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M Print – A BMW M6 Coupe’s Signature

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These days cars have the capability to think and make decisions. They determine the surrounding conditions and respond to them. There are several examples ranging from rain sensing wipers, follow me home headlamps, automatic opening boots to Land Rovers’ terrain response system. In other words they are performing actions like humans. BMW USA has bestowed the cars with another attribute of signing documents.

BMW allowed its performance star car ‘The M6’, sign the letters for its BMW M (BMW Motor sport) fans. The M6 coupe used its rear wheels to leave an imprint on the papers which were laid down on the track. Ink was sprayed on the rear wheels from a pressurized container through a nozzle. The pattern thus produced on the paper was named ‘M Print’. A visual statement of the 0-100 km/hr sprint of the BMW M6 Coupe in just 4.1 seconds is recorded on the paper to make a one of a kind ‘M print’.

For your information there are two kinds of BMW M cars on road. The first kind rolls out directly from the BMW M division with performance upgrades, better engines and has a number attached to the letter M like M6, M3, etc. The second includes minor tweaking and changed aerodynamics. They can be recognized easily by the BMW M logo on the left shoulder of the boot and M stripes along the side seams adding the authentic M flavor.

bmw m print

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