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All You Need To Know About Honda’s 2014 Jazz

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2014 Honda Jazz

With all those brochure images leaking out, it wasn’t going to be far before Honda officially pulled the wraps off the all new Jazz. The third generation Honda Jazz will go on sale in Japan in September and is also known as the Honda Fit in many markets. As can be seen in the styling, the body design is unmistakably of the Jazz and does resemble the old Jazz to a certain extent. The 2014 Honda Jazz is evidently longer and the increase in wheelbase further boosts interior room of the already spacious hatchback. However the styling at the rear is not to everyone’s taste and will get mixed reactions.

The exterior design of the new Jazz is influenced from bigger Hondas, namely the FCX Clarity, CR-V and to a certain extent even the NSX. Other than the changes to the exteriors, the interiors are all new and one glance reveals the 2014 Honda Jazz is going into an all new direction. The dashboard of the new Honda Jazz is certainly driver centric although we aren’t quite sure about the centre console. Honda hasn’t left any stone unturned and has loaded the Jazz with features expected from a premium hatchback. However the company might not bring all of the equipment to India due to price reasons.

Powering the Honda Jazz in India will be the same 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol engine which did duty on its predecessor. This engine will be offered with a 5-speed automatic gearbox as well, producing 88 BHP of power and 110 Nm of torque. The new powertrain will of course be the frugal oil burner which is already employed in the Amaze diesel. The 1.5-litre i-DTEC unit belts out a class leading 100 BHP of power with a respectable 200 Nm of torque. Both these engines help Honda keep the Jazz defined as a small car in India, resulting in excise duty benefits.

Globally the all new Honda Jazz gets 1.3-litre (98 HP and 140 Nm) and 1.5-litre (135 HP and 170 Nm) petrol engines, mated to a new CVT gearbox and 6-speed manual transmission respectively. These engines will obviously not make it to India. The high-revving 1.5-litre engine is also offered in an RS variant. Honda has also sent out a release stating the new Jazz Hybrid is the most frugal hybrid car in Japan, returning a mileage of 36.4 km/l from its Sport Hybrid Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive (i-DCD). This is an improvement of 35% over the previous Jazz Hybrid. The hybrid Jazz uses the same aforementioned 1.5-litre engine mated to a 7-speed DCT offering three hybrid modes. It can run on EV mode alone till 40 km/hr but Honda will not launch the hybrid Jazz in India.

Honda has benchmarked the new Jazz with the Volkswagen Polo, a car which boasts of one of the best ride and handling balance in its segment. The company has lowered the driving position in the 2014 Honda Jazz while calibrating the electric steering to feel more natural. The suspension has been re-designed and the overall results are very positive. MotorTrend has driven the car and they say the new Jazz feels definitely a better handler than the old model. It even feels more stable in the straight-line offering tremendous confidence to the driver. Honda is very frank in saying the suspension design of the new Jazz is Polo-inspired which also results in more planted braking, especially at the rear.

The 2014 Honda Jazz is a step in the right direction for the Japanese auto giant. The company has given the Honda Jazz better dynamics, improved interior room (the old Jazz was massively spacious already) and modern exteriors. The biggest advantage for the new vehicle will be the i-DTEC mill under its belly. With the Honda Jazz finally getting the frugal diesel powerplant, the company should be able to set the sales chart on fire, even though the all new Jazz will be priced as much or more than the Honda Amaze. An India debut is expected at the 2014 Auto Expo with sales commencing around April. Honda will aggressively localise the new Jazz for India, which will be the company’s first launch next year. Expect the base version of the 2014 Honda Jazz to start at a price of Rs. 6 lakhs (ex-showroom).

2015 Honda Jazz India

2013 Honda Jazz

2014 Honda Jazz Interior

2014 Honda Jazz Cluster

2014 Honda Jazz Rear Seat

2014 Honda Jazz Space

2014 Honda Jazz Boot

2014 Honda Jazz Front

2014 Honda Jazz Side

2014 Honda Jazz Rear

Source – MotorTrend

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  • sandy

    I liked the new Jazz very much, well can’t believe that Ford designer has come quite close to Honda’s as I see similar design bits from new Jazz and EcoSports. Ride and handling bench marked with Polo is a good thing. But why Polo? Since I learn from many different reviews that Grande Punto, Ford Fiesta hatchback, a hatchback from Mazda which share similar underpinning of Ford Fiesta and finally the Suzuki Swift are better then Polo.

    • Prasadh

      Swift and Fiesta might be best handlers but they do not offer comfortable ride… that might be the reason.. But i cannot tell u why they have not tuned it based on the Grande Punto.. :(

    • Faisal Khan

      Sandy, Polo has the best balance of both.

  • Ramachandran

    Which one is good ?. Honda Jazz 2014 or Fiat Punto (both diesel version)

    • Kedar

      Let Punto 2014 come and then we can decide which one is better.

  • Beaut

    I own a March 2010 Active JAZZ which clocked now 30K Kms and Aug 2010 Emotion Pack Punto Diesel which covered 46K Kms. As I own both I think I could comment better. There cannot be any reservations to anybody about the way JAZZ has packaged and squeezed such interior space. Its huge inside and is bigger than most of the sedans in a much higher class. The beautiful curves of fascia is always pleasing to eyes and is very photogenic. However, think the comparison between Jazz and Punto should end here. I think apart from the engines (Jazz is petrol and Punto is dieseI), both these versions are vis-a vis.
    The volume of punto is much less than that of Jazz, In Jazz you have good seat height (slightly more in punto), excellent leg room at the back and front (probably its ok for 6inchers at back and front simultaneously), Excellent underthigh support lots and loads of storage, advantage of magic seats, excellent boot loading area, volume of boot, chilled AC (I think I will give more score to punto as the small engine in JAZZ is not able to hold the compressor to cool this big volume hence considerable reduction in power is felt in Jazz, again this may lead to engines again so I am stopping here). I think you have read all the advantages of Jazz now, But these advantages can be felt when the car is stationary.
    Now let us ‘Make a Move’, I would say its now Punto’s turn and will blow Jazz apart and all those advantages I was claiming in JAZZ will get punctured. After your expereience in JAZZ, punto will; make you feel that you are driving a BMW and other one (JAZZ) was a Maruti 800 especially if you drive through country roads where you can count each undulations of the road in Jazz and in punto you will feel like you are floating in water without waves. You will feel that JAZZ will piece apart when it falls on big gutters when you are familar with Punto. Thats all about ride. Now if you are taking these cars to curvy roads, again punto leaves Jazz nowhere. Jazz still pulls heavily after 130 Kmhr and its tough for punto to do the same (again its petrol and diesel because of their bhp&torque/rpm) hence this comparison cannot be taken into account but in these speeds Punto feels much safer in comparison to Jazz, eventhough both weighs similar, Punto feels very heavy in comparison (tyres are almost similar 175/65/15 in Jazz and 195/60/15 in Punto). Now lets compare about the asthetics. I have already boasted you about the style and curves of jazz (all thats true when its new). Both the cars are of same age and as a diesel one I use Punto more often, I just want to say that usage of punto is more. When I compare now after almost 3.5 years of usage, I would say that Punto is still a bullet tank with almost no rattles and Jazz rattles here and there (even with less usage my cousins city which is newer than both these cars have more rattles than my punto). The chrome of the Honda Badge is now pale yellow in color (even my cousins Honda City’s started peeling off the chrome) but when I look at Punto’s still its like just out of showroom. The letters written below the CD drive of punto remains as it is but in Jazz it seems its faded. The white traingle in the red button for hazardous light in JAZZ is almost faded. away. Punto’s hard look textured plastic looks the same even after rough usage (as myself and my family prefer it for long runs for saving money) but Jazz’s look like decoloration happened (on the light grey material). There are lot of small dots on the outer body (may be I think because of the sand from truckers around) which you wont find in my punto which is heavily built. Jazz has much less features than that of punto- no comparison here too(I think Honda always has this and people mistake for reliability- less electronics hence less hassles). Jazz is a true 5 seater whereas Punto can but not a comfortable 5 (if all male adults) seater. Both toches underbelly but I dont need to concern with punto. There are two reasons for it. Punto never scratches between the wheels (its not true when somebody says punto scratches its belly-it may scratch the thick sheet under the engine or below the front bumper due to its long front overhang). However, in JAZZ if it touches underbelly, its serious and there is only a plastic sheet under the engine as its guard.

    In Conclusion, I would say JAZZ can beat punto for its spacious design but for anything else its always Punto which outscores Jazz. In the south side of 10 Lakhs if there is a car with Punto’s platform ,engine and other ergonomics with design (not exterior becuase punto too looks handsome, but interior) of JAZZ that car is going to be the IDEAL one which one can think off.

    • Faisal Khan

      Very well said buddy. But let’s not forget that Honda reliability is world known while Fiat’s are known to have niggling issues. Lesser in the newer cars but still. Also after sales service of Honda is well established.

      As far as driving goes, the Punto is way superior.

  • Anil Nair

    “…the new Jazz Hybrid is the most frugal hybrid car in Japan, returning a mileage of 36.4 km/l…but Honda will not launch the hybrid Jazz in India.” How sad!

    • Faisal Khan

      Anil, cost would be very high.

  • Junaid

    Faisal, Any idea what the expected price for the Jazz petrol could be?

  • Junaid

    Hi faisal,

    By when can we expect Honda Jazz 2014 to be launched in India?

    • Faisal Khan

      By mid-2014.

  • Junaid

    Hi Faisal,
    I read on a few of motorbeam’s articles that the Honda Jazz may be released in early 2014 and not mid 2014. I’m currently keeping my purchase of Grand i10 on hold because I feel that Honda Jazz might just be a better product over all.

    Do you think its worth the wait? (Hope that I would be able to get at-least the mid variant of Jazz in 7lacs on road Bangalore).

    • Faisal Khan

      Junaid, it will be unveiled at the Auto Expo. If you can wait, then wait, it’s worth the wait.

    • Junaid

      Thank you Faisal. I’ll wait for it. Hope it doesn’t end up taking as long as the Ecosport did with all that localisation thingy.

    • Faisal Khan

      It should not since Honda has already localized parts of it’s existing cars.

  • amar j

    Experience which share disel punto vs peyrol jazz, but what about jazz disel vs punto disel.
    Please help me to choose best car one of them only.

    • Faisal Khan

      Jazz seems like a better option but engine will be noisy.

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