In development for more than a year now, we are finally set to bring out MotorBeam stickers for your cars and bikes. After having spend considerable amount of time with sampling, we have got the right vendor who can churn our high quality stickers which don’t tear after time, don’t fade due to sun, are water proof and don’t leave any glue residue on your vehicle when you remove them. But before we hit production, we thought of showing you the designs. Our forum members have helped in design inputs HERE. There are 10 high quality stickers and we have made a couple of these specific for bikes. The stickers help us to promote safety which we started with the PLEDGE earlier this year. We are not selling stickers to make a profit and the complete set will be priced at cost price. Which sticker is your favourite? Do you have any suggestions for improvements?

UPDATE (7/9/2013) – We have made changes to the stickers. Thanks to IDE Autoworks (checkout their facebook page HERE) for helping us with the design. Checkout the new designs below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Stickers For Bikes

Stickers For Cars