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2013 Fiat Punto Crossover

The crossover fever has caught almost every automaker. While some have gone all out and honestly made a crossover, others choose to simply jack up their hatchbacks, slapping big mouldings and wheels. Hyundai and Honda have done a crossover version of their popular i20 and Jazz in Brazil respectively. Now it is Fiat’s turn to do something similar. The Italian car maker will be launching a crossover in the Indian market, which will be nothing but an adventure version of the Punto. People might remember the Palio Adventure and the Punto Adventure will be quite similar.

The Fiat Punto already has fantastic dynamics and with jacked up height it will look very imposing. Fiat is aggressively expanding its individual dealership network, so we can expect good service by the time the Punto Adventure hits the roads. The vehicle will be powered by the same set of engines as its hatchback sibling but in a higher set of tune. We expect the 1.3-litre Multijet diesel engine to pump out around 100 BHP of power and 210 Nm of torque. Some extra bit of kit could be offered on the Punto Adventure to justify the higher price it will command.

Fiat is not going to be the solo manufacturer in India to offer a jacked up hatchback. Skoda did it with the Fabia Scout with little success. Volkswagen will bring out the Cross Polo while Tata Motors will launch the Vista D90 Xtreme later this year, both of which follow a similar approach. It remains to be seen how well accepted these vehicles will be in the Indian market, considering compact SUVs like the Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport would be their obvious rivals.

Fiat Punto Sports Interior

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    Job Well Done!!!!!!! WOW…..i liked the way u have transformed the svelte lookin GARNDE PUNTO into this Robust Mean MACHINE nicely done bro… :)

    • Anupam

      Thanks Dude!

  • palash

    Crossovers never did well in our market. Fiat should kick this thought. Another fail product will arrive. and will add to the BAD image of the brand!

    • Anupam

      Indian Automobile Sector is turning very fast, I agree that till now Crossovers didn’t do well in India, but vehicle like Duster has given a little hope to such products. Yet duster is a Compact SUV, Small Crossover may be a good oppurtunity, Lets wait and watch.

  • Dhruv

    Motorbeam renderings are one of my favourite parts

    • Anupam

      Thanks Dhruv!

  • GB

    Anupam, Excuse but stop rendering SUVs and start to render MPVs for its immense popularity in our country and the super tax our Govt has slapped on the SUV. ;)

    • Anupam

      Hey GB,
      We are not biased , all the rendering are related with the News from the Auto sector, so if we get some news regarding MPV’s , i will definitely render that also. But currently SUV’s are one of the highest selling product in India, and all companies are launching more SUV’s then MPV’s. :-)

    • Faisal Khan

      Also let’s not forget there are no concrete announcements on future MPVs, so we can’t really render those. Besides Renault is getting the Lodgy, which is already seen in production form.

  • Gb

    Haha…..alright folks!

    But what according to the tax man is a suv and not a mpv?!

    Say for eg, a xuv500 with its fwd, 7 seater body is fundamentally a mpv. So would it be pardoned from the 3% super tax?


    • Faisal Khan

      GB, they don’t care one bit about the vehicle, all they see is if a vehicle is more than 4-metres in length and using engine of more than 1.5-litres in capacity and having a ground clearance of 170 mm and more.

  • GB

    Folks, about rendering MPVs, I have an idea. The new 2013 Octavia has just been launched. But unfortunately in its estate guise. U know that the estate is not popular in our country but not its MPV cousin. So y not render an Octavia estate into a MPV & probably give Skoda an idea? ;)

    • Faisal Khan

      GB, sounds good. But they already have an MPV version, Roomster.

  • GB

    Hmmm….thx for introducing me to the new roomster (
    It is not a bad looking car atall. Whats keeping them back? Y are’t they offering it to us?

    • Faisal Khan

      GB, because it won’t sell well and they don’t want to become a taxi vehicle provider.

  • Pelican

    Guys, comparing Duster to a crossover is a joke! :D

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