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Tata Nano vs Maruti Alto 800 Shootout

Shootout – Tata Nano vs Maruti Alto 800

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 2.65 lakhs (Tata Nano LX), Rs. 3.46 lakhs (Maruti Alto LX)

These two vehicles are the cheapest cars in India but very different in character.

First car is always special, no matter what make it is. The joy of holding the steering wheel for the first time on a car you own can make you grin from ear to ear. For the first time car buyer, there are plenty of options in the entry level segment. However the most sold car is the Maruti Suzuki Alto while the most popular and talked about is the Tata Nano. Both these cars are ideal to learn driving on because their spare parts are the cheapest and they are extremely easy to drive. The Alto has stamped its authority in the A-segment but can the world’s most affordable automobile challenge it? We pit the 2013 Tata Nano with the Maruti SUzuki Alto 800 to find out if the extra cash for the Japanese samurai is worth it or not.

Motor Quest: The Alto was first launched in 1979, the second generation model was known as 800 in India and the Alto 800 is the fifth generation model (2 generations behind the latest gen Alto, better known as the A-Star). The Tata Nano is in its first generation and is 4-years old, compared to the 13-year old Alto. The Nano project started in 2005 and took 3 years for completion.

Styling – The old Alto looked decent but the Alto 800 has very confused styling which may not appeal to most buyers. Many styling elements on the Alto 800 are lifted from other cars and the end result is an exterior with no balance or symmetry. The Tata Nano on the other hand is a very cute car which looks balanced from all angles and doesn’t look like a cheap car. While the Maruti Alto 800 is significantly longer, the Tata Nano is wider and taller and this gives the Tata vehicle a very tall boy profile. The small wheels on both cars look awkward but it’s really the evident cost cutting on the Alto’s exterior which makes the design look cheap. There is no left side mirror or fog lights and the right side mirror is not body coloured. The antenna is a pull out type and not a fixed unit like in the Nano. Even the B-pillar in the Nano is blackened out and there is a rear spoiler too (both are missing in the Alto 800). The Standard and LX variants of the Alto lack body coloured bumpers and full wheel covers which make it look cheap again. Thus amongst the two, it definitely is the Tata Nano which looks more appealing, thanks to its chrome inserts which don’t make it look like an automobile built to a price.

Tata Nano vs Maruti Alto 800 ComparisonTata Nano vs Maruti Alto 800-Road Test

Interiors – The interiors of the Alto 800 feel better put together and look more appealing too. While the Nano feels the more airy of the two (thanks to the beige cabin and large windows), it’s the Alto 800 which feels less cheap on the inside. The centrally mounted instrument cluster on the Nano looks a bit out of place and the all black steering wheel looks very plain (the Nano gets all black interiors when the exterior is painted in Dazzle Blue colour). Both cars have digital odometers with a trip meter (the Alto 800 has two) and the Nano comes with a single wiper blade where as the Alto comes with two. Where the Alto loses out is in terms of features, the Standard and LX variants of the Alto lack front power windows while the LXi doesn’t even get an audio system. The VXi variant does get an audio system (with 2-speakers while the Nano gets 4) but doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities, which is present in the top-end Nano CX. While the Nano gets both side mirrors, the Alto gets only the driver’s side (VXi gets both sides) but it is internally adjustable, which is missing in the Nano. The Nano gets twin glovebox but the Alto’s single glovebox is big enough to give almost similar levels of storage. The Nano gets central door locking, the Alto 800 doesn’t (the VXi variant gets it) and both cars have horrible pull/push type door lock/unlock knobs.

2013 Tata Nano User ExperienceMaruti Alto 800 vs Tata Nano Features

The Maruti Alto 800 is a longer car but in spite of that, it’s the Tata Nano which has more interior room. The tall boy design of the Nano means the view from inside is extremely good and you sit relatively higher compared to the Alto 800. The seats of the Nano offer better comfort than the Alto 800’s which are too thin and clearly feel like they are made to a price. While the Nano has adjustable front headrests, the Alto 800 has fixed. The Maruti lacks headroom at the rear but the Nano has plenty of headroom all around. Considering this, the Nano is a usable 4-seater vehicle but the Alto is best driven with only the front seats occupied (tall passengers won’t even find the front seats comfortable). The Alto 800 lacks a power socket (VXi gets it) but the Nano comes with one as standard. Both cars have good AC units. The Nano’s rear hatch door doesn’t open and one has to flip the rear seats to access the boot, very inconvenient. The Alto’s boot is bigger too at twice the size 177-litres, compared to the 80-litres boot capacity of the Nano.

Tata Nano vs Maruti Alto 800 Review

Performance – Till now the Tata Nano was inching ahead of the Maruti Alto 800 thanks to its better styling and feature loaded cabin with more space. However the Alto 800 trumps the Nano when it comes to performance and there is no rocket science involved. Powering the Tata Nano is a 624cc, twin-cylinder engine which produces 38 PS of power and 51 Nm of torque, mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox. The Alto 800 uses a 796cc, 3-cylinder engine which produces 47.5 BHP of power and 69 Nm of torque, coupled to a 5-speed gearbox. Thus the Alto 800 is not only more powerful, it has a cylinder and gear extra which does show in its performance. The Alto 800 is more than 7 seconds faster in the 0-100 km/hr sprint and has a higher top speed by more than 30 km/hr.

Don’t go by the figures alone, the Tata Nano is not a sluggish car at all but the Alto 800 is just faster and better in terms of performance. Not only is the Alto’s engine more refined, it has very little vibrations too while the Nano’s motor does tend to vibrate quite a bit and doesn’t sound pleasing either. Neither motors are jerk free but both offer peppy performance for city driving (the Alto is peppier). The Nano’s lack of grunt doesn’t make it a car you would like to drive on the highways while the Alto is just about manageable with enough thrust to comfortably cruise at triple digit speed. The Tata Nano is the more frugal of the two and will return at least 3 km/l more mileage than the Alto 800. However the Nano has a 15-litre tank and the Alto 800 has a 35-litre tank which means you will head to the fuel pump more often in the Nano. Both cars come with light clutches and smooth shifting transmission but the Alto feels much more refined. Maruti Suzuki offers CNG variants of the Alto 800 and Tata Motors will soon launch the Nano CNG emax.

Driving Dynamics – Both these cars are poles apart in terms of drivetrain. The Nano is a rear-engine car where power is channelled to the rear wheels. The Alto 800 is a front engine, front-wheel drive vehicle. While the Tata Nano weighs around 70 kgs less than the Alto 800 (depending on variant), neither car is heavy and utilises a basic suspension setup. You can’t buy the Nano with power steering but you can get the Alto 800 with power steering which does make life very easy in the city. Granted the power steering variant is much more expensive (available in LXi) but at least one has the option of an assisted steering in the Alto. The lack of power steering in the Nano makes the wheel very heavy at parking speeds and there is little feedback and high inconsistency at speed.

In terms of handling, the Alto 800 handles decently well but the Tata Nano is the more fun car with its go-kart like handling putting a smile on your face. The low weight and grippy tyres give you confidence while pushing hard although there is body roll. The Nano has a smaller turning radius too (4 vs 4.6 metres) which makes taking tight turns easy. The Nano runs on 135/70/12 and 155/65/12 tyres at the front and rear respectively. The Alto 800 runs on 145/80/12 rubber and the higher profile tyres and gas filled shock absorbers do help in giving a better ride quality than the Nano. However both cars are easily ruffled by bad roads and big potholes. Both offer decent stability at speed. Where the Alto 800 again shines is the braking performance, it stops well and quickly but the Nano lacks bite and the pedal feels a bit spongy too. The Nano comes with all drum brakes but the Alto 800 gets discs at the front which inspires confidence while stopping.

Cost of Ownership – For a first time car buyer, the cost of upkeep of the vehicle is also a crucial factor. The Alto 800 is the fourth cheapest car to maintain as the Hyundai Santro and Eon are even cheaper in terms of service parts. But it’s the Nano which is not only the most affordable car in the world but also the cheapest to maintain. All its service consumables are cheaper than the Alto 800 and that too by a significant percentage. It’s only some mechanical parts which are more expensive but they are not regularly needed. Thus the Nano is overall the cheaper car to run and maintain.

Verdict – It’s quite clear who the winner of this shootout really is. For an entry level car buyer, cost plays a vital role and although the Alto 800 looks like a value for money proposition, the Nano simply blows it away in the VFM game. The Alto 800 does have a better engine and more appealing interiors but when you factor in the higher price and lack of features, things start going in the Nano’s favour. Many features (power steering, audio system, etc) are only available in the LXi and VXi variants (non-airbag) which are priced at Rs. 3.71 lakhs and 3.81 lakhs respectively. The base Nano starts at Rs. 1.90 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 2.65 lakhs (all prices on-road, Mumbai), thereby being more car for your money. Spending Rs. 1 lakh plus for a better engine doesn’t make sense unless of course you want power steering as there is no option of it in the Nano. You might not get the performance of the Alto 800 in the Tata Nano but what you do get is plenty of pep for city driving, good interior room, loads of features and a mouth watering price tag, all of which tip the scale in Tata Motors’ favour.

For a first time car buyer, the Tata Nano definitely makes more financial sense, as it is not only cheaper, but better in many parameters as well.

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  • Ben

    nano doesn’t look like a car but it looks like a quadricycle. also in present day scenario even commuter bikes are doing 100kmph even in city conditions so it will be shame to be overtook by two wheelers. here alto trumps the nano. finally the fire incidents.

    • Faisal Khan

      Commuter bikes (100cc) do 90 at max that too they struggle. The Nano reaches too speed comfortably.

    • modi

      Bro… He was just joking…… :-) anyway nano is also a joke…..

    • bratgaba

      What rubbish!! What looks like a quadricycle is Bajaj’s latest, NOT the Nano. It’s arguably one of the best looking cars in India today. As to driving it, my friend, my Nano has clocked near 12000 kms in the last 1.5 years and still runs like she’s new. As to the fire incidents, boss, this little wonder was and is a technological marvel – sure, some snafus happened, so what? I’ve seen bigger, more expensive cars go up in flames on Bombay roads. As a Nano owner, I can categorically state that whoever doesn’t buy a Nano because of these misconceptions, is the ultimate loser. Tata had gone into this project with a super concept – dirty politics ruined it for them. As an Indian, I consider it my duty to stand by this INDIAN car maker who at least tried making a world class product from scratch, as opposed to the other screwdriver technology blokes – don’t you see the condition of our Rupee which has been trampled by unbridled imports?

    • Faisal Khan

      Well said. In fact the Nano has got the world talking about India. Can any other carmaker do what Tata did? Think about the common man?

    • Parthiban

      Indeed you are right. Well said. People who have even alto think they are rich and see nano as a cheap car. Infact both are almost same and nano satisfies the need of having a car for a commen man.

    • Parthiban

      Indeed you are right. Well said. People who have even alto think they are rich and see nano as a cheap car. In Fact both are almost same and nano satisfies the need of having a car for a common man.

    • Johnson

      Well said…I totally agree every word u said :)

  • sarat

    Even Audi R8 caught fire..but it doesnt mean that a bad car..I know nano is not perfect..but while considering the price factor nano is the best..

  • Nish

    I am not sure if guys at Tata sponsored this Comparo.. Alto has been in the market over 20 yrs and its reliability is doubtless.. Alto 800 takes it a notch higher in fact.. Alto is a proper hatchback and a most of all looks and drives like an usual car..
    I have driven the Nano and it sucks big time.. It is a literally a compromise built to a price.. Be it the steering and the also the brakes are useless as they don’t have enough feedback.. I had to pull the handbrake a couple of times to stop.. I had doubts that the handbrake would also come out when pulled hard.. Fit and Finish, Build quality is pathetic.. There is no boot space making it highly unpractical.. And most of all the design is an oddball.. Looks like a toy.. I agree to @Ben – It looks like a Quadricycle or a 4 Wheeler and not a car per se..

    I don’t understand why this Comparo was conducted (Hyundai Eon vs Alto 800 is still realistic) and even more surprised that the verdict is in favour of the Nano..

    (No offence to anyone but sharing my opinion and experience)

    • Faisal Khan

      Nish, you have some valid points and we have mentioned the drawbacks of the Nano. We agree the Alto is a better engineered product but the extra price over the Nano doesn’t justify as the Standard and LX variants lack power steering and other kit which the Nano offers. If Maruti reduces prices and adds features than no doubt we would have picked it up over the Nano. Think of it from a first time car buyer’s perspective.

    • superman

      @faisal Bro. FIRST TIME CAR BUYER would like to have a car. A CAR WHISH LOOKS LIKE A CAR……

    • Ram


    • Parthi

      Its hard to agree but could be agreed just for certification. You cannot except to have comfort level of Audi in Nano. For its segment and cost its amazing. Think about a comment man and women using Nano and protecting from sun and rain. Its quite obvious that its a car best with in the city. Coming to Alto, I have an Alto K10 its a car worth to be compared with nano because 4.3 lakh is worth nothing. Worst quality interiors and low comfort level. You can no where compare to Hyundai as its a superior quality vehicle. You need to practically get more experienced.

  • superman

    I dont find nano cute nor its practical with little luggage. its just a small car to roam in villages. Alto looks like a car atleast. alto has better performance and it will be a bit relaxed on highways. its nothing like that FIRST TIME CAR BUYERS WILL NEVER GO ON HIGHWAY RIDES.

    dude. who really cares about 2 or 4 speakers for normal families. only young brats listen to loud songs. nano is best suited for old people and retired couples.

    I don’t understand that you people at motorbeam have done this. engine sound of nano is very dirty that’s why they have given 4 speakers so that no one hear the engine sound in the cabin. my suzuki 800 sounds so sweet. love to listen to the engine music….. huh

    • Faisal Khan

      Have you driven the 2012 or 2013 Nano?

    • Jay

      Totally disagree with your thoughts about Tata Nano. Judging something by standing at a distance without having actually experienced does not give you any credibility. Being an owner for past couple of yrs, iam very much satisfied with the performance of my Nano, and why only me, i have seen many instances where a Nano has outdone people’s expectations. Vindicating this fact is a Nano’s latest feat where a auto enthusiast has set a Guinness world record.

    • Faisal Khan

      Jay, can you share your ownership experience with us?


      I TOO OWN A 800,& A NANO2012 ,NANO IS JOY TO RIDE.

    • Ram

      Nonsense@superman , do you understand of A of engineering forget about ABCD

    • Parthi

      Super :)

  • shahul

    i think nano can do better in our over crowded metro cities ..
    ratan tata revealed nano as an affordable 2 wheeler a more safer commuter than 2 wheelers..

    i request team motorbeam to come out with a real life comparo which compares life of a common indian family on 2 wheeler Vs. life on a 2 wheeler replacement..will be first of its kind and can do some justice to nano
    hope you got my idea correctly..
    though nanos much hyped 1 lakh price over shooted to nearly 2 lakhs..i still believe nano can be a perfect 2 wheeler alternative..

    • Faisal Khan

      That’s a fantastic idea and we should try and do that. The problem is that a two-wheeler comes for Rs. 50,000/- and the Nano costs almost four times so it’s not really an easy replacement to a 2-wheeler.

  • sandy

    Good to see Nano taking on the competition a segment higher. Initially thought Nano is less safer then entry level Marutis and that its built on the same sheet metal but lower in weight. But by some analysis, I found Nano is lot more crash worthiness then Altos n 800s. As a pure city car Nano meets most of the requirements owing to our infrastructures or rather lack of it. I’m bit surprised when people prefer to buy a bike costing the same as Nano rather then Nano itself, yet complain about lack of safety features in base variant of any car model. Faisal, I think you forgot to mention that Nano’s 0-60 kmph is quite impressive even with a/c on, which is more then enough for city limits

    • Faisal Khan

      Sandy, yes the Nano has impressive performance but the Alto is better in performance thanks to its bigger capacity engine with more power. If Tata Motors launches higher capacity engine with improved quality and features, the Nano can really give the Alto a tough fight.

  • gaurav

    people who thnk bike is bttr than a nano are all dumbs because wht nano offers at its price, u cn nvr get in a bike whether itz 40k bike or 40lakhs. nano offers ac which means in hot days u will be comfrtable inside nano spl whn u stck in jam/red lights. it prevnts u frm smoke, dust and also reduce the risk during accidnts. So if sum1 called it bad car they all r fools, bcoz mr rattn tata makes it very clear why he builds this car bt unfortunately people nvr thinks of these points

    • Faisal Khan

      Well said Gaurav, the comfort of a car is unbeatable.

  • Rajan

    My friend had a Nano and he had to sell it because he was not comfortable with Nano braking capability. He is now satisfied with Alto.

    Whether you want to spend extra buck to feel little secured is the question you should ask to choose between two.

    dear reader’s… please TD both teh car and decide. Remember to choose teh car from safety perspectove. Nothing is more important that LIFE

    • Faisal Khan

      Rajan, yes braking is week and needs improvement.

  • Shubham

    man just wait for nano diesel it would be a direct slap 2 alto lovers and nano haters

  • Neil

    Nano is very good preposition at the price point. I drove the very first lot of Nano and it was not too bad apart from not having a Power Steering, it drove well and I enjoyed it too. It does have a peppy engine. Again comparing it with a company which has been doing this for ages would rather sound stupid. But these so call veterans (Suzuki) have nothing special in it. Look at the Alto 800 for that matter, a car for Japanese school girl. Sheepishly built, nothing special, again they are Japanese who can give more in less, this is what they are known for. Whereas the Nano, looks sturdy, its is built for purpose. Good head room and you pay a lac less. So whats the fuss all about. People praising these mental Japanese cars only think of convenience and nothing else. Who said a these maruthi suzukis are affordable bits. Give me a break they aint!! Why do people have to wait to buy a Swift for 6 months what ever, Is it handmade craftsmanship, a Lamboghini or a Ferrari. They dumps these cars in the so called closets and depict as if they are falling short of production. Get it straight, we create this trend and we are ones responsible for this hype. I’ve people using Indica and Fiats. Still happy and prefer over these punny 800’s which are nothing but a piece of metal incorporated with a silent running machine and people are content.

    • Faisal Khan

      Neil, well said. Herd mentality rules in India. Since everybody is buying Alto, others just buy it blindly too. That said, Alto is overpriced for what it offers.

    • Rajan

      Herd mentality? Who created such herd mentality in the minds of the people? The mentality was created by auto magazines and automobile site. The herd mentality of these experts are passed on to the Indian masses.

      They killed the FIAT brand by repeating its service network is pathetic. They brandished Honda too much and made it a premium brand, Killed the new Fiesta by saying its overly priced.

      At the end of the day we need to ask the question ourself “Will i recommend Nano for my family member?” If the answer is NO, then ..

    • Faisal Khan

      Multiple reasons and sometimes the manufactures are to be blamed to.

      1) When Nano fire incidents happened, did Tata take immediate corrective action?

      2) Ford tried to premium position new Fiesta, they dropped prices later.

      3) Fiat wasn’t supplying many spare parts to dealers and customers had to wait for long.

  • Veeru

    It would’ve been great if you’ve included a small section on “SAFETY”. I know for sure Nano is a safe car, the guys arguing for reliability of Alto coz it’s there from 20 years need to notice the fact that it’s a 20 year old platform. Nano is a modern design and is significantly better crash worthy. It is tested for both frontal & side collision and has crumple zones. The empty front of the Nano absorbs impact in case of crashes and Car would just move away. But Alto is front heavy, it won’t move away due to momentum, which might prove fatal even in situations like hitting a tree. Contrary to popular perception Nano is the much more safer than Alto. For a car cheaper by at least 50k that’s not a small feat.

    • Faisal Khan

      Veeru, we considered a section on safety but since we don’t have any proven information on it, we skipped it.

    • Veeru

      Did you check with Tata Motors? I bet they would be glad to provide you that information.

    • Faisal Khan

      We need information from a third party as that will show true picture without bias.

    • Veeru

      You can check with both Tata Motors & Maruti and then just post a section mentioning this is what manufacturer claims on safety of their car.

    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks for the idea. Will try to get more info from the manufacturers.

    • Ravi

      Just for every ones information. In small cars Nano is the only car which got 3 stars in Europe crash tests. Which most of the cars a segment higher failed to get. I am using thing is acceptable though the breaks are little weak but they aren’t bad. Neither the Alto 800 nor Eon not even get the single star in crash test. This itself speaks about the safety of Nano.

  • shahul

    Faisal Khan,
    yes,a nano is four times costlier than a 2 wheeler..but imagine an avrg indian family of four..father mother nd 2 children on a scooter plying through our rush traffic..reimagine the same family on a nano under same conditions..which of the option will be safer?? they wont take their scooter for a cross country ride..even nano is not built for that..imo..cost of other cars in the market are a way higher..i still believe nano is the best option as a pure 2w an upgraded means of trasport..
    much better than a used car..

  • nick dev

    what you can get for 1.5 lac
    – a used zen fully restored BLISS!!

    • Faisal Khan

      Nick but a new car is a new car.

    • Veeru

      You can extend same argument to any car, now instead of buying Swift, I can buy used Civic, instead of buying Civic, I can buy used BMW! how does that sound?

  • No One

    Driven friends nano in city and highways, and i kind a love this car since its indeed super value for money for city commute..

    I am indeed considering this option over EON as EON may offer style statement for money but nano indeed a very practical choice.

    Only thing I hate about this package is TATA service.

    • Faisal Khan

      No One, I feel Tata service is easier to live with as they don’t sell too many cars so you get service appointment quickly. Not the same with Maruti Suzuki, appointment stretches to a week at times. That said, Tata service needs to improve.

  • Joe

    Suzuki robbed indians for so many years, still bakras like Ben, Modi, Nish leave them to rob!!!
    Nano Jai Ho

  • mahi

    Dont forget that Alto scored Zero stars while Nano scored over 3 stars in safety. NANO is very much safe and protect you compared to ALTO, in addition Nano ride is very much comfortable compared to ALTO.

  • Nitin

    Nano is really a good car and it really do all what it is expected to do. its most affordable and best value for money car world has ever saw.
    but really i am fed up with all the people making jokes and complaining about Nano. we have been talking about Nano being the cheapest car so much that it has made it cheap even in everyone’s mentality…….but but the bottom line is this that the Nano is best car for new drivers and its worth every paise we spend on it. it is making India proud as this is Indian car that made biggest buzz world wide rather than Nano only Ambassador is only car know outside country

  • stephy

    We booked the all new nano and will get it on this monday. We are eagerly waiting for our dazzle blue nano as it is our first car. For us nano gives value for money. Will post my experience with new nano soon.

  • Darth

    As far as Alto goes it is ‘THE’ most unsafest car. It scored zero in crash test and recommendation is to ideally discontinue it… whereas Nano has a subtle crumbing area in case of crash since it has been tested in TATA’s crash test facility..

  • sunny

    Hi, I have been using nano for 2 years now. It is a wonderful car. Pl. try it and than comment. Very good handling and frugal in nature. Very easy to maintain.

    • Faisal Khan

      Sunny, what mileage are you getting?

  • Kshitiz

    Hi Faisal, I can’t say whether this comparison was funded by
    tata or not as some one has accused but I would say your verdict was correct. Nano is nothing
    short of a technological marvel. Indians scorn at nano because it is cheap
    And readily available. They would rather prefer to shell out a lakh more and patiently
    Wait for 15 days to a couple of months for their admirable Suzuki’s or hyundais. Sometimes I wonder
    had Mr. Tata launched it at rs. 5 lakhs, our folks would have queued up to buy it and boast about it’s tall boy design,
    25 kmpl engine, unbelievable ac performance, phenomenal city friendliness, handsome looks, etc,etc. May I dare say, this car can even compete with the likes of wagon r ( nano is wider), forget about Alto 800 or Alto or eon .
    My wife was dead against buying nano so much that she did not
    even agree for test drive because of the humiliation attached to
    Nano owner. But only once she sat in it to realize how irrational.
    her thinking was. I suggest all owners and prospective owners of
    Altos n eons to stop being foolish enough not to buy a great car because of
    LOW SELF ESTEEM n self confidence. Nano deserves a fair trial.

    • Faisal Khan

      Kshitiz, that is the problem, most people think like this about the Nano and don’t try it. As far as funding by Tata Motors goes, you should read our Indica review.

  • sambhav

    Hi, i am teacher in school and i belong middle class family . i decided after read your thought faisal khan , this diwali i buy a new Tata Nano , i am saving money for this car last 3 year, this gift for my children .lots of problem
    to ride a bike with my family, i know very well , thanks faisal khan.


    From 6 months i am continuing to research on tata nano , watching video reviews n articles, you tube clips everything information available on net about tata nano and i reach to my last conclusion is about it is that i will definitly book tata nano 2013 lx model on this diwali. Be indian Buy indian. everyone tells me that dont buy nano and they have still no reasons for that.
    i will hear my heart voice and i will definitly book tata nano.
    thanks faisal, God will definately bless you for solving my confusion whether to buy nano or alto 800. THANKS A LOT

    • Faisal Khan

      Dheeraj, congratulations on buying the Nano, it’s a good car ;-)

  • Vinesh rathod

    Hi Faisal ,

    Just booked a nano 2013 lx …I am yet to confirm the colur to the dealer. Need ur suggesstion

    My use is for office as well as outing on month end for about 400kms to and fro. Also advice me is child lock available in this version as my dealer sales person is not aware about this .



    • Faisal Khan

      Vinesh, the dazzler blue colour looks good. Child lock is available.

    • vinesh

      thanks Faisl.

      i have booked royal gold as my wife insist for this ..

      any tips on driving this vehicle.. please inform



  • dips

    hi faisal interesting article and comments from my dear fellow countrymen :)
    I have to buy a city car for my wife and suv for family. now I m tight on budget. if I go for terrano or duster I will exhaust everthing. So ecosport shortlisted n closed waiting for it.
    now coming to 2nd car. We almost finalized 2013 nano test drove it, the only shortcoming we felt was power steering, as we have been driving ikon for long. So waited for emax cng variant, hoping it might come with power steering (sadlly it didnt). Today did test drove CNG LX, but the dealer said its only in white, LX does not has music system or central locking, so got confused. Will check and confirm with another dealer tomorrow.
    So back to square one, as of now petrol lx 2013 variant is in my shopping cart.
    would love to hear from you if you have any information or review on 2013 cng variant.
    2012 vs 2013, 2013 scores much better with less noise and vibration, slightly better handling.
    my opinion on other alternatives
    EON .. looks good, lot of vibrations on steering ..
    K10 not worth the price
    Alto 800 : weird looks
    Micra active (1 yr waiting duh)
    santro etc: no change since 98 99.. boring

    lot of off topic stuff in my post.. but still felt like sharing my thoughts.

    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks Dips for sharing your experience. So true, no really good car in the entry-level segment.

  • Hari

    I was looking at Nano as a 2nd car for the wife as a safer alternative to the scooter. Wife test drove the Nano and the only complaint was about not having the power steering. Since she already has a chronic shoulder pain, I too worry that a tough to handle steering wheel might show its course after a few days of use. After some research, it looks like the difficulty is more apparent only when taking U-turns and parking, so it may not be that big of a deal (will try to test drive myself and validate), but can someone who was in a similar dilemma please comment?

    • Faisal Khan

      That’s right Hari, only at parking speed the steering feels heavy.

  • rahul chanda

    Hello everyone..this is my first review in any automobile site.i am really surprised how some of the guys had shared their views on tata nano..boss, i would request you people to just go to your nearest tata showroom and have a test ride of nano.i am not comparing this vehicle with any other of its category, simply because its a masterpiece of technology n determination of mr.tata.
    Those people who are speaking all the bullshits..have u evr driven a nano?i suspect wheather u people know driving in real sense or not.everything will repay u in the way u handle it..the same is here.nano is too good car.its having everything what a middle class people want..i am owing a nano lx special edition since 12th feb 2013.till date there is no prblm with the car after covering 9000 kms..the only issue is braking efficiency when brakes are to applied suddenly during high speed..there is no issues regarding power factor..i have moved for 98 kms with 7 persons

    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks Rahul for sharing your review with us. Yes the car is wonderful but without experiencing people are not able to understand.

  • Renu kumar

    Now from all the revews . i will go and test drive the nano.after that i will write my review

  • syed

    after going through a lot of reviews posted by you, i must say the reivews are good…but one important aspect has been missed in everyone of them.. people not only buy a car by its price and features, but also the cost of ownership of a vehicle,say for a period of 5 years is also taken into account.. hence, a few facts say
    1) service interval
    2) cost of the servcie
    3) csot of spares say mobil filter,clutch assembly etc… which is the resultant of normal wear and tear.
    a review is fulfilled by the fact that how much do i spend extra for that particular car say, til 40,000km or 5 years..

  • Shivalinga

    I am planning to buy a small car for city drive daily commuting abt.40 Kms daily in Bangalore. Now i have a confusion over Suzuki Celerio or Nano twist with power steering. Price Variation between the two is Rs.2 Lakhs. I need an expert opinion on nano engine performance.Pls. advise….

    • Faisal Khan

      Shivalinga, Nano is a good car but I suggest you wait for the Twist Active variant.

  • viresh

    i sold maruti 800 after 8 years for 32000 rs now i brought nano used 10000km just for 80000rs i feel good and nano is very much different than i thaought i like it

  • sudhakar

    Faisal Khan, what are the new feature in Nano twist active? Please tell me.

    • Faisal Khan

      Read our review, all is written there.

  • Hafiz khan

    Proud owner of NANO. Awaiting reviews of Emax.

  • Kshitiz

    I recently took my nano on a 1000 km trip from Lucknow to Jaipur and back with my wife,my bro in law and two daughters, inspite of having a matiz and Chevrolet beat, to complete 10000 km for 1st year service and also to prove that it can be used on highways.
    Everyone at home thought I was compromising safety. It exhibited road manners like any other car and on the return journey we travelled non stop except for a petrol refill. the car never heated up inspire of Ac running throughout and the car maintaining 70-80 Kemp/hr. Overall fuel efficiency for the trip was 20 kmpl.
    when we reached back Lucknow, everybody who doubted its credentials became an unpaid advertiser for nano! In the city nano is unbeatable but even on highways she can move.

    • Faisal Khan

      No doubt about that but it needs better brakes.

  • Manav077

    faisal!!!review of hyundai 1.0. and alto k10??
    which is better one??i saw eon’s 1.0 review and it impresses as compared to the 800 one..

    • Faisal Khan

      We have done a comparo of those cars, just search ;-)

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