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Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS vs Yamaha R15 V2

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Yamaha R15 vs Pulsar 200NS

Off-late the most frequently asked question on MotorBeam is which bike is better? Yamaha R15 or the Pulsar 200 NS? Well, if you are looking at purchasing either of these motorcycles, you should know that these bikes are as different as chalk and cheese. While one is a naked street-fighter, the other is a sports bike. The Pulsar 200 NS is the more powerful of the two but the Yamaha R15 is more technologically advanced. We ran a poll to see what our readers prefer and the results are quite surprising. While people swear by the Pulsar, the R15 actually received more votes (Pulsar 200 NS vs Yamaha R15 poll screenshot above).

Now the Yamaha R15 vs Pulsar 200 NS decision is very simple, if you are clear about what you want. If you are looking for a full-faired motorcycle with better handling and Yamaha quality, then the Yamaha R15 V2.0 is for you. If you are the value for money kinds, who wants bang for their buck and very good performance, the Pulsar 200 NS is for you. The Pulsar 200 NS is quicker, reaching 100 km/h in less than 10 seconds, while the R15 takes around 12 seconds. The Pulsar NS has a higher top speed at 136 km/h, against 129 km/h of the R15.

The Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is priced at Rs. 99,200/-, while the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 will set you back by Rs. 1.20 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai). For the additional Rs. 20,000/- you get fuel injection, full fairing, better handling, twin headlights, sportier riding position and a proven engine. Thus if speed is not your criteria and you have a budget of Rs. 1.20 lakhs, the Yamaha R15 is the bike to buy. You can’t go wrong with either of these machines and at the end of the day, you should get yourself a test ride and see which one suits you better.

KTM Duke vs Honda CBR250R vs Yamaha R15

KTM Duke vs Honda CBR250R vs Yamaha R15 – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

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  • Amish

    The poll results show how neck to neck are both of these mean machines

  • Joy

    The question indeed holds some practicality. But from the eyes of a biker, the R15 is God while the Pulsar is aiming to be one. It still has a long way to go.

  • Neil

    R15 is a far better track tool, where as Pulsar 200 NS is urban machine which is comfortable and at the very same time easy on your pocket.

    @Joy: Yes, you are bang one with the statement(But from the eyes of a biker, the R15 is God while the Pulsar is aiming to be one. It still has a long way to go.) and there is reason behind it. Yamaha is 10 decades old where as Pulsar is a decade old bike.
    Infact I believe they have had a better technology then and still they struggled here in India 5 years back. I agree they have got some awesome bikes from their own meagre arsenal however they could have done this way back in the 2000 when they had all the hideous looking bikes.
    Why now and why not then?
    I know bajaj has ‘N’ number of issues and struggle to tackle those, having said that Bajaj as a brand rose to the situation and made masses happy when the Yamaha failed.
    Yamaha as one of the leaders in technology should have made masses happy way back when we were toddlers. But did they??
    Look at what stir the Bajaj has created, every bike in this market is only compared with the Pulsar and thats an irony. Every reader, avid biker comments or criticizes or has something to write when Pulsar is the part of that story.
    You name it and you have it. Havent the brand succeeded wonderfully even if they failed in some areas miserably.

    I am the proud owner of a Pulsar 180 DTSi UG1 and never indulge in word wars provided those are not personal.

    But always like to make people realise that they always miss the important ingredient of biking in India and thats ‘Pulsar’.

    • Aniket

      We all should be very proud of the Pulsar and Bajaj.. as they made India proud.. when so many other countries are still dependent on Japanese companies.. Indians make bikes which if not better are equally good as the Japanese.. The author has conveniently not mentioned that the Pulsar NS has a better mileage than the R15.. also maintenance wise Pulsar spares would be cheaper.. furthermore the engine is proven in the KTM and not new as mentioned in the article

    • Vijay

      I want to add some more points here that
      Rear sitting position of the pulsar 200 NS is better then R15 v2.
      The 200NS has a high power to weight ratio then R15 v2.
      The 200NS has a good engine with 3 spark plug technology to burn the fuel effectively.

    • Rags

      Absolutly true Dude, R15 doesnt have a pillion holder which is extremely risky, and even the pillion seat is too thin, making the pillion to stop the bike every now and then.

      If a rider on pulsar 200ns can ride the bike continuosly for 4 hours without halting, the same rider will get off from R15 v2 in less than 2 hours.

      In simple words Pulsar 200ns is practically the best for Indian road conditions, whereas r15 needs a lot more ground works. (Just check out how many used R15 v2.0 are sold on websites)

    • Amit

      If fuel can burn better with two over one Spark plug and even better with three, then why not to put 4 Spark Plugs ? Even it will Sound Much better…4 Stroke 4 valve 4 Plug …Bla Bla Bla….LOL

    • ram charan

      dear it is not that much easy to install more spark plugs look at the 200ns design it is having three spark plugs in small engine

    • Pulsar Lover

      Well said bro!!! :)
      Cheers to Bajaj and Pulsar…m gonna get my new Pulsar 200 NS in a few days.
      I actually loved your speech….your each n every words were heavy on Yamaha R 15..dude you rock!!!!

    • Pulsar Lover


  • Well said bro

  • Pulsarboy

    Well, I really don’t understand when people say R15 is a good track tool, can it beat Pulsar on track, it’s anybody’s guess what the result will be. With Pulsar’s 23 bhp power and quicker accelearation out of every corner, R15 doesn’t stand a chance. So, there you go! even on track P200NS is a better choice. But it’s on highways, where R15’s fairing comes into play, if somebody is riding extensively on highways, then certainly R15, provided that he is comfortable with seating posture, otherwise P200NS all the way.

  • Ashok

    Pulsar 200NS can never cum near to R15’s handling

    • Pulsarboy

      Please wake up and smell coffee.. it’s already there, upgrade the tyres, P200NS will feel much better than R15.

  • Maddy

    Very well said Nail…!!
    Pulsar has created its own place in Indian biking arena, every biker while purchasing a bike once think about it… and that’s manufacturers success….yes pulsar has some problems but others are not flawless. we always talk about the reliability of pulsars but I will say see the sales chart of Bajaj bikes why masses purchase an ‘Unreliable bikes’ is simply because Bajaj offer what people want…!!! the answer is in it…
    we always observe whenever a topic of bajaj bikes come peoples start criticizing.But I think its manufacturers success…
    And coming to the topic comparing NS with R15 is not a good idea..because both bikes are from different gens a street fighter & a race tool machine..if you want to compare r15 then lets wet for Pulsar 200ss…it will be good idea indeed….!!!!!
    But I am not getting reason, why Japanese took their main weapons from their armory,do you?

  • gokul

    pulsar ns or R15v2, Its all about personal preferences . and about both bikes…
    1.dont think the pulsar can slice big corners above 100 kmph even with another rubber.thats wr the R15v2 stands ahead…even in higher speeds the R15 can easily slice away big corners..
    2. and about quicker acceleration and speed….any bike which has 19+ bhp and 200+cc can beat a r15v2s 150cc and 16+ Bhp engine easily…but thats not mean that 200cc + bike is much better than R15 in terms of technology and Overall performance and handiling and Quality….
    3. on the road when both bikes going side by side which one grab more attention???.. I can definitely say its going to be R15 V2 ..
    5. About triple spark technology…well i think its just a marketing tool to show that bike is better in terms of technology..If u guys are against me in this statement….just compare the KTM dukes performance with single spark plug and Pulsar ns With triple spark plug..both bikes are neck to neck figures wen it comes to Fuel economy and in performance The Duke is ahead..

    • Pulsarboy

      did you try slicing those big corners with these two bikes, or you just think it is so?! Both these bikes sport perimeter frame, then what makes you think that R15 will be better in corners, so far reviews rated P200NS slightly below R15, but they were all testing it with Eurogrips. Tyres make a lot of difference, with better set of tyres it will easily show a clean pair of heels to R15, not that it can’t without better tyres, but it will be that much more easier. Duke costs a good 40k over P200NS, so the performance gap/equipment levels on it is justified there.

    • gokul

      ya Pulsarboy i had done that with R15..but not 100 but it is 90+
      40k over pulsar..dude ..why this 40k dude…just think…It a class of its on so 10K plus there…
      It has Big and better rubber so + 5K and then it has better frame,reversed Forks…better engine…smooth engine..25+bhp…quick acceleration..better top…better handling,almost equal Fuel economy ..every thing is better tahn Pulsar Ns…only bad is it is made by bajaj so quality in some area will suffer…i can say triple spark is nothing just a marketing tool…..
      the 150cc pulsar has DTSI and just compare it with CBZ or hunk or Unicorn..there is no advantage with its twin spark..these bikes are almost similar in power and fuel economy .
      so wats the advantage of having twin more..

    • gokul

      and about frame …both have similar frames..but the resemblance ends there..grow up dude…there are other things that support the cornering and handling ability of the bikes…things like the riding position,the weight of the bike, overall proportion of the bike…it that areas the R15 is way better than Pulsar ns…the only thing that the r15 missing is the engine power like the pulsar ns…ya i know R15 cant match up with the power of pulsar ns …even an old pulsar 200 can beat r15 in races…the r15 is all about the smoothness and quality and handling

    • anks

      @pulsarboy considering your above point R15 is 50cc less than pulsar 200NS. With this gap of 50cc, if R15 can give a good challenge to pulsar 200ns…. then imagine if yamaha launches 200cc bike then wat will Bajaj do will dey go for 400cc bike wit N number of spark plugs to challenge yamaha 200cc….lol….only thing wat i mean to say is to look at wat optimum performance dey have obtained from 150cc bike….which is only obtained from 200cc bikes of other makers….so now this is wat technology is …..

    • prasanth

      who told u that ktm duke has better fuel economy than p200ns??it is proven that duke gives 30-33kmpl while p200ns enjoys 40-45!! coming to performance,duke has only a slight edge over p200ns….and that aint a big deal!

  • Adi

    Yamaha any day over pulsar….one question to R15 owners, can the seat be re-made to seat 2 people comfortably ?

  • Tushar Debe

    Guys I own PULSAR 200NS.
    And belive and have got my rear tyre ugraded with Pirelli one,and belive me guys in handling section there is nothing tht PULSAR NS cnt do that R15 can.
    R15 is and wil be a legend. . .she is pleasure to ride and own.
    If to undrstnd in our cricket terms SAURAV GANGULY is a legend but
    nowhere u cn point out tht VIRAT KOHLI lacks smthng.-)

    • Tushar debe

      Last sentence is u cnt point out tht VIRAT KOHLI lacks smthng.

  • satya_3d


  • gokul

    Pulsarboy – Iam not against u or pulsar..everybody has there own taste..u like it so u took it…i like R15 but still i dont have one coz of shortage of budget but my close friend have one…i am also a big fan of old p200…if FZ was not there in the market p200 coud have been my bike…only thing is enjoy ur ride and ride safe….

  • Ankith

    Hi FAISAL,
    Pulsar 180 and 220 too has a kinda vibrating sound. It’s forks gets vibrated when we reach high speeds. This 200NS too will be like this? 180 has engine problems, like this 200NS too has any??????

  • Fas but you have to consider that even with price as no consideration almost half people opted for NS. What if price was into consideration? We know the answer ;-) But the main competition R15 will face when NS is launched in full faired avatar. It would outclass R15 in many things. But it should have a good design as R15 is a looker. Also R15 is just 150cc engine which is small. 200cc, 23.5bhp is something a big bike as per Indian stds. NS is classs.

  • mani

    pulsar 200ns has nice pick up and good mileage… as far as my bike, still need to chk the max speed as it is very new…. as far as the test drive pulsar will beat r15

  • Yaseen

    I waz in love wid Yamaha R15. Until I met Pulsar 200 NS

    The best bike India has in this segment!
    Awesome performence, easy maintainence, gr8 average and nice handling and grip which is very much suitable for indian road conditions.
    I love the naked looks of the bike, and
    If any one wants to experiment on body modifications, I suggest you people to put Yamaha R15 or a Yamaha Fazer fairing!

    The bike gets an awesome superbike look..

  • Arunvir Singh Rana

    Hey guys plz help me out i want to know about the average of both of the bikes R15 & pulsar200 ns. Plz give me the right info. For pulsar and r15 lovers.

  • Arunvir Singh Rana

    Hey guys plz help me out i want know about the average of the both of the bikes R15 & PULSAR 200 ns. Plz give the right info.
    For all the pulsar and R15 lovers

  • ansh

    every one is crazy abt pulsar but the yamaha R15 has a proven engine of their 10 decades success. from a decade pulsar are the one thats common in india, if u inspect the streets u see one R15 instead of 15 pulsar .
    YaMAHA R15 is far far far far …………..infinity better than pulsar and its upcoming varients

  • Sunny

    My few bits :-)

    R15 V2.0: Looks Great over all (Still not as proportional as YZF R125).
    P 200 NS: Killer Looks, Appears much Bigger than R15. Rear Designe not up to expectations & Needs Farring.

    Performance and Handeling:-
    R15 V2.0: Performs Best in its segment. Handeling is The Best on Track. Indian Road Conditions, Not bad Either.
    P 200 NS: Performance Better than R15(Big Engin). Handeling As good as R15 on Track (Considering Tyres Ofcourse). Indian roads, Better than R15 with

    Ride Comfort:
    R15 V2.0: Not good. Hard Suspention, Too Commited Racing Posture, Nightmare for Pillion(My friend´s GF had Cramps in her leg while trying to Climb Up the Pillion seat)
    P 200 NS: Comfortable for Both rider and pillion(Barring High speed Highway Crusing due to wind blast)

    Value for Money:
    R15 V2.0: In every sence it is VFM, But with KTM Duke at just 5-10K difference, A little Justification is required.
    P 200 NS: 100% VFM. Rather I would say its a Steel.

    Fuel Economy:
    R15 V2.0: 35-40, which is not bad for such an Exotic Machine.
    P 200 NS: 40-45, Its a dream come True, With such a power and lack of fuel injection.

    R15 V2.0: Its YAMAHA, Nothing else to say.
    P 200 NS: Its a KTM Engine, which it self is a MotorBike Giant. So Engine wise there should be no issues. For Rest of the bike, Time will tell.

    Final Verdict:
    Both the bikes are way better than most available/ in compitition.
    No one can go wrong with any of these two.
    Still, Pulsar will beat R15, any time- any Place, as it has an upper hand in Power output.

    Waiting desparatly for P200 SS ;-)

  • Do you pulsar lover even go detail inspection of the 200NS. I think you did not. I suggest go for a close details look into the bike, you will understand why Bajaj able to deliver so called better technology in cheaper price.

    A bike does not count good only by performance of the bike. How many of you could go full throttle for at least 15 mins at a time on road. In Indian road it is merely possible. I think if you really looking for a long term relation with bikes, none of the available bikes are eligible. So there is no point of having discussion which bike is good.

    Now come to the comparison, let me tel u one simple thing. Just check the side stand of P200 NS and R15V2.

    Bajaj has nothing to give from them after pulsar, even older pulsar are better than new ones’ in terms of every thing. And you still bet on pulsar.

    See others, there was none except for Japanese to come here, before what do we have, M80, hero Puch!!!!!!!!
    It’s Japanese technology that we find commuter segment at least. Bajaj had collaboration with Kawasaki, can you remember KB 125ss, in ninety’s it produce 12 bhp power from 125 cc mill. After Kawasaki gone, Bajaj is actually able to increase 2 bhp power with 150 cc mill. WHERE IS THE DEVELOPMENT WITH DESI TECHNOLOGY. can you people tell me.

    Now when western countries are implementing green technology we are here cheers up that KTM, Harley, Hyosung are coming to INDIA.

    I am not going to detail technical discussion of bike comparison, just watch on the curve on the roads, if you find P220, Fazer, p200NS, R15 v1 or v2, who goes steady. I believe answer every one knows.

  • vickky pulsar 200ns

    r15 is waist of money then pulsar 200ns. speed, look, handling, power, all things in pulsar,,,,,,r15 is good but pulsar is not good,itssssssssssssssssssssssssssss awesme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rk

    i just gone through all the comments, and liked the spice added by pulsarboy & gokul,
    and sunny made it even more spicy by adding a best comparison of two bikes,

    Ns 200 is clear winner


  • anil

    common guys grow up with the technology..pulsars r nothing but just like autos where u can c them every where even with road side fellows…no one watches it if u go on feels tht i need to go on a long drive on pulsar bcz it does nt create tht pleasure in us…nw a days villagers r using those pulsar for getting grass r milk r stuff…when u compare r15 v2 it just gives us royality feeling when ur hands r on just gives us a boost to long one uses it for the above mentioned stuff bcz our mind does nt allow us to use this baby r15 v2..always pulsar wants to prove tht i can beat r15 but r15 guys never races with pulsar bcz the technology itself proved everyone tht it holds no one position by beating 150-200cc never ever try to spit on sky it wil jst land on ur face back again…

  • Ejas

    I am very proud to be a yzf r15 owner. My advise for the r15ers is to be cool, because the pulsar owner’s will never accept the truth.the theory of comparision is one on one. But the pulsar guys do comparing r15 with pulsar’s150, and then with 180, 220,200 ns,…). I think they will never win the leauge until pulsar launches 300 cc. I dont know with what will they compare when yamaha launches r15 200cc. Many of the pulsar are getting altered as like r15. The fulfillness of owning a bike is obtained with r15 after rx100. Both these bikes need no physical alterations. I accept that pulsar ns is good with perfomance. If you are really that much powerful then go compete with honda cbr 250cc. The aerodynamics of r15 is similar to R1. It never get vobling sense in the high speed, curves… This bike with intelligent tuning can beat any varient of bajaj onroad.;)

    • thiru

      that’s true dude……….baby r1 is best of alltime

  • Tausif Ahmad

    I want to inform you that, I heard about BAJAJ BIKE which is the no.1 company in the India and regularly use to advertisement of PULSAR 200NS next generation. And after that my dream bike is 200NS. I have purchased new BAJAJ PULSAR 200NS with very excitement and joyful. But after purchased I have faced many problems (noise and vibration in engine and body) in bike. I have complained to Bajaj service center and visited to Bajaj Service center many times. They had done many operations on bike in the presence of Engineers of Tcs Bajaj(Faridabad), Dewan Bajaj (New Delhi), Engineers (Special team of Pune) and Regional General Manager(N.Delhi). When I visited on Dewan Bajaj Service Centre, Okhla I saw that engine cover opened, There is no any operation and experiment left in my Bike and they have not left option to repair the bike. But the problems of bike does not solve till now.
    They do not replace my bike and only extend time for repairing and checking by engineers .and in last they convince me this problem is natural problem. It cannot be solve.
    In any Case Call On 8527860099,8287927093(Tausif Ahmad)N.delhi

  • I have gone through all the comments, I’m not happy with the way people compare these two bikes.
    On any day, with power(100km/hr in less than 10 sec is no joke), styling, and average(40-45KM/L) Pulsar NS200 beats Yamaha fair and square. In technology wise,Yamaha R15 is whisker ahead. Yamaha has a proven engine, they have produced one of the best engines you can ever get for last 10 decades, but I can tell you people, P200 NS engine ain’t a bad one in any way, it is different from what I got from my previous 150. I’m really in love with ma new Pulsar NS 200 except for the large turning radius.
    Great to see many Motorcycle enthusiasts here!

  • RP

    I got a pulsar 200 ns last week in Bangalore. So far only 167 km droved.
    the bike was too good at the beginning. But since yesterday I noticed a problem. i was just going for a ride for around 12 km and i noticed that my acceleration was getting weak(like when the fuel is nearing empty, but the fuel tank is full more than 11 lit). so I stopped my bike and switched off the engine.i waited for few seconds and started it again, it started ok. But when I started raising the throttle the engine turned off. Checked if spark cables are intact, even tried using choke, same prob. switched it on again raised the throttle ,the engine switched off. Then I Waited for some time then started again and i slowly went to first gear, very slowly raised the throttle and the bike started moving but again same problem after 100 miters. Somehow managed to reach to home. Morning started and everything was fine. Derived for around 8 km and no issue faced. But evening again when wait for ride of more than 10 km again facing same issue ……. All an sudden it loses the acceleration ………… did I made the mistake of going with Pulsar 200ns ……… I will be going tomorrow to Bajaj Servicing center Mekari Circle, Bangalore …… not sure how good service they provide and can fix the issue. Anyone else also faced same issue with 200ns? Are you able to get it fixed?

  • you are all confuse about the bikes and and there company that which is the best,first think about bajaj ,it is small company which built not bike as well as all electronics goods and yamaha which builts only and only motors and sports and races bikes and have best engineers all over the world hence he’s best

  • Manu

    Just ride a r15 once, a true rider wil fall in love wid d bike for sure! stance, braking, control are awesum!! 150cc engine produces a great performance.

  • bedanta kumar

    i do not ride yamaha regularly. but what i say in terms of cornering, fazer 153 is better and comfy than r15. got it?

  • bedanta kumar

    i do not ride yamaha regularly. but what i say in terms of cornering, fazer 153 is better and comfy than r15. got it? even the braking abilities are proven better. just a rear nissin disc would have made it more practical.

  • JOHN

    Hi Guys,
    Wanna take my Bike 200NS for a long ride this weekend Saturday and Sunday(29/30 sep) from Bangalore ,Anybody who wants to Join / drive their bikes for a long ride let me know.

  • Bala

    Hi John
    Update me about your long ride experience in Pulsar 200NS

  • Darshan Nayak

    Finally after going through all your crazy reviews,I felt YAMAHA R15 is the bYEPetter Ruler of both YES YAMAHA..!

  • Darshan Nayak

    Finally after going through all your crazy reviews,I felt YAMAHA R15 is the better Ruler of both,YES YAMAHA..!

  • yamaha rocks

    i am at complete loss 2 understand how few nuts can cmpare a 150cc enzin wid 200 cc..

    a bike is a bike n everyone has some pros n cons..

    grow up baby bikers…….. get a glass of milk n stay focused at ur studies in school.


  • JOHN

    Hi Bala,
    It was awesome Ride.

    Day 1. Bangalore to OOTY (Via Masinagudi 36 Hair pin Curves).
    It was good ride (Max I could go was 138KMPH speed).

    Day 2. Ooty to Mysore and then to Madikeri.
    Here is where i could take it for 144 KMPH speed – Max.
    There is one Long straight stretch where you can Enjoy the Ride.

    Stretched for a day more
    Day 3. Madikeri to Talakaveri. This is my Favorite Stretch —–
    Beautifully Fog Covered Roads. Completely Green where ever your Eyes can go. But the road condition is not that good :(

    Back to Bangalore on the same day.

    Positives :

    Power of the Bike as I told earlier was too good, in fact I this is where I enjoy more than my YAMAHA R15. R15 cannot match with the RAW power and speed that 200NS Possess.

    Never had Back pain in the whole Tour.

    Brakes: The brakes are relly good almost nearer to the Quality of R15.

    Negotiating the Curves at faster speed – Here I am sure i was missing my Yamaha R15. I am not here to tell all bad about 200NS but i t was of no Match with R15.

    Vibrations from 6000 TO 7000RPM was more for me. Not too bad but yes R15 Scores better here!

  • shanu


  • laba

    no comment

  • Sufi

    yamaha waale promotion k paise de rahe hai? :P
    n ya bout pulsar.. Itz way better dan r15.. I do drag racin on weekends, n r15 is all hype no show.. worst bike to race on..!
    Apache rtr is way better dan ua v2.. pulsar ns rocks!

    • u better dnt try to chase r15 dude………ur dream will never come true!!!…….

    • Rohan

      well said.. :)

    • Rohan

      R15 v 2.0 .. no one can beat .. !!

    • sufi

      Sum r15 supporters v got in here ehh??!
      Dat toh wont come tru i kno.. :(
      coz r15 was left chasin my ns.. :D
      tsk tsk.. ;-)

    • zeeshan

      sufi….ji ….2-3km lambi drag race ki kyo baat kr rahe ho 700-800 km ki long riding par chalo fir aapko apne aap pata laga jaygaa ki who is the best……………………kabhi ki itni lambi riding ..ya sirf city me hi ghumte ho

  • r15 iz only good bcoz of its luks but pulsar 200 ns has a better pick up wid gr8 luks also….by reading ur comments, i wil prefer 2 buy pulsar 200ns…coz of its pik up, gr8 speed,gr8 luks, financially gud n its avrge…al d qualities of pulsar 200 ns are beter dan r15…

    • Ankit yadav

      Tnx 4ur sugetion becauae i want to buy a bike which perfomance is goodwith average&have guud luk sooo iwilll buy pulsar 200ns in white colourr
      u hd mad my confution clear i am thinking it for more than 1 week

    • pratik khadtale

      where will you get white color

  • shekhar

    i am planning to buy a byk soon.. bt m confused wich 1 to buy.. pulsar 200ns or yamaha yzf r15…. though 200ns has better features than r15, bt is it a durable byk..??? also, it generates a power of 23.5 bhp at 9500 rpm then how cme its mileage is better dan r15, wich generates 17 bhp only..???
    do reply…

  • Ravi

    I don’t know why people are buying R15, to me its not a good bike. i dont know why did even yamaha made a 150 cc bike vfz looks, sure its a bit affordable but if it would have had a 250 cc engine it could have edged out CBR250, DUke 200 and Ninja 250 in all areas. Comon 150 cc is plain stupid specially after having such good looks. Bad decision timed!!

    I was also not satisfied with 200 ns but after seeing 23.5 bhp power, good build quality and better handling in reviews I changed my mind. I will go for 200 ns.

    @Shekhar: yamaha is using a 150cc engine in R15 and 17 bhp and that is a lot of power for 150 cc engine so, the reason for low mileage of R15 is that it intakes more fuel . There is rule in automobile for more power you need faster and powerful storkes which is done by injecting more fuel and buring all the air in the piston chamber. BUt for economy you need to burn more fuel and squeeze all the energy it can offer.

  • abdul rashif

    am a crazy man abt bike i want buy one bike bt am ttly cnfuced finally am slctd pulser 200 ns geat naked bike . its better than r15 bcs its pwrful than r15 .. r15 also sporty bike 150 spt eng. bt plsr 200 cc dts i 4 valv system with new style i love my bike

  • sayan

    definately the pulsar ns have edge over the r15 in terms of speed. 23.5 bhp not a matter of joke.but its not that that how fast u can drive,its about how much safer u are at high speed.the r15 have the best in class weight ratio. Thats why its easy for cornering at high grudges about pulsar.

  • Akhilesh

    Yamaha r15 has better body balance and its a good 150cc bike but price is not good

  • gaurav

    Zeeshan Ahmad r15 and 200 ns is different class…. r 15 bacha class hai .. 200 ns baap class hai …….
    aur baap hamesha bache ki letta raha hai …c hae toh apne abu se puch loo . :D hahahaah

  • dhruv

    guyz R 15 is much more better than the pulsar 200NS it has got everythng that a biker requires with gr8 luks and superb handling makes it much morw better and with a top speed of 156km/hr it is one of the most awsmest bike in it’s segment…….so i am definetely going for R15 and even suggest you guys…..test ride it once and then decide whch one to for…

  • JOHN

    R15 AND 156KMPH SPEED!!!!
    I am sure the Speedo meter had gone for a toss.Huge error!!!

    Yes R15 is good for its Great looks and Ride quality and Handling Capabilities (Especially in Turnings).I agree it is one the best in its segment.

    BUT Power, Speed 200NS is better than R15.
    This is for sure. I have been using both and I am sure 200NS is much more betetr than R15.

    • Agnal

      Pular 200ns is more economical and suits almost all pockets in case of maintanance and fuelling.go for pulsar 200ns if u wanna save some cash

  • Lohith.s.patil

    Pulsar Rocks…………

  • akon

    r15 >pulser 200

  • Arman Ali Khan

    I think Pulsar 200NS is a great bike with curvy & naked looks. Every one become fan of Pulsar 200NS after he look the bike. I can say it will easily beat R15 & there is not at all comparison between R15 & Pulsar 200NS coz R15 is 150cc bike were Pulsar 200NS produce 199.5 cc so, I think comparison is not fair. I also like to comment that if you look Pulsar 200NS to compare with 220 it will easily beat it in every department except in CC. Pulsar 200NS coming with petal disk break which provide additional support to its class. I think if you want to compare please do the comparison with Honda 250r but if you see price Pulsar 200NS give you value for money…

    And last line for Yamaha R15 user & supporters if you want your Yamaha R15 wins the battle please compare it with Honda Unicorn. I think Unicorn also make your way difficult…

    Loves Pulsar 200NS it is a great bike…

    • zeeshan

      arman ali khan ji campare hum krte h ki bajaj me dum ya yamah me START
      first ill start from tyre
      bajaj use eurogrip thirdclass tyre–cost–1250 inr
      yamaha use MRF zepper R series–cost–2800 inr

      bajaj use normal engine with tripple spark..dual spark to sambhalta nahi tripple kya sambhela
      yamaha use DiASil Cylinder engine yamaha sirf R series engine me hi use hota h(R series mtlb Racing Series)
      bajaj use normal corburtor engine jisme fuel injection ka naamo nishan nahi h
      aur yamaha use fuel injection ke sath sath fuel cleaner b use krta h
      ab aate h brakE par to aapki jankari k liye btaa du ki yamaha world no. 1 brake company NISSIN BRAKE use krta h aur bajaj ek bakwas company k brake use krta h jo kabhi bhi rider ko problem m daal sakte ka namo nishan nahi h bajaj me ..aur yamaha ride krte waqt confidence level kabile tarif banta h ..kyoki aap r15 ko 90kmph ki speed par sirf 4 second me control kr sakte ho ….ab baat krte h vibration r15 110kmph ki speed par b vibrate nahi krti..aur palsar 90 ki speed par hi vibrate kr jaati h..engine sound …palsar ki engine sound itni gandi h jese kutte ko khansi ho gayi ho…aur r15 110 ki speed par bhi awaza nahi krti..ab baat krte h look ki to r15 ki look aisi jese r6 kadhi ho…agar dono bike ko sath khada krde to palsar ko kutte bhi nahi dekhenge …aur r15 par to ladkiya itni marti h ki jese shahad ho …aur palsarns200 ki look aisi h jese palsa 135ls..ab itna kuchh mil raha h yamaha se to mehngi to hogi hi…meri mobile and gadgets ki shop h me ek example dunga


    • ali

      Zeeshan it seens teri girlfriend ko kisi pulsar wala legaya hai is leye u r so envy of it……

    • zeeshan

      haan wo tu hi tha bajaj wala jo meri gf (apni bahan ) ko lekar bhaag gyaaa ha ha ha
      yess yamaha

    • Aijaz bhat

      I have rode both pulsar 200Ns and Yamaha R15. The truth is that life z precious and I think r15 gives confidence that we are safer. both bikes are very good. pulsar z 200cc and it z a bit powerful but when I crossed 100 on it I cud feel vibration coz at rpm greater 8500 it starts vibrating and the faster u go the more it vibrates. pulsar gives a heavy feel. pickup z superb.
      R15 on d other hand z a bit lighter. it z a bit slower thn 200ns. but ther z no vibration evn when u cross 120. the engine feels like butter on 10500 rpm. belev me r15 gives u pleasure at 100 +. with great confidence level. pulsar at 115 makes. us feel scary. the controls of r15 are amazing.
      at last I wud say pulsar can’t beat r15 in overall performance. merely looking at topspeed z foolish. one must enjoy higher speeds n feel confident. afterall yamaha z technologically much better thn bajaj.

    • rahul icon

      well said zeeshan

      kal hi maine 200ns ki test ride li brake prob, tyre prob ,corner probs

      jb gadi bnd kri itni bekar smell a ri ti engine se cooling system chalu hote time aur dhua bi nikal rha tha halka sa

      aur ynha koi cbr150 k bre m bt kyu ni kr rha koi?

    • Rajeev

      common sense dude.. The thread is about r15vsP200NS

    • Vicky

      Hi Zeeshan,

      I also owned R15 Sunset RED, your Each and every word is true regarding R15,
      R15 is eye catching looks and when you stand on Red light people stearing your bike
      it feels like the CASNOVA or The Godess……..

      Soon Yamaha Lauinchingn 250 CC beast ………. Let See Kya Hungama hota hai….

      Yes Yamaha ….

    • Manoj das m s

      You are really correct brother. Yamaha cheats every indians by making an 150cc bike with yzf looks and more money, by adding some more money we could bye ktm duke or Honda cbr250r

    • Kadircan

      I would like to consider the aitbily of thanking you for the professional advice I’ve often enjoyed going to your internet site. I will probably be looking forward towards the actual commencement of my college research and the general prep would never have been complete without coming to your site. If I could be of any assist to others, I would be glad to help by indicates of what I’ve gained from here. Kosova Airlines

  • parveen

    R15 is best for me becouse its driving is
    verry sexy and look is better.

  • ankit

    yamaha is good only in looks………. otherwise sb kch pulsar ka hi accha h milage, 180 cc nd aftr all pulsar indian roads k hisaab se bani hai jahan p 130 k baad koi highaway pe b bike nhi le k jaata hai………. nd city riding is also very good….. so yamaha beats pulsar only in looks nt in milage nd budget according to indian roads nd people………..:P

    • zeeshan

      yaar ankit ..kyo purani soch rakh h to sabhi jante h ki palsar 180 cc hi palsar series ki sabse mast bike thi..but ab time liquid cool aur fuel injection ka h ….

    • Shwetank Tiwari

      should I exchange my Pulsar 180 with Pulsar 200ns… Although my pulsar has no problem.. but I want more power and quiter exhaust

  • raishi

    believe me guys…
    my bf hv a r15 v2.0…
    we go for rides regularly but I hate that bike..the pillon seat is disgusting..feeling like to smash it off..nw my partner has cngd to the cbr 150r..which is so awsme,now we go for long rides evryday..he took that bike to top speed of 136 kmph wth me sitting back…I luv that bike..;)

  • Bac Suprem

    Abe SSSSaleeeee Zeeshan,

    Tu sala yamaha R15 ka marketing team ka member. Tu kyon R15 ki tarifoon ke pul bhandhe jaa raha hai.

    Abe there is no comparision of Pulssar NS 200 with Yamaha R15

    Faltu bakwasss maat kaarrrr!!!!

    Aur ek baat

    Jab haathi chalta hain naa kuttein bhonkte hain

    Here Haathi “Pulsar”

    Aur kutta “R15”

    And mind it……………….

    Tujhse bada bewakuph duniya mein nahi dekha…………jaa aur jake R15 bechke phir se pulsar 200 NS le aa…..

  • JOHN

    ZMR R15 V2.0 200 NS DUKE CBR 250
    Looks !!! 3 5 4 4.5 4.5

    Bike Power Pickup (BHP, TORQUE):
    3.5 3 4 4.5 5

    Handling in cities (Including Ergonomics Factor)
    4 3.5 4 3.5 4

    Handling – Long Drives
    4 3.5 4 4 4.5

    Acceleration, Speed
    3.5 3 4 4.5 5
    Build Quality
    3.5 4.5 3.5 4.5 4.5

    Total 21.5 22.5 23.5 25.5 27.5

    Bikes Position
    #5 #4 #3 #2 #1

  • JOHN

    #5 Karizma ZMR
    #4 Yamaha R15 V2.0
    #3 Pulsar 200 NS
    #2 KTM DUKE
    #1 Honda CBR 250

    • Paritosh

      correct ranking … No Doubt

  • Bob

    Pulser 200 ns is good for hill & dirt road of hills . You never think or imagin what a pulser 200 ns ride in dirt road
    200 ns is an examplary for r15 , zmr devloper

  • neeraj kumar

    thanks for the above article , nyc comparison..

  • viral valvi

    R15 Is tHA BesT bIkE BcoZ DriVe iS sO CoOL nD LOoKinG iS So SeXY….

    • Paritosh

      keep saying that .. and use more variations in upper and lower case … in case someone might believe !!!

  • ak27

    Most important reason to buy pulsar 200 ns ——->

    Where will your gf sit ?


    Pulsar wins.

    • yasar

      poda punda

    • Paritosh

      valid point

  • Suzan

    R15 is good but high maintenance bike. Currently I m using pulsar 200ns and its better than other two, best part is its sports bike style frame and no big plastic fairing which is best for Indian roads

  • yasar

    y don’t u compare 200 ns with ktm duke 200 , sure 200 ns lose, but r15 is king in its segment even it can also beat 200 ns but 200 ns can’t beat ktm duke 200

    • Rajeev

      compare Duke with CBR250R, Duke will lose(assuming that you’re talking about speed/acceleration).
      Every bike is different, and u cant just write NS off against Duke. Compare the sales numbers in India. NS will most definitely beat Duke coz of its mind-blowing combo of price-mileage-power-design

    • Agnal

      R15 is not at all an opponent for ktm duke.200 ns can even stand next to it…
      Considering practically i prefer 200ns.and i dont think r15 doesnt even come in the way of ns too…

    • Paritosh

      “even it also can beat 200 NS” if that is the wild assumption on which R15 can beat 200 NS, then NS can beat DUKE, Duke can beat CBR, CBR Can beat Ninja … bull***t … it all depends on the riding skill of the biker (which of course is a “Variable parameter”). Here the post is talking about pro’s and con’s of (BIKE-biker) … so keep your holes sealed if u don’t have any sane thing to say.
      PS: Valentino Rossi might beat you using HH Impulse, so HH Impulse is the best bike !!! keep believing that

  • abhi

    dude i love to ride on bike so i buy a pulsar 200ns and after a 2 month i buy r 15 ver 2 also both are bikes r great but they belong from two diffrant class of bikes dont need to campare them if want true desi power bike go for pulsar i ll drive it 300 km.continuous 4 hour in city and highway no back pain no tieredness just a good ride ill reach at 132 kmph on highway it take less than 18 sec without any vibration gives me 30 to 40 kmpl its great
    but in r 15 i cant drive my bike more than 90km coz of seating postion ill drive it for 1 and half hour continuous no vibration ill reach at 128 kmph on it breaks are good not scary like pulsar 200ns but if u want reacing bike in city just for weekend ride and love to show off infront of u r friends with u r hot girlfriend yamaha r15 is for u smouth engine raceing filling with sexy looks
    i like both bikes coz i have both but still i felt that pulsar is great bike coz i also had pulsar 150 ug3 five year old but he still got that charm, power , pickup ,average ,with one feeling hamara bajaj
    you guys decide what type of bike u want and get one for urself

  • Dattaraj

    Dear all plz dnt get confuise re pulsar200ns is better dn r15 bcz it gives u a better milage and also better performance……..

  • Ehjaz

    YAMAHA FAMALY Rokzzzzz…

  • gash

    Dont compare these two vehicles….. r15 is a track tool n has good reliability n performance … but pulsar is a good sports bike in visual term not in performance ….. quality n reliability issues …. after all it vibrates throughout the bike at 60 itself

  • gash

    for example my frd got a pulsar 150 last year .. he spends around 300 rs every month….. he recently changed its piston which was broken…. this is quality of a pulsar… it may win Oly in visual terms….. it doesnt mean tat the vehicle is good if it sells more

  • Rohit

    Yamaha is world class bike an original Racing byk. . Bajaj is cheepo byk only for the Cheepos.. Some cheepos saying pulsar 200 is best but think cheepos R15 is just 150 cc but it can able to compete with 200 and 220 cc of ur cheepo bajaj pulsar shame on you cheepos, Do u realy think tat ur cheepo pulsar 200ns is best means go and compare wth 250 cc ninja or smeother 300 cc class like rgt nw you cmparing 150cc wth 200 and 220 an R15 can compete but wat abt ur cheepo pulsar ns. . TRUE BIKER WIL CHOOSE YAMAHA, CHEEPOS WIL CHOOSE BAJAJ, YAMAHA R15 IS BEST BYK OF ALL TIME

    • Paritosh

      Dude seriously … you are way too green, chill … let me help you
      1. Yamaha is world class bike an original Racing byk – TRUE
      2. Bajaj is cheepo byk only for the Cheepos – PURE FRUSTRATION
      3. Some cheepos saying pulsar 200 is best but think cheepos R15 is just 150 cc but it can able to compete with 200 and 220 cc of ur cheepo bajaj pulsar – KEEP BELIEVING THAT
      5. Do u realy think tat ur cheepo pulsar 200ns is best – NO, CBR250 IS
      6. means go and compare wth 250 cc ninja or smeother 300 cc class – WHY? lol
      7. like rgt nw you cmparing 150cc wth 200 and 220 – OK WE WILL COMPARE WITH UNICORN/ACHIEVER/HUNK/SUZUKI GS etc.
      8. an R15 can compete – EVEN IMPULSE/RTR CAN
      9. but wat abt ur cheepo pulsar ns … PULLING OUT HAIRS (OUT OF FRUSTRATION)
      10. TRUE BIKER WIL CHOOSE YAMAHA – true biker will choose what suits him best .. lol
      11. CHEEPOS WIL CHOOSE BAJAJ – dude get over it, roflmao
      12. YAMAHA R15 IS BEST BYK OF ALL TIME – wow, how come u have to shout it out for others to believe

    • JOHN

      Well said,

      I mean it i true that Yamaha is Very good Brand, But 200NS is simply great and cannot be compared to R15.

      BUT YES 250CBR is the better than 200NS.
      It doesn’t make any sense to get Jealous or frustrated of Pulsar.

  • JOHN

    One thing is for sure there is no comparison between R15 and 200NS.
    200NS is much more better in power , pull and speed.
    the only one plus point in R15 is Handling/Riding Quality. It is for Kids.
    But 250CBR and Duke are much more better than 200NS

  • ranveer

    yaar pulsar is best………………..r15 ki to mene 180 se li hai 200ns se kya hoga uska..or r15 sirf smooth road mangti hai or pulsar to kahi bhi kabhi bhi……..

    • Shwetank Tiwari

      ye sahi h ham kudane k shaukeen h….. kabhi bhi kahi bhi..

  • kani

    well said @ranveer
    pulsar rocks………

  • tallo kani

    im frm arunachal pradesh, the road condition is vry bad, here R15 is not like to ride for this kind of roads .so the pulsar is the best bike for
    arunachal pradesh

  • edmund

    pulsar 200ns is more better than r15 v2, coz wen u drive r15 v2 for long ur hand,,, may start paining ur back bone may ache damn soo much…..but,, in pulsar 200 ns never……and it is more fuel….saver……

  • Edmund

    i salute my middle finger to r15 v2 for my back bone started…………… damn/………….

  • prasanth kb

    @zeeshan-first of all let me remind you that r15v2 is a complete sports bike and not a tourer…200ns is a naked bike with an upright sitting position which is reckoned for my point is, p200 is a naked tourer bike in which we can comfortably roll for this so called 700-800kms..clear??

    • Paritosh

      thanks for clearing that out ,,, I was googling if R15 is good for touring or so with that kind of sitting position

  • Vicky

    Pulsar Won,t able to Smell R15 Exhaust…. baaki ki toh baat na he ki jaaye toh he aacha…. !!!!!

    • Paritosh

      you win … lol

  • vikram Rathore

    Hi All, thanks for all your comments reviews, at last decided to buy Pulsar 200 NS

  • Abhilash

    I was planning to buy a bike that has power ,speed and control and good in braking and the best thing is looks I have been driving pulsar for the past one year and wat I realised is that it is very very risky to make this bike to an hault because the tyre gets skid everytym not even at high speeds but even at lower speeds the rear tyre skids so finally now I have the r15 2.0 and I am very happy to say that this was the machine I was waiting for good in braking excellent handling and extremely good in looks and make heads turns and guys believe me no one wants a bike with high power and high speed which cant be controlled or stopped so finally I say yes yamaha…..

    • Pulsar 150

      I road my friends R15 v1 its a amazing machine stops very quick and obey our just like that. I accept that.

      But don’t make false statement.

      If you don’t know how to stop, don’t blame the bike. I own a Pulsar 150 for past 3 year. It never ever skid for me until I want to even at high speeds. My foot peg touched the roads many time and got to line. It handle like that.

  • Asif Parvez

    First. Most answers you will get to a question like this will be based more on brand loyalty than actual facts. A person will almost always recommend the same brand that they ride. To recommend anything else would be somehow admitting that they made a poor choice when they bought their bike. Therefore, these answers are not very useful.

    When it comes down to it, all of the name brands will be comparable in quality, performance and mileage. If brand X were really better than Y, everyone would buy brand X. Nobody would buy brand Y. Brand Y would be forced to stop making motorcycles that no one would buy. So if either of these choices are crap, the company would have been forced to stop making them long ago.

    Don’t be so lazy. Get up and walk away from the computer. Leave your home.

    Stay with the name brands that are sold and serviced in your area. The ability to have your bike serviced later on is just as important as the features on the bike. It sucks to buy a bike and have some simple widget fail that has no replacement.

    Go to the dealers that actually sell the models that interest you. Sit on them. Sit on them long enough to see is they are comfortable. See if you like the locations of all of the controls. Ask the sales person all of your questions. If they are a decent sales person, they should be very knowledgeable about the products they sell.

    Now take the models that really interest you out for a test ride. The seat of your pants will tell you much more about the bike than any random stranger on the Internet can tell you.

    Keep notes about your observations on each bike you ride. Dealer name, dealer telephone number, Make, model, salesman’s name, engine size, price, comfort, opinions about the test ride.

    After you have ridden at least a few bikes compare your notes and just pick one.

    You will be the person riding this bike
    You will be the person maintaining this bike
    You will be the person paying for this bike
    You are the only person who needs to like this bike

    Why are you letting random strangers on the Internet choose your bike for you?

    Pick the bike that YOU like best.

  • kk

    r15 sucks a big time… a waste bike with so much price tag.. pulsaqr 200ns is far better in performance…. r15 cannot even catch the smoke of p200ns… the pick up, power speed is far better than r15… more over r15 has only 17ps of power wer 200ns has 23.5bhp… so, its clear that r15 cannot even b compared to pulsar as pulsar’s performance is far far better and is of 250cc bikes segment.. so r15.. jus a waste machine with toy like fairing… real men choose the beast (200ns)

  • Drevolt

    i still dnt understand, why ppl always behaves like illiterate ppls!!
    its like comparing duke 999 with any 600-800 full faired sport bike!!
    both are created for diffent tasks!! n morever its clearly writtn above dat both r diffrnt in evry field!!
    if u really want power n performance, go for evn higher bikes instead of quarreling like cats n dogs !!
    some guys still says dat pulsar is d fastest indian, stop living in d past dudes!!
    indian made big B’s like duke, ninjas n cbr’s r are out there in the roads!!
    n btw pulsar removed d fastest indian “F” tag from its fairing immediately after d arrieval of ninja 250r!!

  • Richdad

    I have a pulsar 200ns now and as quoted by many other it is one hell of a performer, but just change your tyres before churning performance out of the bike since the tyre are good but for going at 100 kmph+ they are not good enough and pray to god that there is no water on street at that speed or its game over.

    I was doing 115 kmph at Yamuna express highway and i had slight wobbling on my ns, I was driving in perfectly dry condition. No wet roads, and no it was not engine vibration or anything. The engine is just superb and the frame as well. It is tyre which is at fault. I am going change it before going 70 kmph +. I would recommend everyone having ns to do so. Its a performance bike and the stock tyres are downright risky given the superb condition of our Indian roads.

  • Abhishek Joshi

    What about comfort on both bikes? Back pain on R15, in traffic? I drive around 45 km daily. Which is good. No budget constraints. Please let me know

  • Dastan

    my girl friend says duke is the worst looking bike she has ever seen . I will never buy that even though i know that its the best 200 cc bike in india .My girl friend is very happy with the looks of The R15

  • raju

    plz tell me which one is best? which one is maintainence free ?
    am riding daily 92km so tell me which one is best
    plz waiting for ur reply

    • Santhosh

      If you a want maintenance free bike, then go to any honda engine (hero or honda)
      If you want economical bike, then bajaj is yours
      take test rides & decide :)

    • raju

      friends finally i have purchase the pulsar200ns yellow. if when i want to ride for heavy speed it occurs any tapper noise? or when i have to drag the yamaha r15 by pulsar200ns it may occur damage or noise from the engine. plz tell me becoz i have riding my bike just 50km speed only. Tell me pulsar 200ns occurs any noise while driving speed

  • Ajay K

    Raju,if you need a no maintenance bike buy any bike from hero Honda.and if you wasn’t the best of all…close your eyes and buy anybike from royal Enfield and ride it for next 50 years.and I can bet neither Bajaj nor Yamaha would able to survive that hassle bike.

    • Santhosh

      What a suggestion !!!!!!!!!!
      Is enfield is a maintenance free byk?
      & is it suitable for Raju, who rides 90+ Kms
      the joke of the year :)

    • pulsar maniac

      guys stop blundering that p200ns breaking a poor…….even older pulsars were famous for their breaking!!!!!!!!!!!….nd the p200ns , on top of it has petal disc …., n from ma experience i am dead sure that the breakes are even beter……n yamaha r15 v2.0 seriously sucks to the core!!! nd dnt speak up blunders that p200 ns has a poor good handling…nd ur saying abt duke…p200ns n the duke 200 shares the same engine base n the nly thing is that p200ns is a bit more heavier…nd the next thing to be heard carefully……pulsars and the duke 200 are fully manufactured in the same factory in pune and majority of da parts are made by bajaj itself!!!!!!!!!! time to rethink!!! lolzzzzz……..

  • Brainy huidrom

    Wat is there to argue i hav pulsar 200 dtsi but soon m going to improved dat to p200 ns so if u wana shw dat yamaha v2 is worthy prove it to me on da road m ready anytime anywhere untill then put ur v2 where ur mouth iz!

  • Yogi

    Hello friends,

    I dont think there R15 and ns200 are debatable here. Both bikes are used for different perfomance types. I own a R15 and pretty soon i will add 2 more bikes to my collection :D one is NS200 and a cruise bike.

    Both R15 and NS200 are good at their performance type. If ppl are thinking of riding for long duration both Bikes are worst for sitting position.

  • asdf

    With the experience of rid,ing pulsar 200NS for 3 months i will tell u some important facts i noticed.

    Duke is better in sudden pick up compared to NS because of its less weight.

    Dont buy NS if ur below 178 cm height.
    even cluth play wil become tough if u have small fingers.

    rear tyre skids more for pulsar200NS. but breaking is good. rider can control the bike easily even if tyre skids(tyres are big enuf).

    gear shifting has some problems(slips) if we didnt shift as specified on manual.

  • shailesh

    In my point of view r15 is better than 200ns ,coz anyone can drive very fast that’s not the matter the matter is how to u handle in a sudden moment if u driving very fast but u can’t stop ur bikes so next what’s happenend with u better understand to me r15 has better handling capacity than others & it’s breaking power capacity is far better than 200ns so make ur coice

  • Syed Humza

    Watching all the comments above,I find just one thing. Pulsar fanboys are comparing 200cc bikes and 220cc bikes with R15,which is a 150cc bike.There is no 150cc bike better than R15 2.0,not even pulsar 150,not even Apache.
    If you really are that smart then you’ll compare your pulsar 200 with Duke 200.
    What I find funny is pulsar fanboys like to compare p220 with R15 (difference of 70cc)
    so obviously they win.Tell them to compare p220 with Kawasaki ninja 250 or Honda CbR250R,they say that difference of 30cc is there. Sad noobs.You are not riders.You are wannabes.Pathetic amateurs.Throught comments I see all pulsar fanboys are illiterate uneducated ruffians .Sad.pulsar managed to fool you by saying pulsar is the Indian bike .In this neck to neck competition companies manipulate people like you to mindlessly defend their bikes so thy more people buy idiotic pulsars.Pulsar has the worst maintenance .Worst after purchase services.Don’t be fooled.Go to the showroom,test ride instead of listening to Pulsar fanboys speak.Pulsar is good,but not great.Honda and Yamaha are the pros.
    It’s very simple :
    R15 is the best 150cc bike.
    Ninja is the best 250cc bike.

    Pulsar fanboys,go to hell.Your pulsars are
    commuters,nit sports bikes.Just because you own a pulsar doesn’t mean it’s the best.
    And to those who may call me a R15 fan ,I own a Pulsar 220cc.

  • Thinker

    hi, Actually Its the money tag that creates the difference. R15 is costly, and speaking of CBR 250 or Ninja, are even costlier. Pulsar is the only brand that gives 200cc at such an affordable price. It is the fastest Indian within this price range. If u have money u can always go for the CBR or Ninja. For any bike, maintenance cost is there, but the thing is for pulsar, even that is less whereas if u see for R15, its always more. So, a bike that gives good sporty performance with less charges and cheaper price tag, its always gonna be pulsar.

  • aaryan

    yamaha r15 v2 is all time best bike ever which is compared with most of all bikes in india its a example of great technology which gives competition from pulsar 150 to pulsar 220

  • Ashish ansh

    come on guyz u r comparing wid yamaha r15 wid pulsur 200 ns ..
    itz bullshit ..
    d comfort style nd balance u got from r15 iz unmatchable ..
    yes yamaha …

  • Ashish ansh

    yes yamaha

    • Surya

      No yes yamgha. Say dhak dhak go or jet set go.

  • Manu

    I support syedhamza in his opinion about pulsar fans.pulsar is value for money thats all that cant be compared with r15 which is a allrounder in terms of quality.pulsar sucks in quality and in handling also i own a pulsar 220f when i took a drag race with a r15 i smoked it in a stright road if there is corners iam saying frankly i cant able to see rl5 pulsars are good in performance but no way to compare in handling where bajaj is just a baby among others dont be fooled go for r15

    • Surya

      No yes yamgha. Say dhak dhak go or jet set go.

  • Sourav

    Evrryone wanna great look+performance..
    So do not make any decision by just reading comments use n compare both n I have done it n finally 200 ns look n performance are not comparable with Ri5 so just go for best that is 200 ns…

    • BUMBA

      good decision

  • vinoth

    200ns is realy rockzzz………..

  • Bablu

    Hii guys..Ride with R15 for a long time will cause SPONDYLITIES.

  • arju

    pulsar is really fast but it has complaints…….the yamaha engine is proven we dont hav to even look into that area for years…but pulsar gets creaky sounds , change of parts and even an engine job…..

    if u look only into racing performance u can choose pulsar 200 ns or else for domestic and smooth usage u can go for yamaha r15………

  • debraj

    blady kk, u knw nothing about r15, Its japanese bike an pusar 200 its indian bike..bajaj is duplacating the yamaha fz style..r15 is just 149.9cc an its has defeated pulsar220dtsi Fi..hw shame, can u beleive 150cc defeated its clear in technology bajaj cnt defeat yamaha… U kk see in motogp yamaha,honda,ducati,suzuki all are there where is dnt challenge with japanese bike even america cant defeat..

  • Surya

    Dont compare indian bikes with japanese or american bikes, we all know they are better and superior than us. Even The old fazer model was better than any indian bikes. Enticer was the best cruiser bike in india, i dont know why yamaha stopped its production. My old splendor can easly reach 100kmph and no 100cc bike can reach that speed except yamaha and suzuki. Hero and yamaha are the best bike maker in india. I dont know how you become fan of a indian bike? Suzuki, yamaha and hero is the best. Others should go and manufacture bicycle.

  • Raunak

    I an confused between R15 V2.0,Pulsar 200 NS and The CBR 150.I want a maintaince free bike with good quality parts.Please reply soon

  • Daud Pritam

    see… all features Of 200NS… its amazing & its mileage & all features are gOod v.V.gOod… 200NS braking technology… is pOwerful & very… gOod… & pOwer Of 200NS is amazing… bhai lOog R15 aur 200NS kOo cOmpare krOo harr cheej dekkh K… 200NS bOohOot aage hai…

  • Romayne Romeo Ahmed

    see brothers… doesnt depend on the speed of bikes it depends on the way da rider handles it……if the riders gud hel win a 200ns and r15 with a scooty also… dnt c the bike just rip the roads with any machine between your legs

  • sahil

    Bajaj Pulsar 200 ns is a very very good looking bike .I Have purchase a new pulsar 200ns itz top speed is 165km/h. it a most beautiful and comfortable bike.
    comparision of yamaha R15 & Honda Cbr & Pulsar ns . The Pulsar ns is a more heavy performance in all this 3 bikes.if u look into racing performance u can choose pulsar 200 ns or else for domestic and smooth usage u can go for yamaha r15.
    All over My Friends while u purchase a heavy and good looking bike so please u choose the bajaj pulsar 200ns.

  • sam

    pulsar is good for stunt and racing and u can get both in a single machine in a cheaper rate why you should buy r152.0 ,r15 only have good fairings u can only impress girls through r15 but ur self satisfaction pulsar 200ns is good because boys only purchase bike for good pickup ,speed, stunts,:)

  • Biraz

    My pulsar 200 DTSI rocks !!!

  • Prasenjit

    today i tried both d bykes nd belive me frnds ns is way beter nd cheap comfrt on ride nd gives u all proud indian byke so i bought ns today d acceleration is way to betr than r15….! bykng is nt jst about style frnds its also about how comfortable u r while u are rydng ur beauty….!

  • Raj

    after reading all coments..
    1.if u r comparing r15 ‘s perfomance with 200NS then compare theNS with cbr250..same cc diffrence…50-50.thn we will knw hw good NS iz…lolz
    2.r15 ‘s handling,breakng,style is farrrrrrrr way bttr thn pulsur 200ns…..ur gf will love the r15 or cbr150..nt da hell ns…
    3.agree with sme cmnts…pulsur iz a doodhwala byk…
    4.r15 iz 4rm tell u everythng abt it..nt pulsur lyk a electronics good company…
    cmn pulsur boys…dnt race with da small will got hurt..race with my 300…

  • jasim fahadh

    In 2km drag race 200ns beats r15 in assault 200 claiming to a max speed of 158 kmph where as r15 took a long time to reach 138 kmph..hats off for 200ns..

    • Jasim, those are not real speeds but speedo indicated.

  • kashif

    faisal assalam alekum i m from delhi i have pulsar ns buy on 9 nov 2012 from fair deal my bike is vry nice i luv my bike every body see my bike and say waah bike dekh i m very very happy and very problem front face on me slowly slowly rear disc was very bad sound rear tyre was jam and engine ticking sound and service center cant any work on my bike change oil and wash bike and say done..after few days later a big problem i faced my engine head leaking and right fork leaks oil when i clean my bike i go svc stay my bike in svc for 2 days and solve my problems i happy and again today when start my bike after 3 days my engine very badly noise ticking tapped sound i go svc engineers say u rash driving on bike i swaey..i dnt above 100kmph in delhi congested roads so i sale my bike on exchange scheme u dnt believe whts the price on my bike for exchange 60k in bajaj showroom and honda are same but yamaha says 70k final my bike in showroom condition what i do faisal i purchase new bike which bikes are gud for me i like r15 v2, duke 200 or 390 , cbr 250..plz suggest me which suitable bikes for delhi roads moneys no matter with me but bikes company svc are gud and last i say bajaj is fraud cheap company dnt buy the bajaj bikes

    • Kashif, WAKS. I would suggest the Duke but if you feel service is bad, then best to get a safe bet like Honda CBR250R.

  • kashif

    faisal my ns engine is some times knocking sound & after the heat of engine i go in svc engineers say this sound is when engine oil is hot then after hot engine oil is thin svc use the cheapest oil bajaj dts i smthng i dnt trust on bajaj lubricants what i do for stop engine knocking…plz..suggest me..

  • shiv

    DONT KNW . whichh is best .. a frnds of mine hving new R15 and im hving 200NS. we decied to take a race in full traffic road hving lots of turns n ol. At last i won he cant even touched me in full race. 200NS hv a incredible power pickup is awesome. really a street bike. except CBR250R it wil beat any other bike of his class. even his mate P220.

  • sohail

    I buyed a pulsar 200 ns and i was awsome was very much better then yamaha r15 v.2 and pulsar has 200cc engine as compare to yamaha r15 v.2 has150cc.and pulsar 200 ns has 24rmp which you never see in anyother bike except cbr250 and pulsar200ns milage is 48kmpl which r15v.2 gives 30-35 and yamaha r15 v.2 has very bad suspension as compare to pulsar 200ns.i am not telling that i had buyed pulsar 200ns so you also has to take it its yours choice.but pulsar200ns is best as compare to yamaha

  • Manoj

    Plz Frnd’s help me out i am confused about pulsar 220F and pulsar 200ns……. which is the best bike……….

    • Reeto

      Go for the 220F. Many problems are being reported by NS owners. Rusting, Paint peeling off, Vibrations, Stiff suspension, electrical issues, starting problems to name a few.

  • sam

    shut up idiots naked sport 200 ns is best
    as compare to r15 v2 rate is high and ns best fuel efficiency speed than r15v2
    as compare to duke ns has best fuel efficiency but duke is a quiet quicker than ns200
    ns 200 below 100000 , r15v2 is 125000 , duke 200 is 130000
    so ns 200 is best

  • jawad

    pulsar ns200 is the best bike i have ever ride but R15 is only good in show off for college boys but it’s nothing compared to pulser ns200 because the pickup is more and in pulsar ns 200 the horsepower is 24and in r 15 the horsepower is only 18 so i really prefer pulsar ns 200 and mostly the whole body of r 15 is fibre or plastic once you crash it somewhere you’ll get only yo bike but the bike will be in 2000 of pieces so if you crash a pulsar it’ll be a hike of a damage but it’s not look like it has been crashed at all atb fixable and in r 15 is only a part of a mask has been cracked then you’ll have to change the whole mass of the bike…. The end moral of the story pulsar ns 200 rocks sss sss

    • NS rocks but R15 is a better bike overall.

    • rohit

      Faisal u said r15 is a better bike overall compared to ns . why? Ns is the most powerfull of the twoo same mileage (little less because of 50 cc). Less price better brake …

    • But the R15 has better ride, handling, quality, technology, reliability.

  • Boby

    DTSi enjines r short lived, now the big kweshion, if its shortlived then why so much of halllaa booowl about the same, as long as enjine is new it ROWKSSSSS. the next big kweshion,the money spend on these bikes make any sense at all. Vibrashion is law of nature ? it will be there as long as their is motion.

  • Pulsarian

    Guys i dont know y every one tell R15 is a better bike…. wake up guys R15 is just 150 cc wit 16.8 bhp..R15 might have been smoked pulsar 180 bcoz the pulsar rider might have been in 60 -70 and no pulsarian will smoke a dirty child r15.Guys jus compare the specifications of pulsar 180 200ns and 200 and 220f with r15 and r15 can never be compared with a monster like pulsar. R15 the child the dirty bike can be easily beaten by a normal electric vehilce(Cycle)…:-D

    Raj-My boy before u comment sum thin jus check ur r15 fans then they compare r 15 to pulsar 200ns which is 50 cc high and 8 bhp ahead…. ha ha ha …..Then u shud compare r15 to access 125 ha ha ha lol :-D

    Surya- Never compare that dirty suzuki and Yamaha (Middle segment bikes) to indian market. Many people have suffered for spares like a beggers. Yamaha stopped enticer due to its worst performance and dirty handling and mileage. Wake up bajaj ruled all the companies….. All other companies are servants to bajaj… lol:-D

    Am not underestimating r15 yes r15 is a very good bike but cant be compared to a monsters like 180 200ns 200 220f.Riding or racing any bike is easy but getting out the best from the monster is a real tuf task. Yamaha is only fit for looks but not for laps….. pulsar always rocks……. Jai ho

  • Sidharth

    I own a pulsar 200 ns. I bought it a week ago. And I must say that it s a joy to ride in it. With such a tremendous power and comfort. Last day I clocked 127kmph in it. And also it’s giving me a fair mileage of 37 to 40 kmpl. 100 % value for money. Loving every bit of it.

  • Suraj

    Guys Yamaha did so well job that you guys are fighting for R15 vs 200 ns comparison..

    Please dont compare both bikes both bikes got different use.
    Pulsars are best selling bikes because it has good durability with bad indian roads..

    Yamaha is not an indian company so they didn’t cared about r15 suspension.. they cared about handling which is far superior then any 150cc bike..

    Remember Pulsars are for Indian roads and Yamaha’s are for college life and fun..

    why you guys care top speed ?.. 120kmph is enough for indians currently…

    Im going for yamaha R15 this diwali because im a +2 student and i got college life ahead so 150cc is enough for me even i go for long rides..

    Im lover of both brands but i say that yamaha done so well by making a bike like R15 that we brothers are fighting for comparison.. why you all ride together and be happy with both bikes..

  • venkatesh

    wt a commentz ya……..but one thing is nice 2 know is yamaha engines has a long life but pulsar is not.

  • prakz

    r15 …just 150 cc but pulshar 200 ns 50 cc higher than r15 ….pulsar boys ….wanna race wit r15aaa….r15 upgraded wit daytona exchaust r15 also changed wit 200cc …..come to race m….mr15 definitely beat the duke 200 and 200 ns……r15 will produce 25 to 35 bhb of pwer…..only 3.5 sec to reach 100km…..if u have a 200 cc bike race wit r15 daytona exchaust…..r15 daytona easily beat the 200 cc bikes…..r15 is king in 150 series…..r15 daytona exchaust is king in 200 series… track r15 daytona will equal to ninja and 390……….finally r15 is a king…..and also a looker……yes yamaha….levs your heart…….pulshar is good bike for cheepos only …….pulshar series will be good in 1 year only….after 1 year its totally waste…….r15 is a killer…nxt king ready to launch…..that king is r25 ….k drs…… no argue at cc differnt ….bye

    • Ur Daddy

      I want to smoke what u r smoking!

  • Shwetank Tiwari

    I have Pulsar 180 2009 model… Now i want a new bike… Please give me suggestion.. I like to overtake with high speed on P180 with lots of roaring… but now i want a smooth machine with better braking… I like to open full throttle on highways… last I want bike for at least 4 years

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