The new range of FH, FM and FMX premium trucks are regarded as the most technologically advanced trucks in the country and has been equipped with the new I-Shift automated gearbox that has been designed specifically for mining operations.

Volvo FMX Truck Launch India
The Volvo FMX comes with the i-Shift automatic gearbox designed specifically for mining

Bringing the latest of its arsenal in the premium trucking space, Volvo has launched the Volvo FH, FM and FMX range of premium trucks that have been regarded as the most technologically advanced trucks in India. Built with an investment of $3 billion and 14 million engineering hours, the new trucks have been tested for over 21 million kms and come equipped with the all-new i-Shift AMT gearbox that has been specifically designed for the tough, rugged and physically demanding mining applications.

Based on a completely new platform that replaces the ‘Classic’ platform, the new Volvo FH 520 tractor has been designed to offer safe, efficient and comfortable transport and is powered by a 13-litre diesel engine producing 520 HP at 1500 RPM and a staggering 2500 Nm of torque at 1050 RPM. The new FH 520 comes with a load hauling capacity increased by 33 percent to 200 tonnes (Gross Combination Weight) and is also equipped with the i-Shift automatic transmission.

The Volvo FM 6×4 tractor comes with a 13-litre diesel engine now tuned to produce 40 HP of more power for increased pulling power and churns out a total of 440 HP at 1440 RPM and 2200 Nm of torque at 1050 RPM. The FM now comes with a 125 tonne hauling capacity that will allow customers to meet their needs in this range. Volvo regards the FM 6×4 as a versatile truck that can be tailor made to meet special application needs. The company will also offer a Euro 4 6×4 rigid variant with 420 HP of power, paired to the i-Shift automatic gearbox for special applications.

Lastly, the Volvo FMX 8×4 tipper has been termed as an extremely robust truck designed for mining and construction. Currently on sale in Europe since 2013 as well as South America, Middle-East and parts of Asia, the truck shares its powertrain with the FM 6×4, but comes with an increased capacity of 19.5-litre. The FMX too comes with the i-Shift automatic gearbox that has been specifically tuned to meet the versatile and demanding applications of the mining sector. Volvo also promises 10 percent increased productivity with the new FMX.

All the models now come with a comprehensively revised front fascia that offers a modern and premium new look. As part of the major changes, the Volvo logo has been moved up from the grille to below the windshield. LED daytime running lights and projector lamps are offered as standard on all variants. On the inside, Volvo has designed the cabin to offer complete comfort to the driver with automatic climate control, steering mounted control, air suspended driver’s seat and much more. The FH also comes with a dashboard mounted gear control that is positioned ergonomically, while the dashboard also incorporates the parking brake switch.

In addition, Volvo will also offer the new Dynafleet Telematics online services that offer efficient fleet management and will help business owners to be updated with driver and truck information in real time. The service also helps improve fuel efficiency on vehicles by analyzing vehicle data and helps find ways to reduce fuel consumption on the trucks. The service will be available for a monthly purchase from January, 2015 onwards. The automaker is also offering a 5 day driver training program for the drivers of these new trucks to understand the complexity of these trucks. Volvo currently has 150 touch points across the country equipped with state of the art workshops that will be able to take care of these premium trucks.

With the new and stable government in place, Volvo is optimistic that the commerce sector and the mining space will gradually grow and will be a major boost for the company’s operations in the country. With over 16 years of presence in heavy duty segment, Volvo believes that the market sentiment will be favourable this year with sales expected to rise by 10 percent, compared to the 1,31,000 units sold in the heavy duty segment in 2013. The Swedish automaker currently captures 65 percent of the premium truck market across Europe and is looking for growth in the 1500 units per year worth premium truck space in the country.

While the prices have not been announced, the new Volvo FH is available for purchase almost immediately and the FM and FMX trucks are expected to be available from January 2015 onwards in the country. Expected to be priced optimistically, Volvo did state that the company has made sure to reduce the overall cost of ownership on these trucks. All the models are being brought in CKDs with the engine and gearbox imported, while parts of the cabin and body are sourced locally. The automaker does not have any plans to locally manufacture the premium trucks any time and will continue to position itself in the premium truck segment.

Volvo FH Truck Steering Wheel
Specially has been laid on cabin comfort to reduce driver fatigue
Volvo FH Truck Dashboard
The cabin comes with automatic air-con, air suspended seats, steering mounted controls
Volvo FH Truck Gear Knob
The new i-Shift gearbox is now in its 4th generation globally
Volvo FMX Specifications
Volvo aims to capture 10 percent of the premium truck space with the new range
LED DRLs and projector headlamps come as standard on all variants
Volvo FMX Front
The Volvo FMX is the most powerful tipper in India
Volvo FMX Side
The FMX can not only designed for rough road conditions, but also for heavy loads
Volvo FMX Rear
The FMX is certified for 50 tonne of gross vehicle weight in 8×4 configuration
Volvo FMX Tipper i-Shift Gearbox
Volvo also launched Dynafleet online management system for its premium range
Volvo FMX FH FM Premium Truck Range
The improved market conditions are expected to boost premium truck sales
Volvo FMX FH India Dynafleet Online Services
While the FH will be available immediately, deliveries for the FMX will start in 2015