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With the recent launch of its next generation Pulsar, Bajaj Auto has put the public in dilemma. The Pulsar 200NS will definitely cross the minds of many potential buyers with a tempting price tag of Rs. 85,000/- (ex-showroom). f you’re planning to buy a pulsar you are spoilt for four choices starting from Rs. 65,059/- (P150) to Rs.85,270/- (P200NS). If you have decided to buy the P150 at Rs.65059 which gives you 14.9 horsepower in your hands, the salesman at the showroom will tell you to just add Rs. 3150/- and get a pulsar with a 30cc bigger engine and additional 2hp, yes the P180 at Rs.68209/-. Just Rs. 3000/- for the extra grunt.

Have little more cash? Just add another Rs. 10,676/- to that and you get 220cc monster with 20.8 horsepower to play with and don’t forget you now own the once fastest Indian. Still have some bucks to spare? Then, hey, just add Rs. 6385/- and take home the India’s first triple spark bike with 6-speed gearbox and rubber burning 23.2 horsepower at the flick of your wrists. Isn’t that worth the extra Rs. 6000/-?

PulsarEngine (CC)Horsepower (BHP)Price Rs. (ex.showroom, Pune)Benefits
180178.6 cc16.8+3,150/-+30cc engine

+2 HP

All for just + Rs. 3k (compared to P150)

220F220 cc20.8+10,676/-+40cc engine

+4HP (Fastest Indian)

All for just + Rs. 10k (compared to P180)

200NS199.523.2+6,385/-Triple Spark engine


6speed gearbox

Killer looks

+3 HP

All for just + Rs. 6k
(compared to P220F)


Bajaj Auto has made it so hard to choose between the Pulsars, that finally the common man has to go back to the ultimate factor to decide his next ride i.e. “FUEL ECONOMY” & this is where the P150 scores above all its big brothers. With the ever increasing prices of petrol, a daily commuter will finally put his finger on the less powerful but a modern well-equipped bike which satisfies all the needs decently.