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TVS Apache RTR 220 Coming Soon

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TVS Motors is on a roll. Continuous new launches has not made them content and next on the cards is the launch of the most powerful TVS bike ever, the TVS Apache RTR 220. Internal sources reveal the Apache 220 to be more powerful with the bigger 220cc mill producing close to 22bhp. The bike will also get full faring along with a segment first – ABS. The bike is expected to cost close to Rs. 95,000/- and will be available by April, 2010.

“If the market demands, we will look into the high-powered bike segment of above 200 cc category. This 200cc TVS bike could be either a sports bike or a bike with racing DNA. At this point of time TVS has not made any firm decision on this aspect,” TVS Motor Company President (Marketing) H S Goindi said.

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  • hope it will crack pulsar , wit full faring means it should be menacing, iam wating tvs,it must be wit fuel injection, and price must be wit in 1 lakh, i hope it will be an hit in market, again y 220, y not 250, ok lets see , fingers crossed!

  • bull

    i think tvs doesnt no any other name other than apache.pls change the name apache aleast for the 220 version.they do same as bajaj’s pulsar opy cat TVS

  • wat bull says is rite, they can name it as chicane, one of thier concept model which was displayed, please tvs keep it as chicane, wat u guys say?

  • @ Bull & Chetan – what we think the new Apache 220cc will come on the same name, because Apache is well know series, but changing to something will not catch the eye among the public.

    See what bajaj has done, they say they are very strong on Pulsar series, so they have bike engine varies from 135 to 220. So they are planning to launch a 300 – 400cc engines from the pulsar series. Because name that captures the market and sales. What you say ?

  • abhiram

    let it be apache…but why 220 cc?…..why not more?….why are tvs always trying to copy bajaj and do better…i’m pretty sure this will be the fastest indian bike when it comes out considering how fast the apache 180 is, but seriously this game of following bajaj is getting irritating…also im pretty sure that this will be more of a proper sports bike than the pulsar…the p220 is more of a tourer…

  • oh guys , come on enough of pulsar brand and apache brand , let them create new platform for bajaj, they should have kept thier 135 cc bike as sonic it would created a new platform, rite na, then sonic 150 , 200, like that, even tvs also wit chicane, i think bajaj and tvs are mere copycats, we dont like this , apache vs pulsar, oh god boring !


    I think it will defnetly crackdown the pulsar. If it got an “NOS” kit bike lovers will love it, especially youngsters.

  • sunil

    @ santosh.. NOS kit? wat the hell? i dont see any manufacturer using NOS in their production vehicles(be it car or motorcycle). if u wanna have a nos install it as a mod.. n i think rtr 220 will easily reach 160kmph considering that rtr 160 can touch 120kmph..

  • baskey

    this tvs following the foot step of pulsar…why man why?
    1st apache rtr digital 150,160,180 nw why 220?
    makr it 225 or 250…b a man yaar

  • anil

    loh chethan saku kanoh….Fighting….

  • karthik

    hey chetan kamal is right let it b apache because the rtr fans like it lot and plan to buy this new rtr series like apache 200 or 220 .
    but what im thinking is let apache b specific.
    because when all other companies launched 150cc, tvs launched rtr 160cc differently
    so insted of 180cc they must done 190cc and insted of 200cc it can b 210,
    and for 220 let it b 230cc .
    it ll b a seperate track for tvs rtr series na ,
    what u guys telling will my idea work pls rep me dudes

  • lokesh

    m glad you ppl came up with good decision n ppl r waiting for your new release which is 220cc.and even am very eager to buy it.

  • karthik

    even me im having a 160 already ,when 220 launches ill surely buy it

  • Khan

    I am dreaming of a bike which will be create a new benchmark in terms of performance as
    Yamaha: RX-100/ RX-135 5speed
    Suzuki: Shogun/Shoulin/Fiero
    had created in their times.
    It should be light in weight, not more than 115 kg. at least after making it naked, as this was the weight of Fiero and it was a 4-stroke Rocket in its segment. It should be high in Torque, it should not require any engine-modification or any performance kit, it should be ready to race bike. After opening few parts it should be easily converted into off-road bike. And factory should provide off-road accessories for that bike knobby tyres front fender,foot rest etc.
    And I am sure :) TVS can do it.

  • shashank

    give some more pictures possible,i have a pulsar 220,i love apache because one day i wasdefeated by a apache 180 in street race,what power a apache with 220 mill will be

    • fas

      Shashank, let the company launch the bike we will get more pictures then.

  • rohith

    hey shashank even p180 beats apache… y did not your 220 do that ??220 has more power dan apache 180 with 21bhp

  • Tvs has to promise to not discontinue any of their models i have a apache 150 the first of its apache and i am furious that they stopped with this model without saying anything to the public…

    • fas

      T007, I guess all companies discontinue models. Case in point is Bajaj who has discontinued a long list of bikes.

  • s mohan

    do any 1 have confirm idea tht wen rtr 00/22/ is scheduled to be launched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fas

      S Mohan, its expected real soon. All we can do is wait.

  • bhp

    please please please make a bigger bike and not a tiny toy one this time around again .. i really miss hero honda in this department .. they are the only one’s with a decent big bike CBZ extreme ,but it sux pretty much in looks :(

  • snipper441

    guys, any more news on this?

  • hi guys,i have pulsar and apache both 1800cc,but bajaj is bajaj pulsar never beeten by other bike not in coming 2 yrs in future…apac is nothing just fake,,,,but pulsar is love of every young boy..choose pulsar live like a real mann………bajaj on top always….think hatke……..

  • tvs should launch a 220 or 200+ cc bike in market with a new name and new look That bike must be successful over 220 pulser and karizma zmr

  • jack

    I need some fuckin photos of rtr 220

  • manish

    mast bike hai boss apache …..mere pass to 180cc hai but mai ab nai lunga

  • We heard about various options in bike.Like with engine gaurd and without engine gaurd, with graphics and without the same.
    But for the first time, for the same 160cc engine, rear disc becomes optional i.e., with rear disc and without rear disc!!!!!!!!!!!
    In the future we can expect these…………
    With engine and without engine,
    with handle bar and without handle bar,
    with tire and without tire,



  • abhiraj


  • TVS Hater

    Local Bikes for Local Guys…… Funny TVS… Why is that always copying Bajaj. Don’t you guys have engineers to think different? Where do u guys buy engines? think different… dont copy….

  • TVS Hater

    Abiraj… What if the same experienced driver ride P220? the driver will simply ignore Apache… Shit abt ur comment…

  • rajeev

    hi guys,
    apache rtr is a good bike..but why like some of my friends commented earlier copying bajaj like following 180, 220ccs. Apache must make a name on its own as it is completely an indian bike..keep it simpler and stronger…beat the rest of them..Please TVS guys..i strongly believe after riding your bike that you can do a higher CC bike and let it be the most power indian bike…common beat the rest…all the best

  • Devil

    hi guys..
    i have RTR 180..its the best bike in terms of performance, pick up, handling, bla bla bla…i have achieved highest speed of 155 kms/hr with my RTR 180 n i think with 220’s 22 BHP engine i will cross 180 kms/hr :) …just wishing to see 220 in market soon…

  • shady

    hey guys apache rtr rule the road in 200cc segment…from mah calculations..its 3rd fastest bike…
    so from my point of view apache rtr 180 is giving fight to 150-200cc segment easily….
    hence it is the best bike…in india for performane…
    rtr 220 or 250 will burn the road to hell… it surely gonna… be fastest indian….
    i will juzz say to apache ppl to make rtr full faired….wid brand new look…!!
    sure gonna rule the road…
    i too hav rtr 180 i luv this bike…
    and secondly in my group we hav all four bikes…abouve mention and its honour to say that i hav beat them all many times…still in that p220 won cauz its power house but still….m da best rider….
    so live long apache rtr luv u all ppl….!! hope i’ll be intrested for 250 cc bike launchd in in this year…:P

  • khanna

    in future apache 220cc granteed bit pulsar 22o cc 1oo% sure.apache’s engin
    e r powerful than other bike.have just speed to hit on road and also hav speed control than pulsar and other bikes in market

  • bajaj fan

    guys i say that rtr 220 wil definitly beat pulsar 220…but pulsar will be the cheapeast and best performance bike when compared to tvs …tvs always copy frnm bajaj guys check out net tvs copied bajaj tecnologx in fb

  • snipper441

    hey guys, is that a mere speculation? we expected an rtr 220 in April sometime . . . isn’t it ?

    • fas

      Snipper, not speculation, the bike is expected by the end of this year.

  • waiting eagerly for 220Cc Rtr…. BAJAJ pulsar fans -> “u guys shud ride an Auto rickshaw because it has the same engine. :P

  • Sam

    Hai Dude what you tell i never bothered because apache 16o is best machine for street racing i have beat fazer ris pulsar 150,180 rx100 With soon i am going to buy apache 220 i am going yo be the king of street racing in may area
    ha .. ha… ha..
    thank for tvs apcahe the great

  • RAJ

    Hey guys! I have an apache 150,and in street racing.. We always rule, whether its fake pulsar or worst yamaha.. When apache fucks!! Nothing works! Loads of lucks for apache 220.

  • new tvs apachertr250 rocks. it will surely destroy the road


    RTR rocks!!!! with 15.5 bhp 160 cc engine no other bke has horse power lik this.. Intial pick up is awesome feels lik riding YAMAHA RX bikes.. wann to know abt RTR 200 cc features ..any 1 ther .

  • Aditya

    hey wat is RTR????????????


    • fas

      RTR is Racing Throttle Response.

    • ibrahim

      buy pulsar 150

    • vishnu

      no 180 r 220

  • Hay Guys! I Know That Apache Has Great Power! But Don’t Forget We R Indians! We Have 2 Reject Foriegners creation! n As I Thing Bajaj Is Greatest Than Any Other Company!

    • for ur kind information….tvs is also an indian company…..
      so next time do some research before posting suc idiotic comments….

    • Anil

      satan there is a say that if you dont know, better u dont open your mouth…. T.V.S. is an Indian company numnut… raise your knowladge and grow up..

    • rajeev

      idiots TVS is the only indian company to have won the Deming Prize. U dumb*ucks don’t know nythn…open wikipedia and type tvs motors and ya’ll will come to knw…

    • anil the same goes to u bozo.
      it would have been better if u had read my comment properly.
      even i have mentioned the same thing “That tvs is an indian company”
      so u better keep ur knowledge to urself nd share it only when its needed.
      nd there’s this other saying that goes well for oversmart bozo’s like u

    • abhishek

      tuje indian bannne ka itna hi shok hai na to ruk 250 tvs f3 taures release ho rahi hai woh bhi indian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aur u should be knwing tat tvs is an indian company okkkkk!!!!!!!!!

    • suntan datta

      no no …TVS RTR Apachi z more better thn bajaj pulsar….i luv RTR SUPAB BYK….

  • anandhan

    As everyone said plz “TVS” must change the name of apache 220 into another
    dont act like bajaj pulsar!!!!! try this name “TVS RANCHER 220” OR
    “TVS ZASER 220” OR “TVS MAZER 220” OR “TVS FASCAT 220”


  • truthisbitter

    stop acting like the pulsars(fastest indian my foot!!) and the apaches are some kind of super bikes!!
    why compromise with the limited performance when u got choice of getting a yamaha RX-135 n modding it to beat the crap out of ALL other indian bikes??
    or a step ahead..get a yamaha RD-350 which is the ONLY real INDIAN superbike..i’ve ridden a stock RD at 170kmph n believe me i could have gone faster if i had a straight road..
    if its difficult to digest the truth then go back to ur sub 225cc toys..:)

  • AMEX


  • prakash

    @bull & chetan: Pulsar itself is a copy cat dude…. have you ever seen any of the foriegn bikes…!?!? Then you will know, all indian products are never prone to be orginal…!!! apache had most of the luk lyks from yamaha R125…

    • anoop

      yep..pusar ..a copy cat of KTM…tail concept ..same as KtM



  • Akshit agarwal

    hay when is this appache 220 lonching m waighting for this bike to launch so that i can buy it can any 1 plzz tell me this when is this bike lonching???

    • pankaj

      me 2

  • MANU


  • apacheian

    apache 220 is not gonna get released anytime soon..the lastest is the RTR 180 with abs..

  • i wont to ride apache 200/220 bike im waiting for the new apache bike i tink power full bike is apache apache………………………….

  • i wont to ride apache 200/220 bike im waiting for the new apache bike i tink power full bike is apache apache………………………….
    plzz tell me this when is this bike lonching???

  • iam a 19 year old im tvs maccanic i no apache perfomance



  • bala

    i am waiting for a new apache220 to ghost riding…

  • Sriram

    guy its put up as its gona come in 2010 but now it 2012 wat do u tel abt tat

  • Tvs apache 220 cc when will b launching.plz tel me. And price.

  • suntan datta

    TVS is Indian Company………..


    hey tell me when will be APACHE 220 LAUNCHING ?????????? i m very excited about new upcomming model of tvs …. plz plz plz tellllll meeeeeeee

  • Chandan.sharma

    Hey frnds i’m waiting 4 apache220 bcoz my frnds hav pulser220 and i have apache rtr160and180 so i want 2 buy apache220 plz teel me when is d bike launch.Mene suna he apache220 ko launch hue 2,3 yrs ho gaye par avi tak kahan he ye bike us se pehle to pulser220and karizma launch ho gaya ye apache kab launch hoga i’m waiting…………i m very excited about dis1

  • pankaj

    ketania sal lagao gia jalde lanch karo im vateng 220 apache

  • Laurio

    Guys dont expect it to launch anytime before Feb 2013… I’ve been hearing about it since I bought my RTR-Fi 4 yrs back. Anyway, TVS service sucks big time and the finish of my Fi is pathetic. I can see the corners fairing where the yellow colour is not properly painted and not smooth, and we all know about the speedometer issue where it keeps breaking down every few months. I had gone to the Borovali(E) service center coz my bike would not stop accelerating even after I leave the throttle, that service center “did not have the equipment to fix it”. I had to go to the Goregaon service center and when I got my bike back, it was badly scratched below the key hole. And I also heard that if the fuel injector is damaged, a replacement may not be available for more than 2 weeks. I’m buying the Honda CBR 250R in a couple of months.

  • akash

    yr plss aap 160 or 180 m kuc diffrent diya kro.. or apache 220 m liquid coolwnd jrur dena..

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