The India Bound T-Cross will be more spacious and is expected to cost lesser.

Volkswagen T-Cross
The India-spec T-Cross will be based on the MQB A0 IN platform

The Volkswagen T-Cross is slated to hit the Indian shores sometime in 2020-2021. The European spec model of the T-Cross is built on the company’s MQB AO platform which is quite expensive and also can also be found underpinning the new Volkswagen Polo. However, the India bound T-Cross will be a cheaper version and shall be built on the MQB AO IN platform. The sub-platform for the India spec T-Cross will not only be significantly cheaper, but it will also be larger in dimensions and have more space on the inside too.

The upcoming Volkswagen T-Cross will be built on a longer wheelbase measuring 2651 mm, which is approximately 90-100 mm longer than the European model. The India specific model will also have larger doors and a roomier cabin, allowing the passengers more legroom. The company will also lower the height of the central tunnel which will allow for more comfortable seating for the passengers in the third row.

To make the upcoming T-Cross more adaptable to the Indian road conditions, the Indian version will have a higher ground clearance of up to 205 mm. The suspension will also be on the softer side to soak the bumps on the roads allowing more comfort. To counter the effect, the made for India T-Cross will likely get large-diameter, solid anti-roll bars and the rear axle is also expected to be set stiffer to counteract the body roll of the vehicle.

Additionally, the company will be spending less money by tweaking the platform for India. The European model uses expensive hot-stamped steel, which will not be the case for the Indian model. The vulcanised rubber bushings used in the front anti-roll bar will also be given up for cheaper alternatives. The seats will be of lower cost and the sliding second-row seats that allow more space will be omitted. The sealed-in bearings and the hubs will also be of lower spec on the Indian model of the vehicle.

Coming to the powerplant, India bound Volkswagen T-Cross will most likely get two options for petrol engines. The 1.5-litre, four-cylinder EVO TSI engine which makes 130 HP will be on offer. The engine will get features like cylinder-deactivation technology which will increase the overall fuel efficiency. Another 1.0-litre, three-cylinder TSI petrol engine which makes 115 HP will also be available in the T-Cross. There could likely be no diesel engine options following the upcoming BS6 norms. Volkswagen is also looking at the possibilities of introducing a CNG powered version and also a mild hybrid in the near future. On its arrival in India, the Volkswagen T-Cross will rival the likes of the Hyundai Creta, the upcoming Kia SP2i and the upcoming MG Hector SUV.

Volkswagen T-Cross India Launch

– The Volkswagen T-Cross is expected to launch in India by 2020-2021
– It will be underpinned by the MQB AO IN platform
– The modified platform will make it more spacious

Volkswagen T-Cross
The Indian T-Cross is likely to get a ground clearance of over 200 mm
Volkswagen T-Cross Rear
It will also get a higher ground clearance and a more comfortable suspension setting

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