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TVS Apache RTR 180 Pictures

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TVS will launch the highly awaited Apache RTR 180 (previously known as the Menace, and now a menace for Bajaj Auto) within the next 15 days at around Rs. 72,000/- The Apache RTR 180 is powered by a 177.3cc engine which produces 17.3PS of power, slightly more than the new upgraded Bajaj Pulsar 180. There is no fuel injection in the RTR 180. The 180cc mill of the new RTR is bored and stroked of the RTR 160. TVS engineers have given a lighter crank, lighter magneto and a bigger carburetor for quicker engine response. The 180cc motor is expected to offer better low and mid-range torque.

TVS claim the Apache RTR 180 will reach 60kmph in 4.15 seconds and have a top speed of 125kph. TVS has also worked on mechanicals to improve the dynamics of the race-bred RTR. The wheelbase is increased by 30mm for improved stability. The brakes are carried forward from the Apache RTR FI, that is 270mm petal disc at the front and 200mm disc at the rear. Apart from the change of heart and the mechanicals, there is very little to distinguish between the RTR 160 and RTR 180. The Apache RTR 180 gets larger sized RTR decals on tank scoops and removable rear mudguard. It also gets a new white tachometer.





















Pictures courtesy of Overdrive.

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  • sarma

    maileage? fuel efficiency?

    useful for long drive?

    on road price @ Hyderabad ?

    engine oil capacity?

    road grip at top speed on local roads or on highway roads?

  • fas

    Sarma, to early to say about all this without having ridden the bike. I will reserve my comments till I get my hands on the beast.

    Some of the points are mentioned in the article above :)

  • raj

    i’ve been hugely disappointed by the new tvs apache rtr 180 or menance..
    with the word “menance” i was expecting a lot of cosmetic changes from this particular bike … but there is nothing u can find new except extended rtr decals on tank scoops and removable rear mudguard…
    i personally don’t feel that pulsar 180 will receive any kind of competition from this bike… this bike may get fan following but it can’t challenge the pulsar 180..

  • Rahul

    **** Off New RTR180 all r teling lie it’s top speed is 116 but it shows 125 in speedometer & it has 17 bhp it is just 0.60 sec early than p 180 in pickup i am having pulsar 180 i haved tuned the engine it flies top speed at 141km/hr it having more pickup than R15 belive it or not just try this with u r bike,
    1st gear 0-48km/hr
    2nd gear 48-90km/hr
    3rd gear 90-118km/hr
    4th gear 118-135km/hr
    5th gear 135-141km/hr

    this is real i have tried this & i have reached till 141km/hr

  • Raj Anand

    This should have been New TVS apache 160

  • antz

    Great work tvs. Come on guys. Dont judge the bike before its out. Look at the specs. Herohonda and Bajaj always only change stickers and call it a upgrade. But TVS has done a real upgrade in terms of motor and mechanics. No other bike 180/200 cc bike matches the tvs Apache 180 specs. To quote from above “TVS engineers have given a lighter crank, lighter magneto and a bigger carburetor for quicker engine response.” That will definitely give you a lot of power. Also, it weighs only 140 kg. So, 180 cc bike weighing 140 kg, gives you huge power-to-weight advantage, so lots of power. Great work TVS.

  • shantanu

    Rahul Says:
    May 24th, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    **** Off New RTR180 all r teling lie it’s top speed is 116 but it shows 125 in speedometer & it has 17 bhp it is just 0.60 sec early than p 180 in pickup i am having pulsar 180 i haved tuned the engine it flies top speed at 141km/hr it having more pickup than R15 belive it or not just try this with u r bike,
    1st gear 0-48km/hr
    2nd gear 48-90km/hr
    3rd gear 90-118km/hr
    4th gear 118-135km/hr
    5th gear 135-141km/hr

    this is real i have tried this & i have reached till 141km/hr

    hey rahul .. shut up /
    apche was,is and will always be better than bajaj ..bajaj makes cheap plastic toys for bikes and fools like you buy them ..

  • amal

    got to give it to you shantanu…….
    i own an rtr and i have tried the pulsar 180 too
    the pulsar just isnt good enough..
    if it cant match the rtr 160 god knows how those idiots even compare it with the rtr 180

    great work tvs….
    big fan…..

  • sanjeev

    guys…apache’s the best machine out there in the 150 segment till yamaha fz was released.i own an rtr n i am very pleased with its perfomance….but i feel that the above picturised 180cc bike isn’t good enough..i feel that they should increase the length of the bike n the wheelbase a little then it wud sorta look lyk a real big bike!!!

  • Hi guys…I am a dealer of TVS Motor Co.Ltd. & what i believe is the RTR 160 which had to be ridden cauously in its running-in-period becomes an explosive bike thereafter. New RTR 160 when ridden feels like a slower bike but once the engine smoothens with running it reacts like a torpedo. The engine is very reliable too & yes… the reason for reliability is a heavier crank. As far as RTR 180 is concerned, lighter crank may give a better thrust but technically it hampers reliability & top speed of the vehicle. Hence, manufacturers do not play with lighter cranks to increase low & mid range punch. TVS boffins are very good at engineering mechanical parts. What these people have done is encashed on their mechanical engineering mastery & solved the reliability issues with a stiffened lighter crank. With a bigger carb & IDI ignition to take care of the increased fuel being pumped, the bike will loose on neither grounds.. This will result in neck braking acceleration & a commendable top speed. A super handling chasis to match & predictable braking have always been its strength.. Yes definetly a bike which will feel never the less inferior to Sukhoi. Watch Out ..ITs CoMiNg!!!! DEjavoooo…

  • manglesh

    apache is undoubtedly better bike than pulsar. pulsar cannot beat apache in any manner. i have a red coloured apache rtr 160 & i just love everything about my bike. i just hate bajaj & all their bikes. go to hell bajaj. if pulsar 180 cannot beat apache rtr 160, than how it can beat apache rtr 180. stupid work to compare apache 180 & pulsar 180. its just a wastage of time.

    • pranjal

      if u have a apache rtr 180 then make a race with pulsur 180… a vast difference you will u see. u hv to chase pulser from so miles away

  • manglesh

    yes apache was, is & will always better than pulsar right from its 1st launching in 2006. i haveapache rtr 160 & i m fully satisfied with it. on the other hand my friend has a pulsar 180 & he just hate his bike. his bike give him problems almost everyday.
    stupid pulsars & their owners will never beat apaches & their owners.
    bajaj is world’s best brand in toy bikes bcoz all of their bikes just look like toys. just look at XCD, DISCOVER & PLATINA. what a hell they are.

  • RAJ

    i heard some of drawbacks in rtr160 such as the engine sound and engine heating… 2 ALL THOSE WHO R HEVING RTR 160 IS THERE ANY SUCH PROBLEM

  • prashant

    pulsor people r jelous

    Statistics show dat after tvs launche apache bajaj got a heavy 31 % fall in its sales…..bcoz apache rules and it has given cool new fresh look to biking in terms of performance price and comfort
    and for shantanu i should tell dat 180 cc pulsor is the biggest failure of bajaj as admitted by bajaj…….so dude plzz dun boost urself more….

  • honey

    i think this model may failure

  • Anoop

    hey all u folks don jump into stupid conclusions b4 the bike could launch …. i own a apache rtr 160 and i am able to hit 135 kmphr on a stock engine with a 160 cc bike … then imagine how its gonna be for 180 cc onwe with a increased Bhp n all … but one req to mfg if u could just make the bike a bit longer and better tyres then it would shut down the sales of pulsar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raj Anand

    No other bike has/can/will shut down the sales of Pulsar.

  • jitendra

    bajaj pulser 180 ug4 is better than any other bike in this segment ,like and engines quality is very engines pickup is decreases when we drive it continueosly at high i reccomend bajaj pulser 180 ug4.i hav both bikes apache and pulser 180.u can buy bajaj.its great bike my dear.beleive me friends.No other bike has/can/will shut down the sales of Pulsar.jitndra yadav ,kanpur
    call me –9956682946

  • Shaiwal

    The Apache is a race tested bike.All the improvements are done after making trial and errors in a track.Whereas the pulsars are just a good looking bikes.Their improvements are genrally cosmetically to attract buyers.A true biker knows which bike to go for between the two.


    Hey friends dont believe all those comparison just look at pulsar180 its the best bike ever look at the styles and its performance its just awesome frnds trust me pulsar 180 is the best bike ever on indian market no other bikes not have an chance to stand in front of it just go off

  • tobias

    woowww…. beatifullllll

    kulo luwih tresno karo motor iki, timbangane bajaj pulsar 180.

  • tingu

    Hey Guys, cool down. I was one of the earliest guy to buy a pulsar 180 way back in early 2002 when it was launched and since then the bike has really evolved into a fine machine. I have ridden both the rtr 160 and the P180 extensively and say both are extremely competent bikes and have loads of goodies, but in the end a good rider makes more difference than the bike itself. A good rider covers the flaws of the bike and excels in riding be it an rtr 160 or p180. so riding skills matters most than the bike itself. Nevertheless I still remain a Pulsar fan for all the endearing experiences I have had… peace.

  • rohan

    hey guys i think the coclor white looks stunning but the only think wat i dont like about this apache rtr model is their silencers..jus check out the silencers looks as if it is a 100cc bike silencers..look at p200cc silsncers man..its awesome…so i guess il stick wid pulsar…peace..

  • HARI

    the bike is good in all stance. i own a fiero which has done 60k till now i did no change any parts the bike rides well,so tvs bikes are good and low in maintanance rtr hugs to the road and the bike is responsive too. p180 rev hard but does not match to rtr new p180 is slower than the old p180

  • ravi

    hey rahul shut up sale karizma dekh 160 top speed meine khudne chalayi hai.karizma R is the best bike on the indian road.and superfastest bike so plz try karizma R.i love karizma bike

  • the apache 180 ll be the most sensational bike of the year wooohhh…

  • R.Karthik b

    Hi..i own a rtr 160fi 7000kms done,days back i had a kind of drag race starting from a signal here(Kasturba road,Blore which is at the one end of MG road) with a Pulsar 200,and guess who won…APACHE RTR160Fi..did touch 109 on that road and had to slow down as a signal was around the corner…did beat him in 3rd to 4th gear shifting time…felt very happy abt tis…hope many Apacheans out there get to feel the same.

  • R.Karthik b

    One more thing i wanted to share was if anybody is plannin to buy Apache RTRs please do make sure u dont exceed 45 kms during its run-in period(know tats one hard thing to maintain)..i first touched 60km/hr when i was 975kms done…now my Apache rtr160Fi is 7000kms done and is rockin…beating Pulsar 200 like just another bike.

  • lohith

    i thougyht of buying a new apache 180 .. please let me know the milege . of thes bike

    • fas

      Lohith, the mileage of the new Apache 180 is 40kmpl.

  • saurabh

    In The Range of 75 to 80k Karizma R is gret bike .. my fren hav it 0 to 60 just 3.80secs
    & AFTER 7500 kms run it reached 147 KMPH .. & it waz really ausum xperience average :42kmpl biliv guys , karizma rocks .. ..
    i m going to buy black 1 now …………
    but just confused in new pgmfi or zma ????????????

  • pramod

    How much it cost for the crank shft of the Apache RTR 160

  • N.Akbar

    Hi, everybody my dad gifted RTR 180, really superb in it’s class both in style and performance… and i feel more vibration when i shift 3rd to 4th cog, there’s also knocking sound… My Suggestion: Take care of the bike upto 500km(i mean maintain the speed below 60), dont give your bike to others or otherwise it’ll be in junk sooner. I’m not blaming the friends, just an opinion, if the person is more trustworthy that he can handle then it’s not problem.. Trivial: Cost of the bike-74,145rs/-(goodwill tvs, anna nagar), i choosed pearl white.. and dont think about the mileage, jus 30-37 only, dont worry about the rear disk it does its job very well..!! My no:9840590270, jus to know

    • fas

      Congrats N.Akbar enjoy your bike and make sure you run it in.

  • hi friend 180cc apache rtr wheelbase

  • shabby

    u can take plusar 200,karizma r,suzuki g6,r15,plusar 220 and race with my apache rtr 180 u cann0t chase me am sure because it has that much pick up,it has a powerful cluth while overtaking. by my apache i made record of3.1 sec to reach 60km/h

  • chirag

    tvs apache is not nice, it is excellent.bajaj pulsar is nothing it give fasle information to people.hey raj first go and drive the apache 180 and then say about pulsar.even apache rtr 160 also beat the new pulsar 180 then what about apache 180.i am waiting for tvs apache 200 this will give fight to r15,pulsar 220,hero honda karizma zmr

  • kumar

    Hai Bajaj fans like a fools bajaj pulsar is the one of the worest bike in the world,i got TVS apache rtr 180 it is so nice and good pick up and style for ride the max speed[i ride] up to 155 in correct road[no up and downs].and my brother got pulsar 180 latest model but the pulsar is style but no perfomance in ghat scetion engine gives toooo sound and when u press pulsar clutch the engine is stopped it is maximum goes 135 kmph thats all[will goes 165 in Full Down road] we weaklly conduct races in our city but pulsar 220 is also not win in any race my frnds have all diff bikes frm diff companies finally i sugget apache is better than best.
    this text for Bajaj fans:
    bajaj want release discovery 150cc and xcd 150cc sprit
    first of all compare ur’s pulsar with urs opponents like dis 150 and xcd 150. NO OTHER COMAPNY GIVES THEIR OWN OPPONENTS LIKE BAJAJ…..

  • sushan

    hey apache RTR 180 has a good speed with nice pick my search is coming in the market.i m curious to buy apache RTR 200.i m waiting for it.


    well, being a RTR 180 rider, I think this bike is perfect. Suits any age group and too faithful.
    power is really good as well as pick up. Pulsar 180 gets ripped off with its power. Reaching its pickup is nearly impossible.
    Its is fuel efficient too. Its gives 45-50 on freeway and 35-40 on busy roads. Total fuel capacity of 16 liters and 2.5 on Reserve, included in total capacity.
    For long drive? absolutely awesome. I went to long drive for continuous 3 hours i.e. 212 km. Seat is comfortable that’s why it doesn’t hurt your butt. Due to its unique seat angle, you are forced to maintain posture due to which it really helps you out.
    Demerits? Yes there is demerit but only one. Thin tire diameter. Which causes your bike to slip some times. But if you are a good rider you will over come that demerit.
    So guys have fun. Enjoy your Apache RTR 180 (RACING DNA UNLEASHED)!!!!!!!!!!



  • Apache 180 awesome bike … areh yaar look at the bikes appearance .. massive .. and its sound a roaring tiger …the one great success of TVS .. way to go…

  • Gift

    I have one Friends.,…It is really Cool

  • Gift

    I have an Apachae 180 RTR Friends.,…It is really Cool
    I was able to beat Pulsar 180,Fazer and the 225 Karizma 2 n a Drag Race,..
    It is really a master Piece of the TVS Engineers..
    Am a Big Fan of you Guys,..U juzt ROCK,….
    Even Though No Changes are made in the Outer Appearance,The 180 is Smooth,More Cool and Easily can Defeat a 160 RTR..
    4 all Guys who own an Apachae 180…
    Just try the RPM Racing Facility and realise the BULL Power F Our Road RAcer…

  • Abrar

    Hey Guy’s.. !! I ws havng pulsar 220 cc.. nw i sold it.. Nw am planing to buy, apache rtr 180… I heard dat.. it doesn hav Mch road grp, lyk pulsar’s.. So.. evn I am speed freek, n evn do occasionly drag’s.. wid frnd’s.. ! bt havn ride apache rtr 180 yet.. ! So guy’s Plz suggest mei.. is apache is havng a bettr torque thn pulsar 180,200,220? Plz reply.. !

  • sunny

    gooooooooooooooooooooooood work tvs bajaj compny samal jao tvs aapnne pe achuka he ab tumari nato palsar 120,135,150,180,200 and 220 khai nahi lagi kyu ki apache 180 agai he kya bike he yaar maza agaya….jo log is ki ho kaat nahi hena wo bas is bike ki burai karsakte he….haan…haan…haaan…haaan….haaan…haaan…haaan…haaan…haaan

    • Neeraj

      Hi sunny i am with you that the bajaj is a toy for kids and apache is for mard.

  • charan

    i like this’s very comfortable to drive…

    • Raj yadav

      Hi charan i am with you I like too it’s bike

  • monti

    hey fellas….

    i just brought a rtr 180 4 months back ……
    i just wanna say one things…..
    i u r planing to spend 70K odd rs on a vehicle i’l just say go for rtr 180 ……

    u guys wont believe wat me and my frnds did with the rtr180… in very first week we ran it on 107 km/h…..
    with the fuel efficiency of 45km/l…
    we do burn outs… drags on the very first month, i knw i shouldn’t have done but after all these the bike still say ” this all u got, come show me some more”

    and few days back i ran it on 115km/h under the distance of hardly a km… acceration is beating almost every bike in this segment… it curves like a mean machine.. roars like a beast… its feels power wen u ride on it……
    and the name is true it is the ” MENACE”.

    • gaurang soni

      man really such a awesome byk i ride it max at 119/kmph
      and really it’s having best pick up in its segment of b

  • AMAGING bike yar i had nvr listn this typ of apache sound super yar lage rho tvs

  • Magesh

    hey guys go for APACHE its stunnig in style and engine beat…. comparin to pulsar its amazing….. oly defect is tyre but its not prob in 160 if u use filter then you can reach 135……. APACHE rules pulsar sucks

  • i love tvs apache bike specially my favorite colour is black and silver black

  • Basheer Ahamed

    i like ApacheRTR 180 very much,especially white colour,

  • gibbsuresh

    apache is my dream bike in 2006 i like all models & spacially i like yellow colour apache 180

    • Guruchandran

      My dream bike apache 180 white color, i like only old bike 2011 modal only… I dont like it 2012 modal…

  • dshan

    its nice and awesome ………..
    but wat 2 do no mileage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shivraj

    guys its just awesome in every aspect , especially its handling and stunning looks, go for it without seeing it………..believe me its amazing , it gives a nice feel whlie a ride………..

  • apache rtr 180 very nice bike

  • vedant

    its very nice bike and i want to say that but it

  • SpeedDemon

    guys Im a big Speed freak and recently my cousin bro got his RTR 180 ABS. I was left dumbstruck with the sensible braking ability of this awesome road cutter. I knew previously that RTRwas a performer bike which will vibrate till u drop ur balls!! But guess i was wrong and i feel happy about it… In my view Apache RTR 180ABS is the safest bike on indian road… not only that …. I have riden many bikes like FZ-s, Pulsar 180,220,220f, Zmr,Hunk, and cbz-xtreme….but none of them could cut through traffic on the streets of kolkata at 60…i mean it was a bumper to bumper traffic and still a 60kmph was amazing..seriously..HATSOFF to RTR180 ABS


    need one Apache 180 rtr second hand bike 2010 km 15000 how much

  • sagar zankar

    its very super bike

  • mathan

    no one can beat apache rtr is my favorite bike

  • akash

    i like it in bike RTR 180

  • Girish

    Hi friends i have Apache 160RTR yellow but iam thinking to alter white colour 180RTR Look iot will be good let me know

  • Girish

    TVS apache RTR i love you superrrrrrrrrrrrrr bikes
    no can lead apache

  • syed asad ali

    Hi everyone. I want to import one in Pakistan. The bike seems very nice. Is it also available in automatic transmission?

  • athif

    My dream bike apache RTR white colour i lv……….

  • golu

    I love this bike . . . . I dont have money otherwise I would have bought this. :'(
    And one more thing this should be 200cc yaar . . . And 4 valve engine . . . . Perimeter frame…. And pulsars F**ked… :D

  • Manigandan

    I own a pulsar 150 cos at that time 2009 it was popular,but after buying only I came to know that it’s a worst thing I’ve ever done,not much quality like apache even guys look at pulsar and apache key compare handle grips compare body build apache is real fun to gonna buy a a apache only apache and fz are worth buying in this category…others are shit.

  • Shubham verma

    yaha bhi hoga waha bhi hoga abto sare jaha me hoga kya apache rtr……………………………………….
    Friends i want to tell u one thing that no bike can be compare with the powerful Apache RTR its engine is solid and like some small bike like a soft baby luking bike pulsar 180 or 150 can not compete RTR in the life
    So all u can buy RTR without any doubt.

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