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The Chevrolet Beat has taken off and how. With 10,000 bookings within just 25 days of launch, the Beat has literally BEATen the competition. The small car is where the moolah is and with increasing competition from global players, will the Beat sustain? We would like to know exactly that once the honeymoon period is over.

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  • Aniket

    This proves that no costly celebrity endorsement is required to sell a good product.. Actually its the 5-10% cost advantage over the competition that pulls the buyers..

    This chevy beat is all the same as the i10 or the swift or the ritz.. but the cost difference makes all the difference ..u save 25-30k + you get music system + power windows and lots of other stuff for free..

    Keep it up Chevy….

  • CKRA

    These numbers should be considered seriously only when they turn into sales…there were instances in the past where some manufacturers have reported inquiries also as bookings…i really wish Beat becomes hit in this market otherwise dominated by Maruti’s,Hyundai’s and TATA’s. This should then inspire GM to make a grant re-entry into mid-sized sedan segment..

    • fas

      CKRA, the initial response is good, so lets see what sales figures suggest.

  • Sayeed

    The Beat is one of the best hatchbacks or small cars we have seen. But i have seen unfortunately the market drivers like the auto magazines or the various auto shows on tv have been very restrained in their reviews accept for a few, they intentinally do not highlight or give exposure to Chevrolet products and these very people tend to highlight substandard or inferior products in the market as if they were the best. If there is one negative aspect ona GM car they speak as if the whole car is bad and for other brands all the weaknesses are mentioned very lightly or ignored. But i am sure this time Beat will beat all such people and market drivers to come out on top simply because it is a very good product in all aspects and more importantly priced right as mentioned above and also is offered with features that come on only higher versions. I have seen how the Aveo has been sidelined by the market intentionally and also partially by GMI themselves. Am sure with the success of Beat they will be coming out with a Sedan in that range which also be a success. I am no advocator of GM but believe me had they built up a good dealer network like Suzuki or Hyundai, they would have been at the top by sheer nos, this is something that is still lacking. Imagine they have just 3 dealers in a city like Mumbai.
    Yes it is now im[portant to see after 6 months what will be the sales figures for Beat because then only we can conclude whether it has been accepted and whether it will grow. It’s too early. But the verdict is out on the car, it’s worth the money.

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