Volkswagen will now sell its track-spec Ameo and Vento to individual customers.

Volkswagen Vento Cup Review
The base model of Vento Cup is priced at Rs. 24 lakhs

Volkswagen has been developing the urge of track racing for the Indian customers for a while now. The German carmaker developed a track-spec Polo for the first time long back, followed by the Vento and now the Ameo. The company is inviting individual customers to come and drive their personal cars on the BIC and the MMSC tracks. Looking at the customer response, Volkswagen Motorsport India has decided to sell the Volkswagen track-spec Ameo and Vento to individual customers.

The potential customers will get two choices between Volkswagen track-spec Ameo And Vento. Both these cars get major engine updates and currently perform in races. The Ameo gets a 1.8-litre engine which produces 205 BHP, a BMC air filter and a sequential gearbox. The car comes with Team Dynamics wheels wrapped with MRF ZLO Racing tyres. In addition to this, you can get a full FMSCI spec roll-cage, a race-ready fire extinguisher and an OMP race seat with 4-point seat belts. This car can circuit the BIC track in under 2:20:00 and Volkswagen has priced it at Rs. 40 lakhs.

Volkswagen has developed the race-spec Vento for the Indian Touring Car Championship, this will be the second offered car to the individual customers. The race-spec Vento is also powered by a 1.8-litre engine which makes 210 BHP with the ITC spec restrictor plate and could make up to 250 BHP with the restrictor plate off. The car gets a 6-speed manual or the completely sequential automatic gearbox which too gets a manual shifter.

The race-spec Vento gets a roll-cage, race seats with harness, KW suspension with Eibach springs and a fire extinguisher. The car also gets enormous front brakes from a Golf R32 and rear discs from the Octavia RS combined. The wheels are specifically developed for this car by Wheels India Limited and it weighs just 6.5 kg each. The base model of the race-spec Vento is priced at Rs. 24 lakhs, while the fully equipped Vento will be priced around Rs. 40 lakhs.

Volkswagen Motorsport India is also offering a differently tuned Vento, which will enhance the power up to 300 BHP. Well, Volkswagen has given an extraordinary privilege to individual customers those who wanted to experience these performance centric cars. Both the cars are just for track use and it cannot be registered on the road officially.

VW Ameo Cup

– Ameo Cup racecar is powered by 1.8-litre engine which produces 205 BHP
– Race-spec Vento is powered by 1.8-litre motor that produces 250 BHP with the restrictor plates off
– Both the cars get optional packages to upgrade even further

Volkswagen Ameo Cup Racecar
The Ameo Cup race car comes with Team Dynamics wheels wrapped with MRF ZLO Racing tyres

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