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Avenger To Get Pulsar 200 NS Engine?

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Bajaj Auto recently unveiled the Pulsar 200 NS, which uses an all new triple spark engine. After the unveil of the P200 NS happened, there have been talks of what will follow. A full faired version of the Pulsar 200 NS has been confirmed, so has the launch of the Pulsar 350 in 2013. Smaller Pulsars will be launched too in their second generation avatar, using parts and technology from the Pulsar 200 NS. But among all this Pulsar talk, we seem to have forgotten the good old Bajaj Avenger, which is a very commendable motorcycle in its own right.

Now this is pure speculation but Bajaj Auto will eventually upgrade the Avenger with the Pulsar 200 NS’ engine. The two-wheeler major has done it before too with the Pulsar 220’s engine finding way into the Avenger. The Bajaj Avenger uses the Pulsar 220’s 219.89 cc motor to produce 19 PS of power at 8400 RPM and 17.5 Nm of torque at 7000. This is marginally lesser than the Pulsar 220 which produces 20.8 BHP at 8500 RPM and 19.12 Nm at 7000 RPM.

Now what Bajaj Auto might do is put the Pulsar 200 NS’ 199.5 cc engine into the Avenger. This 3-spark, liquid cooled unit features 4-valve technology and could give a tremdous boost to the performance of the Avenger. We can expect around 23 BHP of power and 18 Nm of torque on the Avenger, which will make the cruiser quite quick for its size and price. The Avenger has a 14-litre fuel tank, including a 3.4 litre reserve, which will be ample for long distance cruising (if Bajaj Auto’s claim of 58 km/l mileage at a speed of 55 km/h is to be believed).

With 260 mm discs at the front and 130 mm drum at the rear, brakes of the Avenger are good. The Avenger runs on 90/90 x 17 tyres at the front and 130/90 x 15 tyres at the rear. The suspension is telescopic and hydraulic shock absorber and the adaptation of a monoshock will make a tremendous difference to the bike. At a weight of 154.4 kgs, the Avenger is not really heavy. The 60/55 w headlamp are good for the highways. Can Bajaj start a motorcycle revolution for cruisers?

Bajaj Avenger 220 DTSi

2012 Bajaj Avenger

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  • Aryan

    is this news confirmed ???

    • Faisal

      No Aryan, we are speculating here.

    • abhisek

      Fas Avenger looks quite cool & comfortable but P200 NS’ engine sound is very racy. They need to retune it to give it more cruiser kind of exahust note.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, I am sure they will re-tune it, because they might not use a under seat exhaust on the Avenger, will look funny.

  • Hunky

    More power but in same avenger chasis wont be helpful for a balanced breaking and ride..

    Avenger lacks tubeless, that too is one big disadvantage !!!

  • k.p

    FAS any news regardin smaller displacement lik p150 especially??

    • Faisal

      K.P., no word on smaller displacement Pulsars yet but they are expected by the end of the year, with triple spark and 4-valve technology.

  • Praveen

    Dear faisal are u sure that bajaj is launching avenger200ns, if it is launching can u tel me exact month and year when it is launching y bciz it is not launching 2012.

    • Nope Praveen, its not sure. It was just a speculation.

  • Ramesh

    If I can find the reasons of NOT purchasing an avenger, why can’t Bajaj? Here are the things that I would be looking for before I purchase it.
    1. Change in the seating position (especially for the pillion)
    2. More fuel economy (35 kmpl is so expensive)
    3. Mono-shock suspension (or atleast dual gas filled)
    4. A good anti-skid feature
    Is Bajaj listening?

    • Amish

      It is not your daily commute bike, it is a tourer, or a cruiser, have you ever seen Harelys or Goldwings or even the T’bird in India?

  • Gilly Boy

    I think Bajaj will most probably do what this article mentions although this hasnt been confirmed by Bajaj themselves yet.. i on the other hand would love to see the 350 cc version engine due next year in a Bajaj Cruiser (not necessarily the Avenger) perhaps something new a design that looks nice and feels comfortable on a long ride basically something better than the Thunderbird perhaps.. right now the RE Thunderbird has no competition and Bajaj can take advantage of their partnership with KTM (which will mean more reliable and refined engines)

    comeon Bajaj how about a 350 cc Twin Cylinder Cruiser???

  • shyamal biswas

    hi bro! i m going to buy p200ns in jan2013. i also love avenger. but cant wait long for it. can u say when it is launching in 2013?

  • Ash

    I’m planning to buy Bajaj avenger 220 by 2 months.. since i heard about avenger 200 ns i’m confused whether to wait for it to be launched or go for avenger 220. Help me :) .

  • saleemjaved

    i want to buy avenger 200 ns any one tel me when it is lounch …………

    • Saleem, Avenger 200 NS is not coming anytime soon.

  • Amish

    Why dont they just plonk a quater litre cruiser engine borrowed from Kawasaki? 200 NS engine is just not the powerplant for Avenger.

  • sunny

    i like Avenger

  • Sam

    Hiii fas. Can you tell me when will bajaj upgrade pulsar 150 or 180 with new looks and technology of pulsar 200ns???

    • Sam, nope. They won’t touch current P150 and P180 anytime soon.

  • Jayant Verma

    hi faisal…..just i wish to purchase avenger 220 dtsi…..within this month end…whether bajaj is doing any upgradation on the same……?

  • Jayant Verma

    Whats is the distinction in between Avenger 220 DTSi & 200 NS

  • Anoop

    Owned an Eliminator, Own an Avenger 200, waitng with anticpation for a 200NS or better still a 350 one and while at it, How about a Monoshock & Dual disc’s for better ride & control.
    Common Bajaj there are still Die Hard Crusier Fans like me still alive in this Country, who don’t wanna ride Economy bikes, Executive bikes, Naked Sports bikes and God Knows what other Boy toys, How about a Good & Fitting upgrade to the Avenger?????

  • Sarvesh

    im really frustrated to see the same model for avenger with basically no appearance changes since the eliminator era.. i own avenger 220cc and im really happy and im really expecting some upgrade.. i want to upgrade the firing sound of my avy (without disturbing mileage much.. getting aound 40-45 kmpl).. any suggestions? by the way, i have installed a wider handlebar and it feels like riding a harley :)

  • Jegan

    I am waiting for avenger 350 or 200ns


    Guys hold on, I have used Avenger 180 for 6 year and now I have 220 pulsar, but I am regretting now, but if Bajaj will come up with 250 liquid cooled + disk breaks for both wheels+ combi or abs Avenger I will be the first person to buy it, seriously I miss my avenger, I did Hyderabad to Bangalore almost 12 times, think, Me my bike and my iphone that’s all……………………………………………….kms will just goooooo…….

  • anshu bajaj

    maine apna avenger bechna hai model 4-5-2011 new condtion 4500km chala hua hai oil cooled hai no screches plz contect 8054112489

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