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2013 Honda Dio Long Term Review

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Honda Dio HET Road Test

Honda Dio HET – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Honda Dio Long Term

Bike Tested: 2013 Honda Dio HET
Kms Done: 876 kms
Test Started at: 920 kms
Test Concluded at: 1796 kms
Fuel Cost: Rs. 1752/-
Liters: 23.06
Mileage: 38 km/l (combined), 52.7 km/l (best), 28 km/l (worst)
Rs. per km: Rs. 2.00/-
Service Cost: Nil/-

The Honda Dio is a funky scooter for the youth, now with improved mileage.

Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India (HMSI) has been primarily known for two successful products in India. The Honda Unicorn is a motorcycle that came with various upgrades over the years capturing the 150cc market with its robust build quality. However, now it is so old that it has younger sportier siblings too. The second and most important product was the line of scooters. It all started with the Activa in the year 2000. A 102cc engine with a metal body and a unisex design ruled the market for 9 years in a row. Then in 2001, the Honda Dio spawned. The same Activa engine, with fibre body and sporty styling made it an instant hit among the youth.

Honda Dio HET User ExperienceHonda Dio HET Mileage Review

Talk about success and Honda will be the one that has endless stories to tell. By 2009 the entire scooter lineup received the much-deserved upgrade to engine design and fuel economy. Year 2012 was the year when Honda again remapped the engines with its new technology from their R&D centre in India and came up with Honda Eco Technology (HET). It is the same 109cc engine but a whole load of upgrades made it entirely new. When we tested them, we were thoroughly impressed with its better power delivery, a much more refined intake and exhaust note. We decided to take the Honda Dio for a longer test to see how it fares on various aspects that our roads throw at it.

The Honda Dio carries a youthful and sporty design language. Sharp lines, edgy panels, fixed large headlight and compact dimensions complete the funky look of the scooter. The black wheels, suspension and glossy black finish on the gearbox casing add to the sportiness and gels perfectly on the Dio. The large headlight provides excellent illumination and spread. However, since it has a fixed head light, it only moves when you change direction completely.

The instrument cluster was completely revised on the 2012 Honda Dio and it remains the same on the HET version. The textured plastic with round dials look great. The dials lit up when the parking lamps are on, a neat touch. The huge indicators look good and provide humongous amount of illumination too. The fuel gauge has a story to tell. The fuel gauge is small on the instrument cluster. So when it indicates that there is absolute zero fuel, you rush to the petrol pump to only find out that there is one litre of petrol left! This is fine where many state rules are applied, but in a country like ours where every petrol drop counts, not a good idea! Suggestion? Make the fuel gauge dial bigger, simple!

The riding position is of a typical scooter. It is wide, you sit upright and seats are well cushioned and have good width for “big” riders as well. Things are not good for the pillion on the other hand. The elongated footboard saves on the pillion footrest on both sides and forces the pillion to place their feet far away, which is near to the rider, which is extremely uncomfortable for the pillion on long journeys. Moreover, since the grab rail at the rear is not raised, it is a stretch as well. Honda has used the power of ergonomics to gain a bit of dough from customers. This problem can be easily solved if you buy the body protection guard which has footrest in-built on it.

The ride quality of the Dio is not as plush as the Activa. It is on the stiffer side since it has less weight, the springs have been stiffened up and results are not so good for the pillion. At the rear, the pillion will complain and miss the plush ride quality that is associated with scooters. The front feels overly light but stays in control while changing direction quickly or riding enthusiastically. The Dio corners well with good poise and there is as much fun as the TVS Wego or Yamaha Ray. Credit goes to the tyres, which provide good grip. High speed stability is good and there is minimal windblast. There is a downside in the city. The wide front end does interfere when you navigate through really tight spaces while most motorcycles and scooters can easily navigate. On the Dio, it is bit of a pain to check every time whether the wide front end is touching.

Coming to engine, the 109cc, 8 BHP and 8 Nm of torque engine has always offered good driveability in city and on the highway. The 104 kgs kerb weight makes the Honda Dio get off quickly. The gearbox does not shift up to 50 km/hr and when it does, there is a lot of punch that drags you all the way to 80 km/hr quickly. Top speed is 92 km/hr, which takes time to reach after touching 80 km/hr. The Dio is comfortable in highway riding, you can hold motorcycle speeds like 70 km/hr all day long. Albeit, the fuel economy drops to 38 km/l. During our test period, we got 45.8 km/l in the city and 52.7 km/l on the highway. All these figures were a result of tank to tank method and wide open throttle most of the time. We did one complete highway run of 80 kms and did 85-90 km/hr all day long non-stop and the Honda engine was absolutely stress free. The engine heated up in the end of the journey. However, that was bound to happen and the result was the economy dropping to 28 km/l. Surprisingly, that is a figure which any performance bike in the country would give you, if you maintained the Dio near its top speed all day long.

Previously Honda engines would not idle and morning starts would be a pain. We did cold starts and the scooter din’t have any hiccups or issues with starting. When the scooter was left untouched for a couple of days, still it started in one click. Despite no starting problems, we did use the choke once and left it on while riding as well. If this was an old generation scooter, it would not notify. However, the new Dio notifies you when your choke is on. Once you drive around 30 km/hr with the choke on, it will not let you accelerate further. Quality is good all around and there are no gaps or fit-finish issues. Paint job seems a lot better than old scooters.

The Honda Dio very much depicts what is meant to be. With the dynamics, peppy engine, aesthetics and price tag, it is aimed at the youth with flamboyant colors and funky styling. It is cheaper by not a huge margin because of the essentials it lacks. There are few shortcomings with the Dio, which are bearable, but just not expected from Honda. The HET version has done its job though. Improved fuel economy and a much more refined engine at a fraction of a cost over the old generation model is a steal. There are several options in the category now, but if you like the Honda Dio at first sight, then you should go for it because there is nothing that would make you regret your decision in the future.

Honda Dio Service Costs –

* Air Filter – Rs. 300/-
* Oil – Rs. 268/-
* Brake Shoe – Rs. 220/-
* Spark Plug – Rs. 125/-

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  • Gokul

    The airfilter cost is Rs. 170 i think. I bought it from the Honda spares for my Dad’s Activa a week before. Dio is surely the most sexy Scooter in India. Most of the young men prefers Dio more than most of the bikes because of its muscular design. In my opinion the mileage and refinement of Honda engines will show good only after 5000 Kms.

    • Mohit Soni

      Gokul, The Air filter on the Activa is conical one which cost exactly 170 rs which i also spent few months ago (i am activa owner as well) the one of the Dio is Panel filter which cost a bit more then Activa. We confirmed these numbers from Honda spares part ;)

    • Gokul

      Thanks for the info. How we clean the auxillary filter in activa- the spongy one? can u suggest.I found out that we have to soak it in oil and reinstall. Please suggest.

  • Akshay

    Please make a comparison test drive review between Yamaha Ray Z and Honda Dio.

    • Akshay, it’s easy. The Ray Z is better.

    • Crazywheels

      i think Ray-z has to be compared with the Hero Pleasure and upcoming Activa -i as these two are more female cornered scooters.Ray will not be a male specific bike with just adding a wind blast in the front cowl. Dio should be compared with Wego and Swish, which enjoys same power band. Am i correct?

    • spitfire

      @FAISAL …. Is RAY Z better really than the DIO?!! I can understand what you are pointing at (RAY’s superior suspension gadgetery) , since they are scooters with a sporting intent what about the RAY’s engine performance i took a ride on my frnd’z RAY … apart from initial pep and ride n handling,it really lacks pep in the upper rev-range when the roads open up, it gets beaten comprehensively by the DIO’s performance.So, is it really fair to declare the RAY as the better one out of two?

  • Bhupadhoj karki

    how can i find the engine no of honda dio het? anybody please suggest me.

    • Bhupadhoj, in the registration certificate.

  • Sachin

    Please do a similar review of new Activa-i

  • praveen

    I drove my dio for 6 hours and i completed 380km with a normal speed of 50 do u think it is capable of going tat long . Ll it effect the engine

  • Balaji Prasad

    I drive a Old Dio bought in 2005. Still i ride on it and i find no issues with the engine except the body. Since fibre body durability is poor but still with performance it rocks…. I love my bike and i don’t want to sell it.

    • Balaji, what mileage is it returning now?

  • Akshay S

    i am going to buy dio. and i want to travel for 180 km. is there any problem for engine. and what speed i want to go befor its first service…?

  • Krishna Kumar

    Hello Motorbeam,
    I am planing to buy a new scooter for my self. But it makes me so confused to choose one. I shortlist these scooters
    1. Honda DIO DLX
    2. Yamaha RAY Z
    3. Suzuki Swish
    Can you help me to choose one for me. Theses three scooters are good in looks & performance, but all come together a tie for me so confused which one. If you can tell me the technically it will be better.

    • Krishna, get the Swish.

    • Krishna Kumar

      Thanks Faisal,
      I hear lot of issues with users of swish like bakes, head light low power, off the engine in low speed & all. I am really confused. Can u help me is it right decision if go for Swish other than Honda Dio DLX & Yamaha Ray Z.


  • yug pandit


    • Yug, Suzuki Access is better.

    • vijay

      but in access the brakes are not proper …. my friend owns it ….

    • Vijay, what problem does he encounter in braking?

    • Vijay

      its better we can go for activa my father owns it … no prob and mileage is also goood … even the body is also rigid …

    • Vijay, because it uses metal body. But Activa has old suspension, no telescopic forks which rivals are offering.

  • Arakshan

    You jobless idiots, don’t you have your own opinions idiots ?

  • anand chandran

    i would like to buy scooter for my sister ..faizal can u advise me which one is better now in indian markets..

    • Anand, Yamaha Ray.

    • Ishi

      Faisal, i thought the Yamaha had a hard time going above 50 speed? Also, it’s entire body made of plastic right? You recommend Ray or Ray Z?

    • Both Ray and Ray Z are the same except the graphics.

    • ishan

      Also, would Yamaha Ray accomodate a tall person comfortable? I’m 6ft.

    • You should look at Alpha.

  • Patrika

    My height is 5ft and weight is 90 and a learner….please can u guys suggest me the best scooty for kolkata roads….pls pls pls

    • Patrika, Yamaha Ray.

    • Patrika

      yaar Ray or Ray Z ????? pls specify……..

    • Patrika, Ray Z.

    • Patrika

      Thanks Buddy…..

    • Ishan

      I hear Yamaha Ray’s wheels don’t grip properly and have a tendency to skid very much on both dry and wet roads… what’s your opinion?

    • Not faced it but yes scooters come with average quality tyres.

  • karan

    Hey guys I’m 18 and want to buy a scooter…..could you suggest overall which is the best ….aviator or activa or dio or hero maestro …..any other scooter ?…….I want low maintainence but comfort and good mileage….plz suggest ppl

  • Ritu Atkar

    I like new model of dio 2013. With 60’s mileage

  • Pramith Mangalore

    I also like to buy dio 2013 that HET engine… company says 60… but people says its 40 milege….

  • salim

    faisal bhai jaan aap sab ko yamaha z he sgst krte ho…or koi sctr ni drive kri ky aapne??

  • priya kesharwani

    meri dio bike bahut kam milege deti hai only 20 toh kya kru mai plz rply soon

    • Shree

      same issue here. done 99km on 6 liters… anyone???

  • Sallu

    Iam dio user het 2000km but test time my dio mileage 45
    Very bad suspension dio front or back

  • vishal

    Dont compare honda dio HET with any other 110 segment scooter because it always rocks if u ride in economy and also gives the best quality so guys just go for dio HET if u r planning for 110cc

    • prem

      I too agree suspension is very bad ..ray has overall better suspension and ride dynamics.

    • Ray is best scooter in terms of handling.

  • zaks

    can the telescope suspension of the ray be fitted on the dio?

    • Zaks, best is to buy a Ray than do the modifications.

  • manasi

    Hi which is one looks more feminine ray Z or DIO HET?

    • Manasi, Dio looks more feminine.

    • Vadivel

      Someone is anti-honda here :P

  • saloni auguste

    hi i am 18 years old ,,i want minimum wight scooter which is best for me to handling

    • Saloni, try the Yamaha Ray or TVS Wego/Jupiter.

    • Illaa

      faisal.. I was told TVS bikes are not reliable in the long run, and also have high maintenance costs, is this true?
      I am deciding between Jupiter, Ray and Dio.. what would you recommend? Will be covering short distances (5km) a day. Need something Rigid, efficient, and durable in the long run with minimal problems in the long run.. and a fairly okay resale value. I am tall (6ft). :)

  • sonaa

    i have dio in violet i suggest to go for dio bcoz it has a good milege and feels comfort while riding…

  • Arvind Sibi

    I still own a Honda Dio 2010 model and it’s been nearly four years.. completed 75000 kms today and I still have no faults with it! Love riding it on d highways and go for long rides about 100kms straight… managed top speeds of 80 to 85 but would stay at 70 in order to avoid stressing the engine!!! Mileage is around 35 to 50 kmpl which I think is good enough for me :P Still happy with it :)

    • Pradeep

      Am in a idea to buy dio…. can plz tell me how u really felt as the head light is being fixed and is the dio suits for women pillion… in the sense does it protects their clothes like saree guard….

      How did ur pillions felt about their foot board and is that convenient for u to ride…..

  • alok prakash

    i brout scuty dio on date 29 octuber 13 milege given only 40kmply

  • Ullas

    One thing that I clearly say……its a nonsense & worst scooter i evr ride……im feeling vry depressed about tis scooter its vry vry worst scooter….plz believe me….dnt go for dio… having 2012 model white color not (HET) but there’s no difference bw 2012 & 2013 model just thy reduces the weight… Thy said ihe engine s refined..bullshit..its not refined its unfit…..scooter s full of vibrations…..frm 0-50….. Kms its vibrates like anything….i truly believed n Honda but thy making fake engines……previously I was having kinetic nova 135… Actually its a failure vehicle but its performance was awesome,pick up was amazing,fuel economy was 45 kml,n it was a vibration free engine realy it was spooling like a wild cat n road 0-80 no vibrations atol…but its dio s a vry worst….first I saw tis scooter n Bangalore….im living n mysore,Karnataka…whn I saw it suddenly I vnt 2 Honda showroom n booked it..i didn’t ask for a test drive also..cuz I truly believed Honda….for tht believe now I’m suffering…plz whether its a gents or ladies plz trust me…dnt go for dio u vl also suffer alot..the vehicle vibrates a lot n sum sound in gear box realy tis vehicle s making me mad one day for sure I vl kill it…..☹

    • nitish

      oh thnks for ur help

  • krish

    i’m planning to buy a scooter i am very much confused.please suggest which is best among the below
    activa i

  • Manzoor

    Honda Dio is the best. i got 58km mileage. Petrol price in my city Rs.75 and filling tank for Rs.100 gives a steady mileage around 72-78 always..!

  • Manzoor

    Honda Dio is the best. i got 58km mileage. Petrol price in my city Rs.75 and filling tank for Rs.100 gives a steady mileage around 72-78 always..! so go for Dio..

  • Shubham

    Faisal it seems that u are a big rival of honda scooters…Every time u suggest non honda products even wen they are interested in them…..if they are so good why ther are not competing in the market n sales…..

  • Parth

    is honda avistor a good scooter to buy??is is better than activa??

  • Sudarsan

    Which among TVS Wego and Honda Dio is better ?????

  • amal

    I am going to buy Honda dio…??
    pls suggest the best colour in dio..??
    as my sis and me to ride..

  • hakeem

    im going to buy dio/centuro.whch is better.

  • Bhavna

    Hi, I am looking for scooter for commuting. I am 5’3″ and need scooter which is not bulky (like Activa). which is better option for vadodara roads? (PS I drive very small distances)

  • Bhavna

    Thanks Faisal, I am just about to read your comparison on two. what about maintenance part?

    • Maintenance is low and service is good too.

  • khushendra Tembhurne

    hey i m planning to buy Honda “Dio” but confused with “Activa i” regarding fuel consumption and mileage !!!
    please suggest what to do ? which one is better ? ACTIVA DLX is very heavy and DIO is bulky but Activa i is very light weighted..

    • Wait for Suzuki Let’s scooter, it’s very light too.

  • Bala

    The suspension is whats keeping me back from purchasing DIO. Do the suspensions make a huge difference when compare to telescopic suspensions??

  • ullasramu

    plz plz plz dnt go for dio its vry vry bad scooter…..its a bullshit scooter…if ur lucking in 110cc u better go for 1) yamaha=ray,alpha 2) tvs=jupiter 3) hero=maestro plz dnt go for honda dio trust me guys i trust honda….witout any doubt but thy r fooling evrone…..previously i was owning kinetic nova 135 its a beast…..superb pikup,good mileage,nice suspension,better road grip…..while booking dio i didnt c any reviews…i didnt ask anyone about dio…i blindly belive in honda and booked a white dio but now im realising wht a stupid thing i do ????? surely i vl sale it as soon as possible…im waiting for hero zir…..plz trust me dnt go for dio….i vl not be suggesting anyone 2 go for dio….and in future im not going for honda again….its a worst nightmare in ma life…honda sucks….dio son of a………….

  • venkey jillu

    is honda dio good?trying 2 purchase it.few says its good n others not too good.

  • nitish

    iam confused whether to buy jupiter, ray z or dio plz suggest me which one to buy


    Sr,I AM an 18year old boy..I am 180cm tall and has 65kg weight and I am intrested in buying a scooter with a milage more than “50/55kmpl” with “good pickup” and which can provide a comfortable seating 4me….
    I am not much bothered about look,initial price,booking period,resail value,color option etc
    I went trough many models and my eyes stuck on Hdio,S access125,Y alpha…
    (I dnt lik mastro,ray and wego)
    Which one will b a good deal?

    • Dibyanjan

      you should consider jupiter.

  • sidharth

    honda dio is the best in the 110 cc is light in weight so it gives good mileage. ( mileage depends on the riding condition and maintenance of the vehicle). the only drawback which i found was its suspension ( its not telescopic) but it is the sexiest scooter in Indian roads.. go for dio guys!!

  • Pradeep

    @ Mohit Soni,

    Am beginner in riding the vehicle. Am in a idea to buy Dio….. kindly clarify on the following grounds;
    1. is the pillions will feel difficult to place their feet espicielly women pillions
    2. Is there anything which protect the clothes of the women pillions like saree guard on other vehicle
    3. Is it have resale value…

    • You are better off getting the Yamaha Ray.

    • Pradeep

      Hi Khan, I took test drive of both dio and ray.. i felt driving dio is smoother than ray….
      and second thing is in Dio as well as in Ray… the head light is mounted on the vehicle’s body which is fixed one… so the rider will feel the discomfort while making turns and how do you look at this???

      Apart from this 2 suggest me any other scotters with its speciality plz….
      Thanks in advance….

    • Can you tell me your requirements?

    • Pradeep

      I said am beginner in driving vehicle and i ll travel intially 8 to 10 kms a day…. it may increase as 20 – 25 kms a day later…

      Suggest me a good vehicle….

    • You should consider the TVS Jupiter.

  • Shivshankar Das

    Hi Faisal Bro. This was the perfect review I could get on the net about Dio. My mother is gifting me a scoot as I have passed my matriculation exam and I was suggesting her for the dio.

  • swarnajit das

    which colour dio looks the best except the yellow

  • KK

    I am thinking to get a two wheeler for me to travel daily to office for 20kms.
    am confusing with both Honda Dio or TVS Jupiter which one i can go for.

    Please suggest me

    • Abhiraj

      just get the Jupiter eyes closed if you are not the guy who wants funky styling..Jupiter too looks good.It uses better cycle parts than dio and the best 110 cc scooter in the market now..price of the dio doesn’t justify the features it has..

    • TVS Jupiter is much better.

  • KK

    Thank you so much for your immediate response Abhi.
    but only concern about TVS is, I recieved feedback as, its a petrol drinker, after longer run it creates noise,
    battery problem, morning starting trouble…is that all true. please let me know.

    Also, is there any prob in future, if someone hits the jupiter, as the petrol tank is fitted at the outerside and not like the wego at the safety position.

    • Dibyanjan

      @KK get the its best 110cc never regret.morning start issues are there in old wego which is solved in problem at products are reliable.about petrol tank its not a has cleaverly design the tank so it’ll be safe in case of impact.go for jupiter anyday.
      Best of luck buddy.

    • Abhiraj

      nothing like that mate..TVS products are as reliable as hondas,its about how you maintain the vehicle…i know people who curse Honda for there pathetic after sales and service..Jupiters petrol tank is inside only..only the lid is situated is more safe than the conventional method by preventing the petrol falling on the items in the storage..

  • KK

    Thanks for the detailed responses towards my question.

  • Dibyanjan

    You are most welcome ;-)
    so what is your discition?

  • KK

    I Read so many reviews, everything is great for jupiter. I think, its time for TVS to rock in the market.

  • KK

    thank you for you both Abhi and Dibyanjan for your suggestions.It has helped me to choose the best one.

    • Abhiraj

      You are welcome mate…go get your vehicle..ride safe..

    • KK

      Thanks Abhi. I post it here, once i got my Jupiter.
      Which color?

    • Abhiraj

      both the white and grey looks cool..grey is actually titanium grey..but when you look closer you will feel that the grey’s finishing is not good as is also pretty cool..

  • Dibyanjan

    I think grey looks should check out in dealer.

  • KK

    Ok thanks.
    Conclusion: So, for ladies, Jupiter is the best in the market in all aspects compare to all others (Dio, Ray, Suzuki,Activa,wego,Pleasure)

    • Abhiraj

      Jupiter is a medium sized can be ridden by anyone irrespective of the age,sex..yes it is the best scooter in 110 cc segment and pure value for money..

  • KK

    Fine Abhi.

  • ullas ramu

    It was a biggest mistake in my life… purschasing a dio 2012 model… suffering from tis alot…..the vehicle is full of vibrations cant go in 40-45 km…..worst wngine sound……o
    Plz buyers dnt go for dio or honda products cuz het makes more mileage not performance. …weightless frankly speaking plz dnt go 4 dio im suffered alot…so im planning 2 sale it and 2 take old seconds dio…..

    • Honestly

      honestly, you have to service your scooter and fix shock absorbers instead of blaming Honda.

  • Rubai Dutta

    Hello everyone ! I’m looking forward to buy a scooter and this Honda Dio and Tvs Jupiter really caught my eye ! Can you please tell me which one of the two is the best ? or , should I go for activa ?

  • KK

    Today, I booked my Jupiter (White)…

    • Abhiraj

      Congrats KK..Jupiter has become the rebel in sales chart too…according to the latest sales figures it sells more than twice the amount of dio and only behind activa and maestro…

  • KK

    Thanks Abhi.

  • vasu

    I have plan to buying dio for my , when I have read the all reviews I have confused really any one tell about dio performance in 2014

  • KK

    I got my jupiter on friday.

  • vaishu

    I am planning to buy a scooter. I don’t use it every day except on weekends
    I am confused whether to buy dio or wego
    plz suggest me

    • Hitesh

      Honda Dio more stylish

  • vaishu

    thanks for your suggestion.
    but in the previous reviews it says that dio performance is not good …….
    it has to be given for service often

    • sree

      Its best in its looks and not good in performance.It has bad stability as compared to honda activa,suzuki swish ,access 125 etc ..And the back seat is not comfortable.When its windy ,its difficult to ride if you don’t have weight .Then last day ,my Dio lightly collided with a bikes back Tyre .It just broke the area.And I had to move all the front panel which costs 4000 around.And since its fiber ,you wont get insurance.Its suspension is not good .And resale value will be too less

  • vaishu

    thanks for your suggestion.
    but in the previous reviews it says that dio performance is not good …….
    it has to be given for service often……
    dat too I vl be using ly n weekend

    • Santosh

      Performance= in the hands of rider. Change engine oil without depending blindly on service centers, keep bike clean without getting rusted or water entering engine. Dio is great, my buddy used to drop me.

  • nikhil

    which one is better dio or activa i am planing to buy one

    • sree

      if you havent bought one,then buy activa..

  • sree

    Its best in its looks and not good in performance.It has bad stability as compared to honda activa,suzuki swish ,access 125 etc ..And the back seat is not comfortable.When its windy ,its difficult to ride if you don’t have weight .Then last day ,my Dio lightly collided with a bikes back Tyre .It just broke the area.And I had to move all the front panel which costs 4000 around.And since its fiber ,you wont get insurance.Its suspension is not good .Also ,its headlight is in a wrong position. I dint find any difference in dim and bright.And it wont turn to the handle..

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