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2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Review

Bajaj Auto unveiled the next generation Pulsar, called the Pulsar 200 NS and everyone has been talking about it, speculating how the motorcycle will be. We did a quick specification comparison with its closest competition and the Pulsar 200 NS offered the best bang for the buck. Today we will be reviewing the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, talking about what we feel about the next iteration of the Pulsar. We have not ridden the bike yet, so this is not a road test review!

CBR Pulsar 200 NS

Styling – The Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is an all new design, all new design for the Pulsar series but not quite an all new design for the world. The front headlight is very resemblant of the Yamaha FZ, while the side is typical of streetfighter machines. The rear is very similar to the Pulsar 135 LS. The overall styling seems to be quite similar to the Honda CB1000R (specially from the front 3/4th angle). This is not a bad thing at all as there are not too many CB1000Rs on the road for people to notice. For those amongst us who are not a big fan of naked bikes, need not worry as Bajaj Auto will be launching a faired version of the Pulsar 200 later.

[singlepic id= 10789 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The alloy wheels are all new 10-spoke units. A welcome change from the boring 5-spoke wheels all the bikes come standard with nowadays.

[singlepic id= 10795 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Instrument Cluster – I don’t know about others, but one of the most important parts of the motorcycle is the instrument cluster. Because this is the only part which can be seen while riding. A well designed instrument cluster is important. The instrument cluster can be divided into three parts, the left side, which houses the lights (indicator, headlight, neutral, etc), the right side which carries the odometer, trip meter and the speedometer and the center which has a large tachometer. The first time I saw the instrument cluster of the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, I remembered the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler, which also has a similar layout. The appearance of the Pulsar 200 NS’s exterior and instrument cluster being reminiscent of Honda bikes are purely coincidental.

[singlepic id= 10804 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Engine – The Pulsar 200 NS is powered by a 199.5 cc single cylinder (bore – 72 mm, stroke – 49 mm), SOHC engine. This engine shares quite a few parts with the KTM Duke 200 but has been modified by Bajaj to reduce costs and offer similar levels of performance. The Pulsar 200 NS features a liquid cooled system and 4-valve technology. It is also the first bike in its segment to employ triple spark technology, which is the next step for Bajaj Auto. Bajaj will undoubtedly use this on smaller Pulsars in the future. Ignition system is independent spark control while a UCD 33 carburetor takes care of fueling duties. Bajaj Auto has not opted for fuel injection in the interest of cost reduction and easy service of the Pulsar 200 NS. A paper element air filter helps the Pulsar 200 NS to breathe while a new Exhaust TEC system helps it exhale.

[singlepic id= 10776 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Performance – Bajaj Auto knows what enthusiasts want and seldom does the company disappoint. The Pulsar 200 NS is the most powerful Pulsar till date and produces 23.52 PS of peak power at 9500 RPM and 18.3 Nm of peak torque at 8000 RPM. But what is more important is the power to weight ratio of 162 BHP per ton, which lends the Pulsar 200 NS extremely good acceleration. Bajaj Auto claims a 0 – 60 km/h time of just 3.61 seconds and a 0 – 100 km/h time of 9.83 seconds. The Chakan based automaker has realized power is nothing without control and the new Bajaj Pulsar was not designed with being the fastest Indian in mind. Thus the Pulsar 200 NS has a top speed of 136 km/h, which is still quite fast for a motorcycle in this segment. A new 6-speed manual gearbox debuts on the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, which is again a first for the Pulsar range.

[singlepic id= 10796 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Handling and Ride – A pressed steel perimeter frame type is used in the Pulsar 200 NS. This helps in rigidity of the motorcycle and offers razor sharp handling. But trust me, even though the Pulsar 200 NS might corner like a rail, it cannot beat the Yamaha R15’s handling prowess which employs a Delta box frame (the R15 is an out and out track machine, weighing just 136 kgs). The exhaust of the P200 NS is centrally mounted under the riders seat helping in optimum weight balance. Talking of weight balance, the Pulsar 200 NS has excellent weight distribution of 72 and 73 kgs. With a wheelbase of 1363 mm, the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS has the right hardware to offer a better ride than the Pulsars.

[singlepic id= 10792 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Brakes and Suspension – The Pulsar 200 NS brakes are made by Bybre (a subsidiary of Brembo). The bike gets bigger 280 mm front disc brake, which is bigger than the Pulsar 220’s 260 mm front disc. The rear disc brake size is the same as the P220 at 230 mm. The Pulsars are notorious for having noisy and squealing rear disc brakes but the next generation Pulsar is expected to resolve this issue. The discs are petal type with floating caliper. The front tyre is 100/80/17 while the rear is 130/70/17 helping in better braking, which is imperative for a bike which can do a ton in sub 10 seconds.

A ground clearance of 167 mm ensures that the Pulsar 200 NS won’t foul any speed breaker. The front suspension is telescopic fork with anti-friction fork dia 37. This is similar to the old Bajaj Pulsar. However the rear suspension is vastly improved Nitrox mono shock absorber with piggy back gas canister compared to the twin hydraulic gas-charged shock absorbers found on the P220. This lends the Pulsar 200 NS a more consistent handling and braking along with better ride quality. Most importantly, mono shock offers the rider with more confidence to push the machine to the maximum.

[singlepic id= 10806 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Dimensions – The Bajaj Pulsar is grown but has it? If we compare the dimensions of the Pulsar 200 NS to the Pulsar 220F, we can see that the next generation Pulsar is wider (804 mm vs 750 mm), taller (1195 mm vs 1140 mm) but slightly lesser in length (2017 mm vs 2035 mm). The reduced length is due to headlight but the P200 NS does not look short unless you see the spec sheet. However the Pulsar 200 NS does look quite tall, which will offer more comfort for tall riders. The P200 NS has lost 5 kgs from the P220 and this could be due to the weight reduction obtained in the exhaust and the use of a smaller tank. The P220’s 15-litre tank is replaced by a 12-litre tank on the P200 NS, which is the smallest we have seen on a Pulsar till date.

[singlepic id= 10794 w=540 h=375 float=center]

Conclusion – Now comes the crucial question, should you buy one? Definitely yes! The next generation Pulsar has everything going for it. Bajaj claims a mileage of 58 km/l at a speed of 55 km/h. Even if we take realistic conditions, we can expect something around 35 km/l from the bike in spirited riding mode. The Pulsar 200 NS might not be as fast as the Honda CBR250R in terms of top speed, nor would it be as sharp as the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0. But at the price (Rajiv Bajaj said less than Rs 1 lakh when it goes on sale in April) which the Pulsar 200 NS will be offered, nothing can come close to offer the thrill at that price the 2012 Pulsar can. Indeed, one leap for Bajaj Auto, is a giant leap for the Indian motorcycle industry.

Disclaimer – The authors opinions are personal based on his own experience and judgement.

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  • Abhisek

    I hope u mean 162 bhp / ton

    • Faisal

      Thanks Abhisek, it has been corrected.

  • Abhisek

    very nice review fas.

    • Faisal

      Thanks buddy ;-)

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  • hritik

    nic writeup fas but one typo..

    “the next generation Pulsar is wider (804 mm vs 750 mm), taller (1195 mm vs 1140 mm) but slightly shorter (2017 mm vs 2035 mm). ”

    the word shorter doesnt seem appropriate wid height mentioned taller in the same line….if u can just correct it…

    • Faisal

      Thanks Hritik, the typo has been corrected ;-)

    • Pulsarboy

      May be you need to take another closer look, before making a sweeping statement like that. There are glaring differences, P200NS is more like beefed up P135LS.

    • Faisal

      Pulsarboy, beefed up from behind, not from the sides. Anyways, I correct my statement, more like resemblance and not a carbon copy ;-)

  • yila

    Only glitch is the 35W headlamp which is highly unsuitable for a powerful bike like this, especially on highways. Otherwise, a very promising Indian Bike.

    • Faisal

      Yila, we might get the full faired version with projector headlights.

  • yila

    Bajaj should fit the 220’s projector headlamp in this more powerful machine.

  • theslayer

    “Indeed, one leap for Bajaj Auto, is a giant leap for the Indian motorcycle industry.”

    A brave statement to make, without actually having ridden the bike yet. I know what you mean though, I’d lay down crisp bills as soon as the bike is launched.

    • Faisal

      Theslayer, on paper the Pulsar 200 NS has taken a vast leap indeed.

  • Pulsarboy

    Disagree with carbon copy of CBR part!!.. nothing can be far from truth. If you compare most of the naked bikes look similar. Head lamp might look similar, but the detailing/pilot lamps are distinct enough. Anyway, this is laughable comparision, sometime ago all bikes used to come with round/square headlamps. Nobody said it’s a copy in those times.

    • Faisal

      Pulsarboy, if you look at the first picture in the above post you will know what I mean ;-)

    • Pulsarboy

      May be you need to take a closer look at the styling elements involved.

    • Faisal

      Pulsarboy, sure but then styling is to each their own.

  • Aryan

    it can give @ 40-45kmpl fuel efficiency

    • Faisal

      Aryan, being over optimistic now aren’t we?

  • Deepak Dongre

    4 valves per cylinder??? Are u sure? And since u guys have not ridden it how come the comparison to the R15? I understand the benchmark that the R15 sets in the handling department- but still its a premature comment. Look forward to an actual ride review.

    • Neil

      Yes its a 4 Valved bike. Please read the specifications on The only guys who have actually drove it.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, that comment about the R15 bit came after I read people claiming that nothing comes close to the P200 NS in handling (Indian bikes) and the person I am talking about is the only one who has ridden it. I take that with a huge pitcher of salt. Do you remember the time when the P220 F was launched, people went gaga over it but it was no where close to what the person in question said.

  • Sushrut

    The engine is exact copy of KTM 200 except for the head. So major part sharing going on there and that will help Bajaj to attain certain level of reliability. The engine bay is the best I have seen in recent times, very tightly & neatly packaged. I think next generation pulsars will have more number of spark plugs than valves ;)

  • Neil

    @Pulsarboy: I second you. Every bike on this earth has some of the aesthetics similar here and there. for e.g. The Hero Honda Ambition was very much similar to the Pulsars when it was launched initially. Do we call it a copy. Why are these efforts made to tarnish the image of a bike which has set bench marks for others. There are even font copies from the Heros from the Pulsar (read it written fonts) e.g. The way ‘Passion’ is written. So even they have copied it, isnt it? So has the Apache similar headlamp so have they carboned it. Mind you there are en number of designs spread across the globe and it is bound to happen that some similar design elements are bound to appear. From every angle it looks like a pulsar. Again comparing with a Yamaha R 15 which is only meant to be enjoyed on track and not in town. Whats the use of that bike when you commute or have to cover a distances of say 250 kms at a stretch. Would R15 help. No ways it could even favour you by its robust technology. Its altogether a different bike and meant for a different purpose. Yamaha is good at making track tools and the only reason is their fare bit of share in Moto GP. Now they have a FZ15. Why aint that bike being compared. Its a naked bike. Be clear mate when you compare a bike with fiddles which are yet to prove its ground. For God sake there is no squeaky noise from every pulsar. Why again generalising it. So it means you drove every pulsar on this earth and she boomed up the noise. I’ve seen failed disc brakes on en number of Hero Honda CBZs and Karizmas making squeaky noises even though using best in class disc brake unit (Nissin). So mention it. If you say that Pulsar does it then it only has to be Pulsar making that noise and no one else. But if rest reciprocating the same the same there is a definitely some problem with the atmosphere and not with the biking abilities.

    • Faisal

      Neil, where did Hero even come from? I said the styling influence is there (refer first pic in above article) but never did I degrade Bajaj nor I accused them of doing anything wrong. Its just my opinion, there is nothing to feel so bad about it ;-)

    • Neil

      @Faisal: It seems you didnt get the crux of this whole issue. I didnt want to bring the Hero moto corp or something of that sort here. Its just an example i gave you for carbon copies which you mentioned in your original review. When people read it make sure there are masses who are going to read it. There is a hell lot of difference when you Say Carbon Copy and Resemblance. Hope you understand the intricacies.

    • Faisal

      Neil, I understand what you mean. Have corrected my statement. Its resemblance and not carbon copy.

    • Neil

      @Faisal: Cheers!!! Enjoy biking!!

    • Faisal

      Neil, you too buddy ;-)

    • Faisal

      Neil, about the Pulsar brake squeel. That is a problem which many owners have complained about in the 1st gen Pulsar. If its there, we need to acknoledge it, rather then blindly ignoring it. This problem is present in the Karizma too and I did mention it in the Duke 200 vs ZMR vs R15 vs CBR250R post.

  • Deepak Dongre

    @Neil: Hey thanks….the SOHC was something that confused me.

    • Neil

      No Problem mate. Yes it is a OHC with four valves. It does sound confusing at times.

  • Neil

    Headlight resembling the FZ???? Headlight copying the CB1000R??? Please save these gimmicks for the rest.

    • Faisal

      Neil, resemblance is not something that can be denied and we never said Bajaj copied it, it just resembles.

  • Ninu

    Launch it in proper full fairing like R15 or CBR with projector lights, i will be the first one to buy…. :)

    • abhisek

      Ninu R15 headlamps r not projector I suppose. Both r 35 Watts each.

    • Ninu

      Abhishek dear , read the post carefully, i said “proper fairing”. Projector lights are already available in P220.Projectors Not available in R15 or in CBR, even a kid knows :P

    • abhisek

      There should be atleas a full stop after CBR. Read it once again pls
      “Launch it in proper full fairing like R15 or CBR with projector lights”. It seems like R15 and CBR also have projector lamps from this statement. Anyways thanks for the clarification Naveen.

    • Faisal

      Ninu, full faired version comes in the later half of 2012.

  • Ninu

    They should have retained the speedometer of last gen pulsar & provided with more data, it was the best when comes to ease of use and readability.

  • abhisek

    Fas, carbon copy looks like a strong word used there. U should have used resemblence since P200NS is not copied from CB1000R. U mentioned it later that it is coincidental but it comes too much afterward.

    Also we cant say for sure that it beats the R15 beats it in handling since motorbeam have not ridden the bike. Now the competition is not superspledor or discover. When Adil at age 40 can touch his knees on the corners certainly it can challenge R15 hands down.

    In another post u mentioned the R15 looks better than this I found it slightly biassed. Strip down the R15 of its fairing and compare it with NS. NS could give inferior complexity in design terms to many naked superbikes even like FZ1 or ER6N. Just adding a big fairing or lowering handlebars does not mean the overall design looks good. The back portion of R15 is odd too. Let the Pulsar 200 NS come and then it might be better looking than R15.

    • abhisek

      I mean FS….Let the Pulsar 200 FS come and then it might be better looking than R15. FS is Fairing NS :)

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, I have clearly mentioned seems to be and not is! Also there is resemblance, no one is accusing Bajaj Auto of copying or doing anything wrong so why are people taking this comment so harshly?

      Regarding cornering, again we are being over optimistic. The Yamaha R15 is a track machine, it is made to go around corners fast, the Pulsar wasn’t made with that purpose. Yamaha has used R1 technology in the R15, does not that make it obvious that the R15 is not that easy to beat. I still reserve my comment till I ride it but just because some one touches his knees on the corners does not make the bike more agile than the R15. Remember the P220 review by the same person, did he even say one thing wrong about the bike? I don’t wanna play spoilsport but trust me, I am yet to read any criticism from them on any machine. Nothing is perfect, there are faults with everything, that is how things can be made, that is the world we live in. If the Pulsar/R15/CBR would be so perfect we would have just one of these bikes in every household.

      And what is this logic that we remove the fairing from the R15? The R15 was made ground up with full fairing in mind, you just cant remove the fairing and say look how ugly it is. Add full faring to the Pulsar 200 NS and you will see it looks terrible because unless the headlight is modified it wont look good. So if our love for the Pulsar is so strong, we should not discount the reality. The R15 is the best looking Indian bike on sale, period.

      P.S I am not a Yamaha R15 fan at all and was the first to mention it is grossly overpriced.

  • Ninu

    Abhishek, Yamaha R15 is the best handling bike till 650cc bikes available in India. Period. Even the Previous gen R15 is a great handler. R15 is based on Yamaha vixion sold in Thailand, to reduce weight from every portion, everything was made compact and light thats why when you remove its fairing it looks like an ordinary 125-150cc bike. Everybody wants a lightweight,fast and good handling bike, not a heavy and slow bike. what is the sense of being fastest indian when you cant handle that speed. thats where Yamaha R15 excels, its in full command of rider even at its top speed.I am a Yamaha fan but it doesn’t mean that i dont love our own BAJAJ.

    • banzai

      hi guys, i’m from indonesia, forgive me to say this : i don’t care if pulsar looks like this or like that. What i see is, it is a wonderful bike with plenty of new feature (monoshock,perimeter frame,sohc 4valves, triple spark,etc.). Back here in indonesia,the bike with equal feature is yamaha v-ixion, the grandaddy of r15. The naked version of r15 actualy…
      We are eagerly hope the 200ns come to indonesia a.s.a.p.

    • banzai

      @ninu: forgive me if i’m wrong. Vixion made in indonesia not thailand.

  • abhisek

    @Fas & Ninu, Thanks for your responses. **Whatever I said is my personal opinion what I felt**. I dont say P200NS is better handler or a bike than the R15. R15 might b better but lets test the new Pulsar before commenting on its handling. Looks lies in the eyes of the beholder so I would say personal choice. I like the looks of both R15 V1 and Pulsar 200ns. But the rear part of R15 V2 does not look good and comfortable to me in my personal opinion. The overpricing of Yamaha products and even their overpriced servicing has made the things more sore. I agree Zigwheels editor has been over-exagerrating over this bike and they seldom criticize any vehicle so I dont believe them much for their test-ride but touching knees and bending below 45deg, atleast means that the handling is good for any bike dont u think so? I am a big fan of Motorbeam and Fas and its the only Auto-site I visit for my auto thirst(with the exception of some new launches). I was not a big Bajaj fan before the NS (though I liked 220DTSFi, old 200, Avenger 220).

    Any bike should not receive unfair advantages and also there must not be over-expectancy as you rightly noted but it should not be underestimated too before riding was the point I wanted to make. Waiting for actualy test ride by Motorbeam.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, well said. Lets reserve further judgement till actual test ride ;-)

  • bbk

    Dear Faisal,

    Yes the Pulsar 200 NS has taken a big step and brought about a whole new dimension but considering the price which is is 1 lakh. Why not go for the R15 v2.0 instead. It only costs 6K bucks more

    • abhisek

      If the Pulsar 200 NS review and road test prove it an equal or superior bike and the Pulsar 200NS comes at 12K cheaper and with much powerful engine and better features and with Bajaj+KTM+Kawasaki Technology, bbk tel me one reason why go for R15V2. One more reason is that the pillon is too uncomfortable on R15V2. At the end of the day it comes to personal preference what u like and how much u value ur money. So why underestimate the P200NS even before it coming to the light. I bet u there will be huge demand for it more than the R15. Even another awesome bike and one of my desired 150cc bikes CBR150R is at the door to make Yamahas party bitter. So why not go for the CBR150R which is more fresh, refined,reliable,better service network and a 100% track focussed who need a track focussed bike.

      In between one of the reasons for Chinese to develop is that their companies r quite low in technology & biggest copycats but still they go for their own companies. Indians r just opposite. Even if u give them the best product and have a made in India tag they would be the first to complain. Mental blockage of ppl like u. Thats y India lags behind China my friend. I knw I would not receive good comments after this but thats the reality which should come out.

    • Faisal

      BBK, the Pulsar 200 NS is much faster than R15. Also its 20k more not 6k more.

  • sagar


    • Faisal

      Sagar, expected by year end.

  • Aryan

    @ bbk……… who told you that Pulsar 200NS is 1 lakh ??????
    bajaj just commented that it is below 1 lakh. it may also be 80k or 90k.

  • Indian

    This thread is pointless. And the title is misleading. Until someone has ridden it how can the title be “Review”? It has simply lead to all these unnecessary long thread of comments. We can only speculate. And pulsar fan boys will be on the offensive. Lets wait for an actual “Review”.

  • Srinivas

    Your comments & opinion are very interesting. Like reading your details observation. Besides I hope the motorcycle will also be good one..

  • Abhinandan

    Hey could you tell me, do this bike has vibrations like ZMR while riding or its vibe free like R15 version 2.0.

    • Faisal

      Abhinandan, as per initial reports, no. But you never know!

  • Rolando Medina

    need a digital watch, maybe a gps too. all built in.

  • Randy Rouser

    so excited to have it released in the Philippines.

  • abdulla

    what about pulser 200 FS ??is it available ?please email me the information about pulsr 200 fs.

  • Hemant

    Hi All,

    If Bajaj Auto claims 23.52 PS a & 0 – 60 km/h time of just 3.61 seconds and a 0 – 100 km/h time of 9.83 seconds, then y top speed only 136 kmph. My R15 produced 17 ps but it top end speed 148 kmph. any reason for this???

    • Arunabh Singh

      Hi dear Its nothing but a bullshit…
      I personally drove this bike without first service even and the top speed was 140KM/Hr. and in 4th gear it reaches 60 in time of 6 sec.

  • Arunabh Singh

    Hi Guys……
    After a long time i am here to share my personal experiences about New Pulser 200NS. Well first of all Thanks to bajaj for a superb bike….
    If u r a yamaha or honda Fan Try atleast once this “Monster” I have bought it on first launch in Nagpur and drove 300 Km, yes offcourse its not a pocket friendly but if u r a rider and love biking with mentality to always be ahend ” Go for it’ yes Go for it without thinking about any thing.
    Now take a look of Specifications:
    Engine; 200 CC
    Power; 23.5 BHP
    0 to 60: 4th Gear and time aprox 8 Sec.
    Milage without first service: 32 KM/L. Exact in city condition (Nagpur where u can’t go more than 5th gear any time)
    Onroad Price: 93000. (Yes Its expensive but Value for Money boss)

    Last but not least A eye catching candy in your town it is assured…….
    I will come back again after First servicing ..
    Till then Have a Safe Ride but be always ahed of others…..

  • vasanth

    i got my ns 0n 31st aug… i’m satisfied with everything untill yesterday.. but today a squeaking sound is coming from rear disc whenever i’m riding ns…..

  • sravan

    hey hiii everyone…,
    someone say me that there is some problem in 2012 model pulsar 200ns, can i know the exact problem what it is. bcoz i thought of taking 2012model.

    • Faisal Khan

      Sravan, have you read ownership reports?

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