Yamaha India has launched performance parts for the Yamaha R15 and the Ymaha FZ16. However what do the Yamaha racing kits consist of? Re-mapped ECU, High-lift cam-shaft, Full exhaust system, Special alloy sprockets, Adjustable Foot rests, Larger diameter petal disc front brake, Stainless steel brake hose and Race-spec master brake oil cylinder are the parts which can soon be on your Yamaha bike.

The racing parts in detail are : –


Re-mapped ECU

The R15 chassis always felt under-used with that puny 150cc liquid-cooled motor and every time on the track it felt like the bike could do with more horses. Well, that is the focus of the advanced ECU in the performance kit. The rev-limiter has been moved further and instead of 9,800rpm cut-in point of the stock ECU, the race-prepped ECU kicks-in only after the rev-counter needle breezes past the 12,800rpm mark. And that makes a hell of a lot of difference! Yamaha has developed this special ECU which is tuned and mapped to suit the other performance upgrades that come in the package. However, the ECU has been configured with a prefixed map canceling out the great opportunity of allowing the end-user to program it according to his own liking and needs. How we would love to see a programmable ECU on offer! Maybe that’s the next thing in line from Yamaha.


High-lift Camshaft

Yes! You read it right. The package also boasts of a high-lift cam which provides better flow of air-fuel mixture by getting the valve further out of the way than stock. The altered ECU further helps in smoothening out the extra power produced by the engine and care has been taken that the high-lift camshaft does not put strain on the valvetrain.


Full exhaust system

This one will be a big seller. Loud, throaty and adds instant punch to the bike. The full exhaust system is a bolt-on part and immediately improves low-end torque and power delivery. And one thing is for sure, you can’t sneak into your home after a late night ride, ’cause this stainless steel muffler will wake up your entire neighbourhood. It’s short, sweet and smart as a whip. And yes, this is a race track only feature as is the ECU because of both useability in traffic and also the noise level is above the permissible street limit of 80db.


Duralumin Special Alloy Sprockets

The key factor behind R15’s mind-blowing performance and handling has always been its superlight frame. Yamaha has kept this focus on its after-market parts too and the sprockets are no exception to this. As of now, there are two options for the rear sprockets with 40 teeth and 42 teeth, made out of lightweight special alloy called Duralumin. The product line-up hasn’t been confirmed for the sprockets yet, as Yamaha has plans to introduce multiple sprocket options depending upon the demand and need of the users.


Brake upgrades

Braking was phenomenal on the stock bike too, but the bigger 296mm diameter petal disc upfront coupled with a stainless steel braided brake hose, put the R15’s brakes into a different league altogether. The feel has improved significantly and the bike inspires a lot of confidence under hard-braking and mid-corner speed-shedding, dropping braking times and distances by a big margin over the stock bike. The kit also includes a la MotoGP race-bike style master brake oil cylinder. The improved power and braking demands stickier rubber though than the stock tyres can deliver and this is a sore spot worthy of being treated. Exactly a year ago, many were stunned with the performance of the tyres employed on the R15 and were raving mad about them. However, the stock tyres now seem to be struggling to cope with the added horses.


Quick throttle

The package also includes a racing quick throttle that reduces the total travel angle of the throttle from the stock bike’s 90 degrees to 60 degrees. The quick throttle helps in reducing throttle actuation time and provides quicker response from the bike with minimal movement of the wrist. A boon for racers.


Rear set footrests

Apart from the performance boosting bits to the drivetrain, Yamaha have thoughtfully provided one very critical upgrade to the bike which is exquisitely crafted rear set footrests. This positional placement of foot rest with allied linkages perfectly optimized for gear shifter and rear brake pedal is most welcome and highly recommended. It is three-way adjustable depending on rider preference and comfort.

The entire kit works in perfect harmony as the high-lift cam, ECU, the exhaust and the sprockets all have been tuned to work together to give the best possible performance. All of this sincerely satisfies the needs of a serious track-enthusiast or the newbie racer. To match the go, Yamaha is also offering an HID headlight kit for that added bling factor!

Yamaha are yet to determine the exact costs, since the parts will be imported directly from Daytona (the firm) in Japan and thus we have no word on pricing. However we estimate it to be around Rs. 25,000/- Yamaha will start taking orders from July for these parts by email and via their website. The parts will be available by September and trained technicians at Yamaha dealerships will install these parts on the customer bikes.

Source – Zigwheels