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Sunil & His Modified CBZ

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Tell us about yourself. Who you are? What you do?

I am Sunil Konjaril, a professional automobile designer who has some serious psychological problems as the only things I think about an live about is cars and bikes. I am very passionate about modifying cars and bikes as I think OEM’s are good but I can still make something better out of them. I used to spend my college times all four years in a workshop and worked there, Opening up cars and bikes and got to learn a lot about them.

When and how did your love for cars/bikes or both start?

Cant really comment on that I think I was born with it.

Which car/bike do you currently own?

Cars: Opel Vectra 2.2, Hindustan Motors Contessa 1.8GL, Mercedes W126 500 SEL

Bikes: Hero Honda CBZ

When did you buy your car/bike?

My dad brought me my CBZ in college which I still am very proud of, Rest all the cars I brought them myself. I spent all my earned money on cars and didn’t even save a penny! And I totally don’t regret that!

What made you buy this particular car/bike?

Opel Vectra 2.2 I personally think which other car in that segment provides me with all that technology which even C classes or 3 classes didn’t have at that time!

Contessa- Purely and purely to modify nothing else. I have been working on a full restyled fiberglass body car since last September. Will be soon completed in 2 months .

Mercedes S-Class. 5 litre monster v8, electrical seats , plush luxury need I say more??

How many kms have you done? How many do you do everyday?

Again can’t say exactly. My office is 40 kms up-down everyday so I think I might be doing around 2000kms every month given a few kms here and there

What do you love the most about your car/bike?

Fast, Fast (that’s not a typo), big, luxurious, and make me feel that I should live in them rather than in an apartment.

What you don’t like about your car/bike?

Nothing! I love them If I say anything it will be like I am cheating on them J

Will you trade your car/bike for any other vehicle? If yes, which one?


What is the longest you drove/rode your car/bike and where?

Car Pune to Kerala

Bike Pune to Mumbai

What is the fastest speed you have achieved on your car/bike?

Car 220 kmph Opel vectra

Bike 110 kmph CBZ

What mileage does your vehicle give you?

Never mattered

What is the nastiest thing you have done in your vehicle?

Think about some other cars, hehe.

What modifications have you done to your vehicle and what do you plan to do in the future?

My pics will do the speaking on that not me.

Why is your car/bike so special to you?

They complete me. I feel naked without them, lol.

Which is your dream car/bike?

Car- Lamborghini Murcielago

Bike- MV Augusta Brutale

Which car/bike sold in India is your current favourite?

Hatch- VW Polo

Entry level sedan – None

Sedans- Chevy Cruze

Luxury sedans- BMW 5-Series

High end – Merc S class

SUV- Toyota Fortuner

High end SUV- BMW X6

Supercars- Lamborghini Murcielago

Bikes- Yamaha FZ160, Yamaha R15

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  • sameer

    this is on hell of a modifications….Kudos!!

    • raviraj

      i like ur bike very much.i have red cbz, want to do modification. can u plz give me an addrs or contact no.

  • vinay

    hey this is the best modification on a CBZ i have ever seen …..
    hats off to u man ….
    i also own a cbz & i was planning to trade it for a karizma ….
    but after watching ur work now my mood is totally changed …
    plz give me any advice so i that i can convert my cbz just like urs….
    u also own one of my favourite car i.e. Open Vectra ….

  • Arslaan

    Your modification are awsome .i have my pulsar 150 can you my bike like this or any style. Plz reply

  • Fouadbeg

    Your modification are awsome .i have my pulsar 150 can you modifie my bike like this or any other style. Plz reply

  • Kaalyan

    Thats a great job. I have a TVS apache 150. Would like to get it modified. plz reply.

  • Sunil

    Hey there guys sorry for the late reply.I am glad you guys liked the customisation i did on my CBZ.Thanks a lot for the comments.
    And yes these kind of modifications are possible on any bikes. i am situated in Pune and have a workshop with a friend of mine. we do all kind of customisation work for bikes and cars. Any person wants to get in contact personally here is my mail id-

  • Boom Swamee


  • Kaalyan

    Hi Sunil,

    I stay in Bangalore… Any support over here..??

  • Anirudh

    Looks similar to the Buell Lightning especially the front, headlight area and the exposed frame. Awesome modification. :)

  • ColdGold


  • jayachandra

    hi i was very much impressed on this why dont you try to propose this model to herohond now a days herohonda share had get down if they release such bikes of this model agai they occupy their place i recently bought yamaha r15 before that i had cbz(old) i like that bike very much in youth that bike has a lot of crage better try your best but it was looking awesome model

  • Rakesh

    Hi Sunil,
    Could u please provide me ur number. I m from Pune and i wanted to modify my bike. I have Suzuki Zeus 125cc.


  • jayachandra

    is that bike modifed air cooled engine to oilcooled plz give me rply

  • hi sunil i hav cbz xtreme but i want to modify it as u shown above pis of cbz .so pls give me ur mobile number and how much does it cost’s to modify as ur bike pls send me rply to ths address its argnt sunil i appricate u for ur modification my id is

  • Sunil

    hi there guys, well my email id is . you guys can contact me any time i will be more than pleases to answer your quiries..
    To answer mr. jayachndra, the bike is air cooled, but sports a dummy radiator in the front with two fans(at back od the radiator facing the engine) cooling the block connected to the battery

  • vish

    i want 2 modify my
    cbz ex.
    suggest me some styles…

  • Sunil

    for the CBZ extreme, check the ducati hypermotard, the bike can pull of the looks very nicely

  • kapil

    i have to change the lookout my old bike Suzuki max100 in less rate any sussetion to me

  • Sunil

    any good modification cost money, if you have an old bike and very restrained budget, i sugesst not to do any mods and buy a bike better than modding your old one

  • awsum work

    can u tell me how u mould tank

  • Aum

    is that k n n filter

  • Sunil

    the tank is a stock cbz tank with custom handmade fiberglass air intakes stuck to it. and yes that is a KnN filter

  • rishikesh

    awesome man…..i own old suzuki samurai…..n i want modify that bike….can u tell me where to modify…..

  • sam

    it’s reallly best mod i saw on cbz excellent color combintn

  • sai

    hi sunil ur thinking on byk design is simply superb and it is pretty awesome. and iam a big fan of ur modified byk one small request from me if u want to sell ur byk please contact me 9985823283 iam waiting for ur rply

  • Sunil

    hi sai, thanks for the comments. the bike is very personal to me as it was my first mode of transportation ever and my dad brought that for me. i will not be selling the bike ever. but you can always get one made which look exactly the same!

    Sunil Konjaril

  • hi sunil iam a very thankfull to u for such a plesent and un defetable modification from u brother really bro it is more than a superbike really,when ever i see ur bike it looks like world class pls brother pls give a sugessation for my cbz xtreme atft ,how to modify it and sum models pls.give ur mobile number if possible my brother.take care.bye

  • Sunil

    ha ha thats a lot of brother for me in one day yaar..kidding.. anyways for the tall stance of the CBZ extremely you can easily modify it to the lines of the ducati check it out and you will know what i am talking about

    Sunil Konjaril

  • sunil bhai ye batane ka kast karege ki automobile engring ka designer banane me kitna time lag jayega or aap iska course kaha se kiya tha kunki muje bhi ye kaam krna hai muje apni bike or cars gisgen krni hai.

  • Killer work bro … I’ve been a fan of CBZ as well as ducati’s n after seein this fusion .. 2 words .. ” truly awesome ” keep up the good work n please do keep us posted on your upcoming work … cheers !!!

  • vysakh

    wow what a great work i like it very much i have also a cbz but it is cbz extreme i have also a plan to modify it how much it cost to modify like this?

  • varun

    hi guys, i also like to modified bikes, my favourite bike is cbz xtreme, i want to become automotive designer, nice job sunil

  • yrrr i want modify cbz 2000 model blue colour can you modify my bike like this plzzzz tell

  • anirudh

    hi i m anna i want to modified my cbz xtrem with yamaha R15 problem is the lower cowel of r 15 is not adjest with sylencer nd tyre its touched what i do pls help me

  • mehul

    hi sunil.
    i have cbz star…and i am very curious to know about the dual suspensions….what did u do with them..have u installed a mono shock..??please do reply…

  • hi sunil,
    its awesome dude. i have cbz xtreme new model. i saw one of ur comment, u preferred hypermotard. how much will cost to do so.
    And what about the cost for modify the awesome bike like urs.
    you can reach me on 8790360970. iam from chennai. do you have friends from chennai, if yes just refer.
    Otherwise give me ur number. i will get back you.

  • Andreson

    How much for this modification?

    • Faisal

      Andreson, around Rs. 25,000/-.

    • lakshman

      Hi I was planing to sell my CBZ.but i changed my plan after seeing Sunil’s modified cbz n i wud like to modify.pls give me the cost r u can reach me on 9880642662 / 8123075038


  • myki (offocose pet)

    hello sir,
    their is any alteration in efficacy of cbz after that type of modification
    coz i also modified my kinetic byk and i faced many problem like pickup, speed etc.
    so would u tell me any solution for that,
    i also faced a problem on exhaust management, i want it below my seat,
    but it cause chocking and combustion problem due to many folds, any suggestion.
    thanks for reply
    plz soon

  • parwez

    ai sunil…
    hats off dude..plz dude tell me how much u spent on that

  • Noanish Mogla

    Hey Sunil modifications done by you on your cbz are fab.. It looks like that the bike is original and colour combo and all is sinply awesum and i am owning a pulsar 220f and can you plz suggest me any style for modification for it asasp..

  • Bharath Jogi

    hai sunil,
    your work on cbz is fab, i too own cbz extreme which i love too much, brought by my dad for going to college

  • Abin

    Hai Sunil, i too own a CBZ 2002 model, i want to know the cost incured in this modification….
    the work what you have done is neat… Congrats…

  • Sagar surendran

    How much does this modification cost’s ?
    I really want this modification on my CBZ.

  • vasudev

    modifing cbz is quite hard work using telescopic fork set give u more advantage u can make twin disk brakes in front & head lanp was the most awsome thing i have ever seen proton fillter but using spokes was little bit dissapointing

  • Anoop

    I m having old cbz Own in 2000.
    What is the cost for modification?

  • Shiva

    hi bro
    this is shiva
    this is amazing modification which i have never seen before

    i would like to do the same to my CBZ
    Please reply me asap
    i am from bangalore

  • Nits

    Dear sunil ,
    I m very impressed with the modification u did on cbz ! Let me knw u dat cbz z ma dream bike I want to modify it to cbr 400 r. With yoshimura exhaust , but I m nt able to make out an estimate as I m serving in indian army so I didn’t get that much of time to roam for every single part . Can u kindly help me out for the estimation price to make cbz a cbr 400r . I am very thankful to u brother . Herez ma email id u can mail me ur suggestions on

  • Anwar Khan

    This is the Best Modification i have ever seen to cbz xtreme bike according to indian standards.I would like to modify my cbz xtreme as well the same way,I’m from Navi Mumbai.Please mail me your contact details.

  • Anwar Khan

    This is the Best Modification i have ever seen to cbz xtreme bike according to indian standards.I would like to modify my cbz xtreme as well the same way,I’m from Navi Mumbai.Please mail me your contact details to

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