Yamaha Fascino Test Ride Review
2015 Yamaha Fascino – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Yamaha Fascino Review

Bike Tested: 2015 Yamaha Fascino

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 64,500/-

The Fascino gets all its charm with the curvy design, the mechanicals remain the same

As we know, Yamaha probably is on fire and it has been adding new products to its Indian line-up quickly. Just some days back we tested one of its bikes and now it is time to get astride its third and latest scooter for the domestic market. The scooter we are talking about is the Fascino? What kind of a name is this? Fascino is an Italian word which stands for charm and glamour in basic English. Well the scooter is new and looks beautiful! Let us see whether it is just the charm which the scooter gets or is there something much more interesting!

Motor Quest: The Fascino is the third 113cc scooter from Yamaha which has an all new design with a bit of a difference in ergonomics. However the engine and mechanicals it runs is the same one from its siblings, the Ray/Ray Z and Alpha.

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Retro and curvy body design add massively to the Yamaha Fascino’s charm

Styling – As we all know Yamaha’s design team does a lot of brain storming with the look of the bike and never lets the enthusiasts down in this department. And here the same story goes again, the Yamaha Fascino gets sharp-yet-curvy retro looks. If we just start, the headlamp is like an eye, and eye of a character from some Disney movie. The panel on the handlebar on which the headlamp is mounted to, also gets some aerodynamic design. The front panel is just a two piece panel which covers the whole front body and then comes the small front mudguard with the pair of silver coloured telescopic forks. The rims of the Yamaha Fascino are not black like the sibling Ray Z but like the Alpha which come in a silver shade.

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Some of the chrome bits, like the mirrors give a real premium feel

The front panel also holds a radiator type grill with a Yamaha badge on a small chrome strip. Talking about the mirrors, leaf type design with chrome cover also appeals to the front. Coming to the seat and the rear design, the rear panels go dropping down to the end. Under the rider’s seating position, there’s some more chrome panels which are placed right on the edges of the side panels. The tail lamp goes drop-down and low while it has a matte black cover above it which again holds a Yamaha logo on a chrome strip. And to make the rear better, there is a one piece silver grab-rail.

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Biege and white coloured analog cluster does the job well on the Fascino

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – Over here, the cluster is amazing, with a retro look and a total analog meter. The cluster get a white background, with a red pointer and all the text in dark brown colour. The LEDs on the console are just two, one indicating the high beam and the other indicating the turn indicators. There’s a beige shaded thin panel covering the cluster from all sides. There also exists a small Yamaha logo within the cluster and the Fascino text in the middle just above the logo. The cluster on a whole gives a real retro yet premium feel. Switchgear is taken from its siblings, the Ray and Ray Z, there’s no big change here. The quality is good and very well maintained by Yamaha.

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Although small in size but the Yamaha Fascino gets comfortable ergos

Ergonomics – Just like any other scooter, the ergos of the Yamaha Fascino are commuter based. Upright riding position, small handlebar, narrow body and the aerodynamic design gives a comfortable scooter feel. The handlebar is relatively lower than other scooters and hence there is a good view of the road for riders of all heights. Talking about legroom and the Yamaha Fascino has ample of it. There’s no front storage box or anything such but there’s some space for a bottle holder. The seats are soft for the rider but the pillion seat is a bit small and thin. The footpegs for the pillion are good but they are placed a bit forward yet they retract in very quickly and they do hit the rider’s legs sometimes when not fully retracted. The seat height isn’t low but the shock absorbers are soft and hence the seating is very much comfortable.

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The 113cc powerplant provides quick and linear power delivery

Not as powerful as many scooters but grabs a lot of attention for its design

Performance – The Yamaha Fascino gets its heart from its siblings, with the same 113cc powerplant. It churns out 7.1 PS of power at 7500 RPM with 8.1 Nm of torque at an early 5000 RPM. The power figures don’t seem to impress much but the scooter pulls really good as soon as the throttle is gunned. The engine performs butter smooth throughout but the happy portion is the mid-range where the throttle response is quick. Even after being the same engine from its siblings, the Fascino feels much more smoother. The sound of Yamaha’s engine is a bit louder than regular scooters but this does appeal as the sound is not harsh. There are no vibrations whatsoever on the scooter, the NVH levels are very well maintained. The Fascino does lose out on the top-end and doesn’t push forward to the ton like some 110cc scooters. The company claims a stellar mileage of 66 km/l on the Fascino and the scooter does return close to 50 km/l in the real world.

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Sticky MRF rubber with telescopic forks are good combination for perfect dynamics

Riding Dynamics – Riding the Yamaha Fascino is like riding a small pocket bike. The scooter feels small and quick, offering nimble and reassuring handling. The handlebar is low, thinner in width, comfortable and so zipping through is fun. The scooter has the retro looks just like the Piaggio Vespa and it shines with quite some chrome bits and grabs all the attention. It is one heck of a head turner. The suspension setup is soft and hence the ride is plush and smooth. Taking over potholes or speed-breakers, the Yamaha Fascino doesn’t send much feedback to the back or the handlebar. With increasing speed, the feedback to the back of the rider increases substantially. The ride isn’t bouncy at all, in one sentence, the ride quality is pretty good. The brakes are responsive and the MRF rubber on the scooter provides real good grip. Even while braking or leaning a bit for a turn, the Fascino provides good confidence even on wet surface.

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Straight line riding is fun, only problem would be the windblast on the rider

Verdict – The Yamaha Fascino is a brilliant scooter, it gets some decent hardware like telescopic forks, has a retro look with a curvy body design and comes with multiple optional colours to choose from (it even gets two matte colour options). The ride quality is plush and the handling is very much responsive. Not comparing with any other scooter, instead the Fascino comes above its own siblings, the Ray and Ray Z in all aspects except if someone wants the rough and sporty look. The Alpha offers a sober design while the Fascino gets all the jazz with the classic retro look. This Japanese scooter costs the same as its competitors while providing good features, better looks with retro appeal and much better build quality. The Fascino is a great scooter for an enthusiast who loves the brand Yamaha, trusts its engineering and efforts while looking out for a unique and attractive design.

Yamaha is currently focusing on the common people with scooters and the Fascino is excellent in terms of appeal. But now it is time for something more than just the masses. Something like a quarter-litre competition and by this we mean the Yamaha R25/R3.

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The Yamaha Fascino is one head-turner and also gets some awesome colour options

What’s Cool

* Yamaha’s build quality and attention on the Fascino is superb
* The Fascino gets good hardware and rides like a gem

What’s Not So Cool

* Fascino probably has the largest storage of 21-litres but cannot fit a full-size helmet
* Latest hardware is missing, the competitors do provide disc brake and alloys as an option

Alternatives: Honda Activa 3G, Piaggio Vespa, TVS Jupiter

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The Fascino won’t accommodate a full face helmet inspite of big storage

Yamaha Fascino Specifications

* Engine: 113cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder
* Bore x Stroke: 50 x 57.8
* Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
* Power: 7.1 PS @ 7500 RPM
* Torque: 8.1 Nm @ 5000 RPM
* Transmission: V-belt automatic
* Fuel Consumption: 48 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Frame: Underbone Frame
* Suspension: Telescopic Forks (Front), Single-sided unit swing (Rear)
* Tyres: 90/100/10 (Front), 90/100/10 (Rear)
* Brakes: 130 mm Drum (Front), 130 mm Drum (Rear)

Yamaha Fascino Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height: 1815 mm x 675 mm x 1120 mm
* Wheelbase: 1270 mm
* Ground Clearance: 128 mm
* Seat Height: 775 mm
* Under-seat storage: 21-litres
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.2-litres
* Kerb weight: 103 kgs

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The Yamaha Fascino is a package of great looks with decent performance

Testers’ Note:

“Since the time Yamaha announced its plans to launch a scooter in India, enthusiasts have been waiting for a 125cc engined product, the company hasn’t delivered yet. With every scooter launch, hopes go high and then fall as yet another 113cc scooter emerges from the company’s stable. The Fascino isn’t much different than the other Yamaha scooters but is visually striking which is sure to please Vespa lovers. But to please the enthusiasts, Yamaha needs to offer a more powerful scooter, it’s high time.” – Faisal Khan, Editor, MotorBeam.