Volkswagen Up! 5-Door

Parking is a problem everywhere these days. With the growing number of vehicles on the road, the space to park them is decreasing as well. Sometimes we may have to just squeeze in our car in the small gap in a parking space. Well not all of us are the parking experts that we can get away with such situations without causing that little damage to our vehicle or the neighboring one. Perhaps, we need to hone the skills that this man possesses who had recently grabbed the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel parking job.

It was only few months back when MINI bagged this record and made us spell-bound. But, the record has been broken even before MINI could digest its proud moment. German stunt driver Ronny Wechselberger has done it now with a Volkswagen Up! He slid Up! in a space of just 12 feet and 0.88 inches. The interesting bit here is the length of Volkswagen Up! itself. Up! takes up 11 feet and 7.37 inches of space for itself. Do your maths and one will realize that the space left after parking this small beast was hardly anything.

Earlier, Han Yue, slid the MINI Cooper leaving a space of 15 centimetres. The new record has made the MINI’s effort look vague in comparison. The timing and precision has worked wonders here and the record has been broken. Expecting someone to break this record would be far-fetched, however, such an event cannot be completely scrapped, because as long as there is space left between the cars, there is scope. Hold your breath and watch this video and as always said, please do not try this stunt unless under expert supervision.

[youtube: 540 375]