille, boot opener, ORVMs and the door handles are all bathed in gloss-black finish. The headlamps are revised with silver and chrome inserts inspired from the European spec model of the Polo. The stock wheels are replaced with 16-inch blade design alloys that are shod onto 205/50/16 Apollo Acelere tyres. All in all, the complete makeover looks subtle and race-inspired without any over-fancy glimmers and tweaks to the Polo.

IDE Autoworks is a group of professionals who have collected their auto designing degrees from reputed International universities and are enriched with working experience on several prototypes and concept models. The company has started their venture with this IDE-Volkswagen-Polo and the team is working on to bring some commendable modifications for other car models in India. The IDE-Polo package is priced at Rs. 20,000/- that includes customised stripes and gloss-finish work while the pricing for the alloy wheels start at Rs. 20,000/-.

IDE Polo Modification

IDE Polo Headlight

IDE Modified Polo

Volkswagen Polo Grill Modify

Racing Stripe Polo

Modified Polo Rear