Yamaha Motorcycle Power Steering Support System
The new system is likely to be offered on road bikes too

The motorcycle electric power steering system developed by Yamaha is set to be used on a variety of bikes

Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha has developed an electric power steering system that it has fitted to its racing machines and could soon equip the same on its road bikes.

The Iwata-based firm says its prototype of the electric power steering support system for motorcycles was developed as a new rider aid which will contribute to improved stability and agility.

Yamaha Motorcycle Power Steering Torque Sensor
The Japanese firm has been quick to equip its dirt racing machines with the technology

The Yamaha motorcycle power steering system which uses sensor technologies different to those used in cars comprises 2 main components – a magnetostrictive torque sensor and an actuator.

The torque sensor in the system works as a steering damper while providing steering assistance for the rider. The steering damper counteracts the outside forces and functions primarily at high speeds, while the steering assistance complements handlebar inputs at low speeds.

Yamaha Motorcycle Electric Power Steering Actuator
The motorcycle power steering system could lead to development of new rider aids for all we know

The actuator, Yamaha claims is compact and lightweight and the systems work on a way that “still feels natural for the rider”. The Japanese marque is looking to equip the power steering system on a variety of motorcycles.

Yamaha is not all talk and no show. The company will enter racing bikes – YZ450FM and YZ250F – equipped with the system in the All Japan Motocross Championship this season. This, the brand hopes will expedite the development of the technology.