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Yamaha R15 V2 vs Honda CBR150R – Shootout

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Yamaha R15 vs Honda CBR150R

Shootout – Yamaha R15 V2 vs Honda CBR150R

Both the R15 and CBR150R are extremely revv happy machines, ready to attack corners.

Entry-level performance motorcycles are gaining popularity in India. When Yamaha launched the R15 way back in 2008, it created a revolution of sorts. Three years later, the upgraded Version 2.0 of the Yamaha R15 was launched and Honda took notice. The Japanese automaker surprised everyone at the 2012 Auto Expo by unveiling the new Honda CBR150R. Both these machines are very similar yet different. While the Yamaha R15 is priced at Rs. 1.35 lakhs, the Honda CBR150R is priced at Rs. 1.55 lakhs (all prices on-road, Mumbai). Yet it’s difficult to choose either one of them.

Styling – The new Yamaha YZF-R15 V2.0 is an absolute cracker when it comes to design, with the R6 inspired tail section and the new ‘shelves’ in the front fairing, making it look fresh and energetic. While the Honda CBR150R looks conservative and the design is inspired by its elder sibling of the family. Every part is smaller than that of its elder sibling. The headlight, stubby exhaust, the smaller tail light and tyres makes it definitely look like a smaller CBR, which makes the bike a head turner too. With its distinct graphics and colors options, it stands out in the crowd. But the beauty pageant award goes to the Yamaha R15.

Honda CBR150R ConsoleYamaha R15 Console

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – Both bikes have an analog tachometer and a digital speedometer but here again the R15 scores with its high quality switch gear and host of features it has to display on its instrument cluster. The switch gear in the CBR150R is massive disappointment because it’s a straight lift from small capacity bikes of the Honda stable and lacks the engine kill switch. The pass light switch looks decades old too. The Honda CBR150R makes do with a temperature gauge and digital clock to display apart from the regular trip-meter and fuel meter. But the CBR150R’s digital console shines with an all around piano black finish and in the night the RPM needle glows very brightly. This grabs the attention of the commuters around you.

Honda CBR150R Yamaha R15 Comparison

Performance – Both the Honda CBR150R and Yamaha R15, come with the 150cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 4-valve engines and this is where the similarities end. While the R15 comes with an SOHC engine, the CBR150R comes with a DOHC unit. This is the sole reason which makes these bikes poles apart. The R15 produces 17 PS of power at 8000 RPM and 15 Nm Of torque at 7500 RPM which you might think is pretty high in the revv range. The CBR150R produces a power of 18 PS at a whooping 10,500 RPM and a low 12.66 Nm of torque at 8500 RPM, which on paper makes the CBR150R slower than the R15 because they weigh almost the same and power comes at very high RPM.

[youtube: 540 375]

But as soon as these bikes get on the road, things change. Once the Honda CBR150R crosses 7000 RPM, it makes all its power and below 6000 RPM it’s as good as dead and the engine is tuned for drive-ability rather than performance in city. But no matter what, the RPM stays around 4000-5000, so you can easily make progress by shifting at around 7000-8000 RPM in city. Tall gearing of the CBR150R makes the engine easily rev to a stratospheric 11,700 RPM redline where it makes all its power and is faster than the R15 to 0-100 km/hr by 1 second, but slower than the R15 when it comes to 0-60 km/hr. The CBR150R reminds one of the VTEC, the technology found in Honda’s cars which no doubt makes it a pick for those fun track days or cornering hard on a winding twisty roads.

The Yamaha R15 is more practical bike to live with, when it comes to drive-ability in city. It has superior low end torque when compared to the Honda CBR150R. The screaming SOHC engine is also a hoot to ride and loves to redline. But it lacks the fun quotient which the CBR150R gives while riding hard. The new V2.0 is tuned to be a much friendly street bike than the older one which was specifically made with track performance in mind. The R15 and CBR150R even have the same top speed but it is the baby CBR which will put a wide grin on your face when you’re riding hard.

Honda CBR150R Yamaha R15 Shootout

Riding Dynamics – Let’s come to brakes first, both have front and rear disc brake setup and both have superb brakes, offering great feedback enabling them to come to a halt exactly where you want them to. It’s because the dimensions, weight and the disc diameter are identical. Ride quality on both motorcycles is good, both bikes dismiss small bumps very easily, but it’s the bigger bumps which make the rider uncomfortable because of the dedicated riding position offered by both these bikes. The riding position on the CBR150R is spot on. It is comfortable for those long trips once you get used to the bike and gives good feedback to the rider too.

But it’s the Yamaha R15 with its aggressive riding position which gives massive feedback to the rider and makes the rider push harder and harder into corners every single time. The V2.0 has had lot of changes when it comes to dynamics. The weight distribution has been changed with more weight on the front, extra long wheelbase thanks to the aluminum swing arm and the fatter front and the rear tyre. All this has made the bike more stable around the corners than before but it takes a bit more effort than before to turn because of the 55 mm increase in wheelbase. It’s no slouch but it doesn’t feel agile in changing directions like the previous version.

The Honda CBR150R though has 1305 mm wheelbase and with a fairly dedicated position and twin tube diamond frame chassis handles beautifully, front suspension has a bit more travel then we expected. However, it’s still fun to chuck into corners and is easy when coming out of the corner at high speeds because of the top end power it generates with utmost ease, a true CBR characteristic. But it’s the tyres which are a complete let down, switching to soft compound tyres of the same dimensions will generate more confidence in the rider. Both bikes should check the rear suspension as the factory settings come on extremely softer side.

R15 vs CBR150R Review

Verdict – If you enjoy riding, want the practical pillion seat and if budget permits, then go for the Honda CBR150R. But, if you would be riding solo most of the time and you have a tight budget and still want a stylish motorcycle with high quality levels and low end torque for your daily commute, then go for the Yamaha R15. After all, these bikes are very similar when it comes to measuring performance and dynamics but what you need to choose is which of these bikes characteristic suit your needs.

If you are looking for a high revving motorcycle with sharp handling and surefooted brakes, both the Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR150R will please you to a great extent.

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  • imtiyaz bloody

    no bikes can beat r15 which is in 150cc… honda hv to accept its lose…

    • NIGAM

      I want to buy a bike
      R15 or cbr 150 n 250
      Or wait for launch of yamaha r4
      Myheight is 5’9” n weight 65kg…
      I want a amazing pickup n sporty design

    • Nigam, get the Duke 200 or 390.

    • NIGAM

      Hello faisal………….
      I want a fully faired bike not a naked sports
      And my option is r15 or cbr 150 which I mentioned

    • Nigam, R15 a better bike overall but CBR150R more comfortable and practical.

    • sean

      Bro….which bike is fun to ride and which best in braking and cornering?

    • sean

      Faisal….. I know about the performance but i am worrying about the swingarm….coz r15 v2 has different swingarm compared to honda cbr 150 ….and watz the uses of r15 v2 swingarm and watz the difference between both…..plz help me get a better one….bro

    • Please read the review, your question is answered there.

  • Grahamphone

    true…cbr is a flop from honda and is unable to create those what a R15 does. R15 is a very stylish…looks like mini superbike and fun riding machine. worst part of cbr is its styling …

    • crazywheels

      cant say CBR is a flop. The elder brother CBR 250 R already eaten a lot of Kawa. Ninja’s sales in the world market.Also R15’s sales declined a lot due to the competition from CBR and Duke.
      Duke is simply a great one that fits into the pocket. But the problem is Duke and R15 offers a stiffer suspension system that gives the rider backpain after driving a little while. R15 is better than Duke in all terms.

    • tuna

      Bro actually it depends upon the person character and actually honda cbr achieved many awards compared to r15…..:p

  • Rakshith

    Cbr 150r best than r15 r15 sucks

    • crazywheels

      Thats true . The suspension of R15 is stiffer and the riding position is not suitable for long distance journey. Whereas CBR ‘s suspension works well in potholes and it is a kind of tourer segment bike which gave me pleasure on Long journey.
      R 15 rocks in style, But CBR is ahead of it in technology basis.

  • Ben

    Even though cbr wins in 0-100 sprint, it will be only for a short period of time. The rpm consuming engine needs extensive cooling system inorder to maintain balance. Any small defeat will decrease the performance to a great level. R15 outperforms cbr in almost all aspects except straightline acceleration that too only because of the dohc unit in cbr. So except for this cause it is a waste to invest another 20k in cbr. Everyone here knows about the service offered to its 250cc variant by honda. Then think how will they handle this dohc unit which requires extensive service.

  • Agnal

    I have rode both r15 v2 and cbr150 both in highways and city.i have to say that r15 sucks wen its loaded up with a pillion case of cbr gear had to changed frequently but had less strain.and i loved rideability and refinity of honda.i cant say its a flop in city.
    In highway long runs r15 is fun when the road is empty.cbr gives more easiness than r15 in corners.but the primitive switch clusters are the most worst part of it.fuel efficiency was almost equal for both wen ridden under 60 thing u all missed to notice is the strength of shield.its hard in cbr than r15.and i loved driving on cbr than r15.

    • raj

      firs learn to ride bike

    • raj


  • yuvanathan

    honda rocking but price is high.soooo….. yamaha rockzzzzzzzz

  • vamsi kattula

    if u we are comparing the CBR 150R performance…my vote is for…….. YAMAHA R15 is the best…


  • Ashwin

    Prics given are wrong
    Cbr-1.35 on road
    R15-1.22 on road

    • Ashwin, prices are right. There have been quite a few price hikes since launch and we are quoting on-road Mumbai figures here.

  • Arjun

    The stiffer suspension in the r15 increases road grip as the tyre hugs d road while cornering at high speeds…but both are brilliant machines

  • ATUL

    *****CBR IS THE BEST******

    • jeet


    • Raj

      Ha ha..check the specs and drag runs dude, CBR 150 has disappointing acceleration till 100kmph and the Yammie Beast has mad acceleration. In the BSMOTORING Shootout Honda does 85 kmph when the R15 was doing 104 kmph.

    • MOhiT GuPtA

      atul r right cbr izz bztt in ride an racing where r15 izz not godd and thizz time r15 izzz common bike where cbr izz rockinggg east west cbr 150r izz bztttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • akash

      most of the people who buy cbr and r15 are not racers they are common man they expect joyful ride with comfort so..cbr is the one with comfort.

  • golu

    Both are Nice . . . .
    Little price difference is not a big deal.
    Anyway cbr could be cheaper than R15.

  • golu


    If you like something, its OK. But that doesn’t mean that you humiliate others…..


    Planned to buy R15 V2 next month. Is it a rights choice..? vying for more power (Like CBR 250 or Duke 200) and confused if this is right choice for drive mostly in city conditions (Mumbai)… pl suggest. Feedback from bike owners would be more appreciated…

    Thanks in anticipation!

  • Which bike is best of the three?
    Honda cbr 150r
    Ktm Duke 200
    Yamaha r15 version 2
    Guys plzz help me

    • Aniket, KTM Duke 200.

    • GIMSON

      CBR 150 R

    • Jeet Dutta

      suck my girl friends boobs n my cock dats the rit choise u asshole….

    • AirTelTataRelianceVodafone

      where and when?

    • MOhiT GuPtA

      honda cbr 150r izz bztt truzt me frend

    • RAJESH

      YAMAHA R15 is good

  • Thanks fas 4 helping me.

  • Madhusudan

    which bike is bettr wen it comes to mileage n performace on daily basis in a city…?
    cbr 150r or d r15 v2 ….
    plz reply asap… ty

    • jeeva

      r15 v2 is the best::::::::: in the world:::::::: i love it:::::::

    • Dibakar

      hey..i have both r15 v2 and cbr150r….for your daily use go for cbr…in r15 u wud hv wrst pain then backbone joint pain…cbr is sooooo mch redifning in its design as well as its tchnolgy…milge is dpnding upon ur riding city u cant race so go for cbr..

  • Rohit

    ☆ R15 ☆ AS BEST OPTION..
    ☆☆☆ R15 THE BEST ☆☆☆

    • jeeva

      R15 V2 IS THE BEST I LOVE IT:::::::::::::

  • sunjoy

    plz suggest me which bike from honda cbr 150r and yamaha r15 is better to buy for family?

  • Prateek


    • PJ

      You’re a liar u doesn’t own a Honda cbr cause cause u dont even know to spell HONDA u idiot

  • srinath

    Cbr’s sheild is stronger than r15…. And I have seen my frnd’s r15 which shattered into pieces when he had an accident head to head with my frnd’s cbr 150r..!!!! r15’s doom was tottaly crushed…!!! But cbr 150’s body and doom was having just a minor scratchs and minute cracks than my frnd’s r15 v2…. But the headlights of both the bikes were broken… But cbr 150r had very less damage than r15…..!!!!!! FOR SAFETY, IT’S ABSOLUTELY CBR 150R….

    • jeet


  • sudharsan

    Yeah u r true..cbr is far more better than r15 in terms of excitement in riding and suspension and quality of the doom, body and its reliability in long rides… I assure every one that cbr 150r’s body is STRONGER THAN r15’s body…
    cbr 150r is WORTHY..!!!

    • jeslin

      @sudharsan r yu from chennai jeppiaar engg col ????

  • Akshay

    I think that yamaha r15 V2.0 is best of all and honda cbr 150 is boring bike i had ever seen..

  • madhav

    i wont 2 buy a bike nearly in 2 months got confused between cbr 150, R15 v2 , fzs and pulsar ns200 as my height is 5.8 and i m not healty at all need 2 know which bike will suit me… ?

    • prasanth

      if u have deep pockets go 4 cbr 250r otherwise stick with r15

    • Anil

      ” HIGH PICK UP” ki Baat hOo.. TOo… Which Bike is BETTER..????

  • Cbr 150r and r15 v2 which gives good milege performence and handling plz help

  • Akash

    Go for splendor pro with self start . . . . . He he he he

  • Surya

    Both bikes cannot beat my legendary karizma zmr. Hero no.1 bike company is the best.

  • ance

    Can … any one help me……plz
    Am very confused now…
    now am aim to buy a bike ….
    there is 2 choice for me :r15 and cbr 150rr
    Which one is god
    i want to look after milage and speed
    also i want the bike use for 3 yrs,,, cntsly
    which one i can grab
    or do i want to wait some more for future models….????????????

    • Vishnu….

      u just wait dUde….caZ upcoming bikes r awesomE…:)

  • Ganesh

    Guys am planning to buy new bike in 2 months my height is 6 feet
    1 CBR 250
    2 CBR 150
    3 R15 v 2.0
    Plz help guys

    • Vishnu bhakt

      Hi Ganesh,

      Looking at your height,I think CBR 250 will be the best option.Also remember,there is no replacement for displacement :-)

  • Nikhil

    Hi Guys,
    Its been an year long research for owning a darling. However, I am confused between,
    (i) Honda CBR 150R
    (ii) Yamaha R15 V2.0
    (iii) Bajaj P200 NS.
    I have taken test ride of all the bikes and amazed by all three. However, since I’m 5`3“ i cant get hold of 200 NS and it is also a bulky. I am more confused between the first two. Yamaha no cons yet (only that it is common now), however in honda – no engine kill, no pass switch and cheaper footpegs (wat a shit they have provided) a complete let down to me. Also wrong approach by honda guys @ahmedabad, they told me 250 cc variant is 1,86,000 on road. However on inquiring the same they told me its 1,70,000. How can I bank upon them for service as well. I loved the revving however. I will be doing commuting of around 12 km per day and occassional highway bursts.
    Is there any other new bikes coming from these manufacturers in one month or so. Please help me out. Also tell me how to choose helmet and racing gears and kits.

    • Nikhil, get the CBR250R if your budget permits.

  • febin

    I’am planning to buy a bike
    heard a news that yamaha is going to launch r125 in india is it correct????

    • Febin, no Yamaha is not launching R125 in India.

    • SARATH

      Faisal, why is Yamaha not launching R125 in india?

    • Because it’s too expensive for India.

  • Baljinder Singh

    yamaha still not decided to launch r125 India…….

  • gunjan

    pls..suggest me which bike cbr or r15 is better in look.??!!!

  • Anthony nirmal

    Both are Superbly Designed But r15 suits only for Solo riderz coz pillion cant manage sittting for a long ride…
    Cbr is good even for pillion and a family bike 2…… it depends on persons…. But Both are good…

  • Amjath rahman

    I wanted 2 buy CBR250R so badly..but my parents say they really cant afford 2 buy a bike at that price.. So changed my decision 2 Yamaha R15. But now it seems(i don kno d truth) ,even though there are bikes in the showrooms.. the problem is that it is not allowed 2 b registered here in kerala.. So is the CBR150R a good option.?

    • Amjath, yes CBR150R a good option but why is there registration issues in Kerala?

    • Amjath Rahman

      I don kno that clearly actualy. Wnt 2 showroom nearby..the people there told abt the registration issues.. The police people doesnt allow R15 as a 2-seater and says that the bike doesnt suit the kerala roads. :-/ . They say that the height of the pillion seat is too high..and also there hav b3n instances where the rear part of the bike hav broken off .

    • Amjath and what are Yamaha dealers in Kerala saying?

    • Amjath Rahman

      Yeah..there are bikes 4 sale..but even if we can buy the bikes ,they are not b3n registered! :-/

    • Amjath, can you register it else where?

    • Amjath

      Hav 2 check on that.!

  • Amjath Rahman

    And also does the CBR250R pillion good 4 a woman(takin d cse f ma mom nd ma sis)?

    • Yes Amjath, CBR250R is a good bike for pillion.

  • dpk saini 1111

    i got cbr 150 r new in green colour beleive me
    it looks much greater to kwasaki ninja in green

    i love my bike bcs it looks way much ahead then ninja
    quality of honda is superb
    for years u can drive it with love

    supa hot bike cbr 150 only green n black colour

    check out in show room
    rocking looks

    • DPK, what mileage are you extracting?

    • Neil

      You are comparing a something which shouldnt be compared at the very first place. Its like comparing a duck with a swan. Those are two different colour shades mind you!!!

  • Arnold

    I’m very confused between Karizma ZMR , R15 , CBR 150r
    which bike should good for city
    nd can u give me d info abt d milage of these bikes..?

    • Arnold, get the R15. Mileage is giving in respective reviews, search in top right for the same.

  • Divaakar

    Man,zmr **cks

  • Ashwin

    My baby ceeber’s engine got shut off mysteriously at 105 kmph and the CBR specialist at the Honda service centre couldnt explain to me why. Anyone knows any reasons that why a PGMFI engine should experience this?

    • Ashwin, no idea, probably error with the ECU.

  • Amjath Rahman

    Helo Faisal bhai..itz me again.. Checked with the main yamaha dealer in kochi.. And thankfully it is being registered as a 1-seater.! And thats fine with me.! Going to book my first bike this weekend! :D so happy.!

    The yamaha R15 is better right when compared with the CBR150R.?

    • Amjath, yes the R15 is a good choice.

    • Amjath Rahman

      Is Yamaha launching any 200cc bike this april.??

    • Dwarak

      Yamaha R4 or Yamah YZF-R250 not sure, is prone to be launched in the first part of 2014. Yamaha Indonesia has confirmed the Bike is 90% completed and has better looks and performance than NINJA 300 and CBR250.

  • Bal

    can u tell me about accelration about R15 v2 0-60 and 0-100

  • reena

    fuck u

    • AirTelTataRelianceVodafone

      you’re welcome.

  • Sandeep

    Dekho bhai jiskai paas CBR 150 hai usko CBR badia lagti hai or jiskai paas R15 hai usko R15 pasand hai dikhnay mai R15 badia hai or perfirmance mai mughe pata nhi kyuki mere paas R15 v2 limited eddition hai or bhai mughe to apni r15 pasand hai CBR bhi badia hai pur itni khaas nhi hai so its means (R15) ROKSSSSSSSSSS

  • pavan kaluve

    cbr 150R worst bike to ride when compared to r15

  • Raj

    hey.. guyz plz help me out.. m vry confused.. wid the R15 nd CBR 150R.. plz plz guyz help me out.. sme of my frnd say tht “u buy CBR coz it has long life engine” nd other says “dont buy R15 coz the frst time it will accident or if u continously ride thn it will effect on engine nd in 1 year the bike will look bad”.. plz plz guyz gve me suggestn.. !!

    • Jason

      India Yamaha Motor and HMSI are both Japanese Subsidiaries of Yamaha Motor Japan & Honda Motor Japan. They both are built to perfect for long time use. Honda has Better Usability for its comfortable riding position and pillion seat setup where the Yamaha sports an aggressive seating setup(Maximum Load Transfer to the Front). Regarding performance , the Top end Performance is almost equal in both the bikes but bottom end or 0-80kmph performance is not Good in Honda CBR 150R. So the Yamaha has Best performance comparing both bikes. Coming to Built in Quality Honda again loses to Yamaha for borrowing switch sets from Honda Stunner and absence of Engine kill switch. The Yamaha’s Sticky compund offers better Grip Than Honda. ok now for God Sake why is the Honda 9k costlier?? not good on Honda’s side with competitions from KTM and the Upcoming Suzuki.

  • Rahul Kumar

    Hello Mr.Faisal, my hearty congratulations for you and your team for completing 5 successful years and i wish you all the success for coming years. I have a question, will the CBR 150R run smoothly on normal 85 octane fuel or should be used with high octane fuel ? am asking this becoz the engine is oversquare setup and has very high compression ratio & i doubt 85 octane fuel will not be suitable for it. and i am planning to buy this Bike…..

    • Thanks Rahul, CBR will run fine on even 85 octane though higher octane is better for performance.

    • Rahul Kumar

      Thanks for clearing my doubt Mr.Faisal……….

  • Shaunak shaha

    I prefer cbr150r cuz ive driven both on highways u wnt a long ride u need honda cuz d position of roder on r15 is d wprst….! Man it *uckz..! I shud sae if nybody is 2 buy 150 cc plz go 4 cbr150r…itz d best guyz

  • prabhu

    is there any launching plan of cbr125r in india????
    if so when thy gonna launch

    • barath

      no… they have no plans for India.

  • barath

    The best bike .. in 150 cc segment.. CBR 150R….!!!
    *high stability
    *superb handling than R15…
    *high comfort
    *overall nice performance bike..
    I ve ridden both bikes.. i feel CBR 150R much much better than r15 n terms of… performance.. handling..comfort..riding ..and all……….. the only thing it might lag is styling.. tht too not so less. . .
    SUGGEST U FOR CBR150R….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    those who buy wont regret it.. :):):):)

  • sarath

    how much weight can carry in the rear seat of Yamaha r15 v2.0

  • your father

    pulsar 220dts-i is best over r15 and cbr with good price

  • Hlimpuia

    I like Cbr…

  • sazid

    cbr is best


    Damn, R15 V2.0 is for youngsters and sportsbike enthusiasts, CBR 150r is not a freaking sportbike, its a tourer, tourer=boring, just google it and check out the CBR1000rr, you’ll see that the CBR150 doesn’t look anything at all like the 1000rr, its actually a slimmed down version of the VFR series, just wait when yamaha launches its 250cc bike next year and you’ll see just how good your beloved CBR250R was….just got get yourself a hayabusa or something, nothing sporty about it!!!!!!!

    • Vishwa

      You definitely Rock ! You are suggesting Hoyabusa 4 a person trying 2 buy a R15 or CBR 150R…..U have guts man…njoy

  • Saran

    friends ,
    what is the mileage of cbr 150?
    help me..

  • saran

    i like to ask a question to cbr 150 r users,
    what is the mileage of cbr150r?
    help pls.

    • barath

      gives around 40 kmpl for me… :)

  • shubham

    faisal sir, i am really confused between r15 and cbr 150r i have also read shootout but i am not be able to chose any one.i want a bike with good mileage in city,uniqueness and also more comfortable price doesnt matter and please tell me the average of cbr250 in cities. please suggest bcoz i want to buy within 2 weeks

  • Nimit

    guys cbr 150 is good…..really….i rided all cbr 50 r15 pulsor 200ns n concluded to buy cbr 150 black



  • Bash

    Is cbr 150 hard to handle in opp direction to wind

  • Bash

    Is cbr 150 hard to handle in opp direction to wind at high speeds?

  • ghol

    both bikes are very good in terms of everything..
    normal to have differences in some matters(maybe yamaha>honda or yamaha<honda)..
    just depends in the taste of the user driving style..
    its just like two different cookies with different flavors..

  • pradeep

    R15 is the bike for pure racing dna its performance and stylings are better than cbr in terms of low budget so clearly r15 wins

  • praveen rko

    hi guys !!!! iv d same doubt tat evrybdy n here has ……. gonna take a byk nxt week ………….. but am totally confused ……. my height is 6ft , quite lean guy……. am expecting a byk wich has to b comfortable fr my height nd weight……. can anybdy please suggest me, wich byk will suit me among these 3 accordn 2 my physic……..

    1) 150 r15 v2

    2) 150r cbr

    3) 150 ktm duke ????

    • Praveen, CBR150R is the most comfortable. There is no Duke 150!

  • praveen rko

    oops boss tat is 200duke….. thnku boss…… one mr thing….. some r sayn, to ride r15 v2 is not safe because f d back pain problem……. a lean guy like me will get back pain easily, f i ride r15 ryt ????

  • praveen rko

    cbr 150r , 200ktm duke

    wich one is best according to my physic ????

  • praveen rko

    thnks alot boss ……. whr r dey gonna launch 390ktm duke…….. what vl b price f ktm 390 duke ????

  • praveen rko

    launched ??? in india ??? can yu temme d price f 390ktm duke ????

  • praveen rko

    thnx alot boss………. yur answers were very helpful……… thnx again…….

  • shoaib

    I have a little knowledge about rpm, is it a cause that with low rpm the mileage is better then high rpm or is it a fact that whether the rpm is, high or low the fuel efficiency is always same with the same grade fuel. in contrast of these two which one is step forward. thanks

  • Vishwa

    Faisal/ Mohit Soni …..I come 4m a small town…Bhagalpur in Bihar….visited and saw both R15 and CBR 150….My height is 5 feet 7 and a half inch…..Although was not allowed a test ride as hardly 2 R15 and 1 CBR 150 was in the show room….still I tried sitting on both the bikes….Sitting position according to me is more comfortable in CBR 150 R compared to Yamaha R15 in which one has to lean…making one prone to Back Aches…I am 35 years old….overall Dimensions (length*width*Height) of CBR 150 R is more than R15….Pillion seat is I guess highly uncomfortable in R15….It would be a real problem getting two people sit comfortably in R15….unlike CBR 150R in which 2 persona can sit with ease….The claimed mileage of CBR 150 R is better than R15….and I think even the actuals would point out to the same…Fuel Tank of CBR150R IS 13 l compared to 12 l of R15….I would be hardly driving on Expressways…I would be commuting in the city itself for most of the times….R15 has definitely more aggressive looks compared to CBR 150 R …but no way I am going to declare it as better in looks…CBR 150 R has also good looks…I am not into speed racing….I just wanted a Sports Bike or to say it better a good looking Bike…..which is comfortable to ride ….Ground Clearance of CBR 150 R is 190 mm compared to 160 mm of R15….To summarise 1.) Better comfort while Driving 2.) Better overall dimensions 3.) More comfortable sitting position 4 person sitting in the back 4.)Better Mileage and ability to cover more distance with tank full 5.) Better maneuver and riding capability because of higher Ground Clearance…….has led me to believe that CBR 150 R may be a better Bike 4 my needs considering that I would be driving it in a small city ….full of potholes…and uneven roads….am I missing something …or have I made a correct decision considering my personal needs…please suggest

  • akash

    I want to buy sport bike which has good mileage please help me out.

    • Sport bike and mileage don’t go hand in hand.

  • Abrar Khan

    i want a bike that iz fun to ride n gud lookin…my height is 6″2..
    So shud i go for R15 v2 or The CBR 150r?? plz help

  • Ganesh

    Planning to buy a bike…..
    My hight is 5.5
    But i am not too healthy….

    Should i go for cbr 10 or R15…???

  • charan

    Hi guys I am very confused in buying a bike… cbr150 or duke200 or fz which is best and I am very slim to see…my height is 5.8…weight is 55.

  • naresh

    Frnd’s …’m gonna get a bike confused vit same r15 v2 and cbr 150r …all I vant it mileage comparison of these two …and really r15 gives back pain??????bcoz in test drive it vas rockin for 4 kms …but i’m 6 feel so ‘m bit confused n am not gonna drive solo always …suggest me plz …

  • shiv

    heyy guyz m really confused bw r15 n cbr150..wich z better & y?? z r15 riding vry discomfortable??does it give back pain wen riding fr 50 kms at stretch??
    plz help me guys

    • Yes Shiv, R15 the more aggressive machine.

  • shiv

    m 5.9 n my priorities are style,comfort,performance n quality..plz help guyz!!

  • shivam

    somebody told me that in r15 after crossing 9 rpm it starts vibrating does it really make vibrations after crossing 9 rpm???

  • Pradeep

    What to buy r15 or cbr 150 iam a speed freak please suggest

  • santhu

    what ever it may be.but both bike will not run with Diesel

  • Vaibhav

    Hi Guys,
    My height is 5’10” and weight (73kg). Pillion rider comfort is equally important as I am married.
    Which one will be better as a good looking, performance bike for me to mostly ride in Pune and outskirts?
    R15 ,CBR150 or Karizma is decent enough :) ?
    Appreciate your suggestions in advance.

  • Mohammed Azar

    Coming soon on this new year, CBR150R … @azar130 : First Blood

  • amritpreets

    Hi faisel. I am going to buy a r15 v2. Is there any hope of upgrade in engine, Like from r15 v1 -v2. As I like performance …. and are there any new bikes launching in 150cc segment. Am from chandigarh and yamaha r15 cost is 1,14,000 – 1,18,000 (variation of colors). And cbr 150r is costing 1,20,000

  • Manish Das

    my height 5’6″, weight 60 kg. i m confused between two machine, r15 & cbr150r… & which gives better mileage. plzz help me guys, which bike is suitable for mee…?

  • karan

    From where can i install the high quality aftermarket engine kill switch in cbr150r? I am from delhi.

  • anas

    in cbr150 the gear shifting is not can i fix that…?

  • majid

    is cbr 500r available in india ?

  • junaid

    Hi fasal!
    I m a student and need a bike for daily usage, handy mileage, superb styling, pillion doesn’t matter
    Confused between duke 200
    And cbr 150r plz help…:-D

    • Get the R15 since you don’t want to seat a pillion.

    • junaid

      Thanks a lot! :-D and already I mentioned I’m only 16 so I’m a beginner.
      Is R15 a good choice for a begginer? Thnx once again

    • It’s a fantastic choice for a beginner Junaid, go for the R15, it’s a racing instinct.

    • junaid

      Thnx a lot fasal!! :-D

  • junaid

    Im 16 and this will be my first bike

  • ajay

    m planin for a new bike bt bit cnfused bw r15 n cbr150r… ma priorities r smooth gear shiftin, proper handling, no vibration, style comfort, n engine performance aftr 1or 2 yearz… ma height is 5.7 n weight is 55.. plz suggest

  • setti srini

    Hii frnds…my bike is CBR150R…mileage is 40…I hav riding in top speed 156…best is cbr

  • pratik

    Hey i am confused to buy a bike my first choise is CBR150 R and second is R15 tell me which is good one and am not a stunt rider i don’t want max speed like 130-150kph

    For me around 100 kph is fine but i want good meilage bike i always ride bike in 30-60 kph not more than that so tell me which is best bike for that segment and tell me which is low mentainance bike among them is CBT150,R15 or rest any other bike and it meilage first

    • Both bikes have similar mileage and maintenance. If you ride with a pillion, get the CBR150R.

    • Pratik

      Hmmm thanks buddy but which is low mentainance bike

    • Both are similar, as I said. Read our ownership report of both bikes to judge for yourself, maintenance costs are given there.

  • shalabh mehta

    i own a yamaha YZF R15 v2.0 anniversary edition from past 1.5years and i have no complaints abt it its running awesome i enjoy it have even rode it till 132kmph. I make my yamiee drink fully synthetic oil from motul i.e 300v factory line that costs 1100 per litre. All i have to say is that its a little painfull for pillion little. But one enjoys to its fullest on yamaha R15.

    • How many kms done total?

    • Pratik

      What is its meilage

  • veron akshay

    Bro i want install air filter for my cbr150r
    Does it change my mileage and top speed
    And what filter i should go with

  • Satish

    pls..suggest me which bike cbr or r15 is better
    in look. but bast look for….?

  • AR

    HONDA UNICORN gearbox and CBR150 gearbox are same.
    how to check: If u are driving in top gear (for UNICORN 5th gear, for CBR150 6th gear) at 4000 rpm ,it gives 52~54km/h for both bikes.

    but R15 is giving 60km/h at same rpm.

    For Honda CBR 150:- (all are theoretical value)

    4000 rpm at 52 km/h
    8000 rpm at 104 km/h
    11700 rpm at 152.1 km/h

    For Yamaha R15:-

    4000 rpm at 60 km/h
    8000 rpm at 120 km/h
    10500 rpm at 157.5 km/h

  • AR

    shoulders can be loose while riding.
    sit properly while you are riding.
    don’t straight or lock your ankle.

    I was riding more than 350km continuously in my r15v2, no back pain. only neck pain for helmet.

  • shanz

    my heigh is 6’2″
    will r 15 suit me?

  • NN

    Hi Faisal, my height is 5’7 and I am a hefty person. Will CBR150R be a good choice? I would not be riding solo, hence not inclined towards opting R15.

    • NN

      Faisal ji, would be glad if you could guide me with this?

    • Yes, go ahead for the CBR150R.

    • NN

      Thanks Faisal ji..

  • PJ

    Faisal please suggest me a bike between cbr 150r and r15 i need pickup,grippy tyres,no back pain,better mileage and i usually drive in cities no highway rides and of course reliablity

  • PJ

    Which is low coasted in spares?

  • Baljinder

    @Faisal. don’t know why people ask silly questions again and again. Askn abt Height, budget, Nd other technical issue is ok but some still confuse between 2 bikes, which to buy!! Every thing is mention in the review….I think Nowadays people don’t have time to read full test review given by u MB guys……..

    • Ya that’s a big problem because all the questions asked are already answered above.

  • karan dx

    hey faisal bro i m 17 yrs old…i want to buy a performance nd stylish bike within budget of 1.2 lakhs…what should i opt fr… r15 or cbr150…..plz hlp me bro…

  • karan dx

    thanks aloot fr ur suggestion bro :)

  • Praveen the

    Hi Faisal, any colour update coming soon for Cbr 150r along with pass switch?

  • logesh

    hey i m confused…which is better at all pls guide me…!!!
    yamaha r15 v2 or honda cbr 150…???

  • rishabh

    cbr is the best after 3rd gear r15 cant even get near to it.. cbr handling is top class,fuel efficiency is better than r15 …..

  • Amit Grover

    Hello bhai Faisal , i read all the reviews ,personally I liked Yamaha r15 , i have to drive 30 Kms i total daily , 15 +15 ,I am looking for good bike ,in terms of looks , all other things like price , maintenance , mileage ,doesn’t matter for me , I am 95% solo driver , my concern is about my BACK and riding comfort , please suggest ,should I go for r15 or not ,in any case I will not buy cbr ,,because I am just buying bike for looks
    Thank you

  • Amit Grover

    One thing more to add , i drive in old delhi , full of heavy traffic

  • Raju wani

    faizal bro m going to be of 18 in next month nw m decided to give up riding on scooty n decided to buy a bike. stylish.sporty.
    N i like racing which bike should i buy cbr 150r or r15.
    my height 5.7 weight 55 kg plz help me.
    i want a new bike bday.

  • Raju wani

    faizal bro m going to be of 18 in next month nw m decided to give up riding on scooty n decided to buy a bike. stylish.sporty.
    N i like racing which bike should i buy cbr 150r or r15.
    my height 5.7 fully slim body
    plz sugest me

  • Gaurav

    Really cbr150 is very strong in terms of pickup I have done the race with pulsar 220 till 4th it was ahead to 220 Bt then pulsar gains grt speed bcz it is 220 cc Bt although cbr gives a tuff competition to 220 on that day my cbr was at 139 at its top and it can easily dominate r15 in terms of speed my frnd has r15 and his bike goes 130 at its top so cbr has a power like pulsar 220 amazing bike with beast look r15 is also very sexy in terms of look

  • Yoonus

  • Tapan

    1st Honda must install a good quality switchgear for CBR 150R. I change my mind and i’ll buy R15 v 3.0 (coming soon on April 2014) as only because CBR 150R’s don’t have a PASS switch which is very important in Indian roads specially i use PASS switch very frequently, also CBR 150R don’t have a engine kill switch … No i can’t pay 1,35,000 to Honda without PASS and Engine Kill Switch but i am ready to pay 1,40,000 if i get value for money mean good quality plastic switches. Even commuter bikes have better switches then this bike BIGGG SHAME on HONDA me and my friend laughed a lot my seeing the switch quality on CBR 150R.

  • Karan

    Hello, faisal….just i want your guidance..i have option b/w honda cbr 150 and r15..i am 5.9, my daily run would be 60km.which is best option for me considering all pros and cons..plz reply soon..thankz for great services….

  • Raheem

    friends i want to buy a 150cc bike.
    which one is now more affordable
    and stylish?

  • deepak

    hey faisal bro i m 19 yrs old….i want to buy performance nd stylish bike within budget of 1.35 lakhs…
    what should i op fr ….yamaha yzf r15 v3.0 or honda cbr 150r…….
    pls help me bro………

  • mohit

    can anyone tell me about “r15 has low power but higher torque in comparison with cbr150r”
    I had heard this stuff a lot between my friends and on net
    How does this affect the performance of both the bikes?

    • R15 has better city drivability because of better low-end torque.

  • Sai

    Faisal sir,hi
    I’m planning to buy 150cc segment bike.i have gone through many u kno anything about r15 version3 or new cbr 150r with twin head light lauch?????? My budget permits for both….should I wait for the bike updates or to go with which bike should I prefer??????

  • Ajay

    i just turned 18 and i wanted to buy a sports budget around 1.4 height is 6 feet and i have a younger pillion seat should be comfortable..i chose four bikes in my mind-p200ns,cbr150r,r15 v.2.0 and duke..becoz pillion seat is much important,i dropped r15 and duke as the pillion seat is not that much comfortable when compared to im left with cbr and extremely confused whether to go with ns or cbr as both had same package except the cc and power of ns is more than cbr!!but ppl say that cbr lacks in many features and its overpriced..but i luv its very confused..whether should i buy a cbr which is overpriced or buy P200ns at 1 lack and save 40K..pls help someone

  • Imran

    Hi mr faisal. I like your knowledge about bikes… i m 5.8 inch tall nd i m jst turned 18. so my question is for which bike i opt for in 150cc segment.. my choices are
    honda cbr 150r (which i like the best)
    yamaha r15 v2
    i want it to be comfortable without any back pain plus i want a good pillion seat…for which one should i go??

  • Ricky

    Cbr is the best amongst all.. anytime better than the r15.. mileage is 40 to 45 kmph.. reliable, no back pain, comfort and smoothness without any vibrations even at top end speed.. certain things missed out is pass light, engine on off and footrages expected new.. r15 wudve been considered good if the pillion seat wud be comfortable.. anyways cbr rams up over other bikes at the top end.. easily achievable to touch 145 kmph… good luck for cbr fans

  • Anand

    Dear Rikey, thank u 4 ur valuable guidance for thing i want to know I hv seen after few days CBR150 Color get down…is it right ..please Guide

  • dev

    Faisal sir i am vry much concerned about d mileage nd maintenance
    so sir can u suggest a better byk for my height is 6.1 feet is there a problem on daily commuting on r15 v2 my daily ride would b approximately 15 kms and how much is the apptox maintenance per month on r15 v2 sir i personally lovee both the beasts… Waiting for ur rly sir thnk u

  • segal

    Sir……r15 v2 had updated their machine now….and the cbr 150r didn’t updated their machine….coz of this…. will the performance differ in both bikes and i know dat cbr is show their power in 5 and 6 gear but r15 v2 is now updated….. now which is better bike….in 2014….sir plz help me sir….help me to get an performance and powerful machine sir

  • Soham

    Hatz Off to U guys.. awesome review… btw, I’m planning to buy a bike within few days, I’m from Tripura and itz a small hilly state of North East India… there is almost no road where I can make my speedometer 110-120 kmph… I’ll use it on city roads and long trip within the hills of my state (60-70 kmph max).. suggest me a bike between r15 or cbr150 ..I’m 5″7 and 65 kg weight…. waiting for ur rply :) @mohit , @faisal…

    • The CBR is more comfortable but the R15 is better.

    • Shaik Fayaz

      Go for r15

  • Ankit Kabeer

    My height is 5.3. Which is shorter bike CBR 150 or r15 v2. Which one I should buy if height is the main concern

    • Shaik Fayaz

      Go for cbr150r

  • Manav Ram

    Cbr vs r15 , which is the best for me height 5.8 , my frnds tell me CBR is best than r15 because its has 145km/h speed and r15 130km/h. its average better than r15.

    • Shaik Fayaz

      Dude r15 to has the 145 mark speed
      But keeping the height scenario you better go for cbr

  • abhi

    R15 & cbr 150 is main se konsi bike best hai for average pickup & setting comfortable & look plzzz help me…

  • abhi

    Plz fayaz sir plz help me….

  • Sayantan Paul

    I have achieved top speed of 131 kmph in my cbr150.. But it is by the 5th gear. When I shifted to 6th rpm and speed both come down to 8.5k and 125 kmph respectively.. I have changed the gear at 10.5 to 11 k rpm from 3rd to 4th and 4th to 5th. Please tell me how can i achieve top speed more than 140 kmph without any modification of my stock bike?

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