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BMW Motorrad TVS Cooperation

Just last month, we got you exclusive news about BMW Motorrad and TVS Motor being in advanced talks over a possible 2-wheeler collaboration (HERE). BMW Motorrad and TVS Motor Company have signed a long term co-operative agreement (no duration declared), where both will join forces to develop and produce new motorcycles under 500cc in engine capacity. The co-operation will result in both companies selling their own derivatives through their own distribution channels in India and abroad. Yes, the sub-500cc BMW bike will be sold in India through BMW’s own dealerships, priced at a premium over TVS’ offering.

The sub-500cc motorcycle is being targeted at emerging markets like Asia, where lower capacity machines are in popular demand. BMW Motorrad will not compromise on their lower capacity motorcycles, which it will completely engineer in Germany. The upcoming BMW motorcycles will stay true to the BMW name, offering the same level of quality and premium appeal offered by its flagship products like the S1000R. The current BMW Motorrad range will not be touched in India and will continue to be sold via the CBU route. BMW has no plans to locally manufacture its high end bikes which will continue to be produced in Berlin.

BMW Motorrad will do the engineering and design of the sub-500cc motorcycles, while TVS will be responsible for manufacturing it in two styles, one for BMW and one for TVS. TVS will bear manufacturing costs while BMW will bear engineering costs (testing, design, etc in Germany). This tie-up will help TVS enter in the 250cc – 500cc segment. The alliance is a joint technical co-operation and manufacturing with no equity partnership from either parties. TVS will invest €20 million (around Rs. 142 crores) and the first product will come in 2015. The products will be manufactured at TVS’ current plant in Mysore or Hosur.

BMW Motorrad is one of the leading 2-wheeler companies in the world and is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. Currently BMW Motorrad has 19 motorcycles and scooters in its portfolio, ranging from 650cc to 1600cc. This will enable BMW Motorrad to enter new segments, helping them boost volumes against its key rivals. This is not the first time an international motorcycle manufacturer has tied up with an Indian 2-wheeler company. Earlier examples of such collaborations include Hero and Honda, TVS and Suzuki and lately Bajaj Auto and KTM. If the TVS-BMW tie-up takes the right direction, then enthusiasts will be overjoyed with performance motorcycles at affordable prices.


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  • Akash

    yaaaaaaaaaahhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooo………………………….. bajaj-ktm ki watt lagegi ab…. :)

  • Akash

    outcome of this collaboration is HAPPY and CHEERFULL INDIAN motorcycle enthusiasts….. :D

    • bhavesh

      check sales report.before giving such a silly reply. :P

  • bhavesh

    @akash ktm-bajaj ki watt nahi lag sakti.coz bajaj k paas bahot mind hai.aur india mai woh abhi-bhi honda ko 2nd place acheive nahi karna de raha.soch lo bajaj kya hai.nd rajiv bajaj no one can beat.

    • Rajesh

      Mr. Bhavesh get your facts right before you make such comments. HMSI is no.2 in India, having gone past BAL more than 8 months ago.

    • bhavesh

      bro im talking about these month report.u should check out before giving answer.go check it first,

    • ToRqUe

      dude should b happy that now there will b more choices all this bajaj & TVS loyalty is like inter caste hatred in india…

      & this is BMW man!!! BMW bikes in india!!! hell yeah!!

    • Akash

      @Bhavesh bajaj is on third position :) Honda overtook them…

    • Crazy4

      Bajaj is still in No 2 position currently pls correct ur GK. Honda was no 2 for only 1-2 months
      Bajaj Auto- Mar-13 sales -267000 units
      Honda Motorcycle and Scooters 252773 units
      and Bajaj is the No 1 in most profitable company. (due to more sales of premium bikes so more profit).
      Mr Bajaj said, “he prefers to not be a “part of the rat race”.


    2015? Its aldready late! Excepting a 250cc beast soon!

    • Faisal Khan

      Joshua, they say the reason for delay is that the bikes will be made to stringent BMW standards, which TVS will take time to adapt to.

  • Dude

    This is the best news of the year for biking enthusiasts.. Last day I was watching a video of the S1000rr and thought, why dont they bring a mini s250rr or something for India.. Well I guess thats what is going to happen soon.. TVS!!! KudoS!!! make India proud!!!!!

  • george

    after Shogun days it is time for TVS fans to rejoice…

  • Akash

    M jumping in my thoughts…

    When bajaj-ktm joined together, I didn’t had any idea about what ktm is. And many others too…

    Here the story is different. Everyone knows BMW… Yeah…

    I wanted to be the first to buy their 250cc bike… :D

    Their is one more 250cc bike yet to be launched in India… Thats of HERO’S…

    • karikor

      I guess that is because India has a very little off-road bikes fan following. I have been a big follower of husqvarna, ktm and husaberg since 1998. Travis Pastrana the best in Moto X Freestyle, Supercross etc.

  • Ben

    Here many say that bmw s1000rr is the best bike of all but all should also know that it is the most unrestricted bike of all. This is evident from any notable race like motogp or ama pro racing where the much hyped s1000rr or the rc8 takes the last place. So when it comes to litre class bikes japs are the no. 1. Coming to the alliance Tvs is going to be the biggest gainer and bmw is going to the ultimate loser. Tvs will soon pack up bmw like what it did with suzuki a decade ago.

    • Akash

      @ben nicely said… :) japs are no. 1 in superbikes. No doubt…

  • karikor

    This shows the amount of heat BMW is facing from ktm in Europe.

  • Crazy4

    Its the Heat of KTM which currently became the No 1 in Europe. so BMW wants to get into India. TVS is infamous for breaking alliances (as with Suzuki), TVS will gain but BMW will b looser. The cost of Bikes will be much higher. expect a 250 cc bikes for 2-2.5 lac full fairing bike.

  • Suraj

    This is great news. if u take a look at the Husqvarna supermoto bikes, they are the best….for free style stunts, drifting, agile, light weight, yet powerful….KTM will reach miles as partner company is strong and reliable , with a good market research of longest years….I am sure BMW will promote and launch supermoto bikes as it has craze in the youth. but with a deficiency of good tracks for racing….some of these motorcycle companies shud develop a facility for bike racing…

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