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TVS Jupiter First Ride Review [Exclusive]

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TVS Jupiter Scooter Review

TVS Jupiter Review

Bike Tested: 2013 TVS Jupiter

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 52,200/-

The TVS Jupiter is the most rounded 110cc scooter, offering terrific value.

TVS has just launched the new male oriented scooter in the market called the Jupiter. Now you may wonder why the company has called it the Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Milky Way, hence it gels with the tagline that TVS has come up with “Zyada ka Fayda”. The Jupiter also has more moons than any other planet which clarifies what TVS is trying to say, that this Jupiter on Earth has more features too. While the motorcycle segment is in doldrums, the scooter market is posting a healthy growth and the Jupiter comes at the right time to boost TVS’ market share. We gets astride the TVS Jupiter and our first impressions of this ‘male scooter’ are very positive.

TVS Jupiter Scooter Road TestTVS Jupiter Review

TVS has made a very smart move with a valid tagline and nameplate, which is gelling with the product unlike other manufactures, which end up doing vice versa. Wait a minute, if this is a male oriented scooter why was the scooter not called Mars? Perhaps NASA and chocolate bar makers would not agree. Anyways, back to the scooter. The Jupiter is creating the right kind of buzz for the Hosur based company and the South based automaker is very interested in selling the Jupiter in good numbers, as it continues its regional launch spree.

TVS Jupiter User ExperienceTVS Jupiter India Review

If you loved Cocktail (the movie) and love drinking cocktails, then you are going to love this scooter. The Jupiter is a mix of almost all the scooters you have seen till date. Activa, Maestro, Aviator, etc. However, the final finishing and bulbous side panels give the desired look that the market needs and that’s what TVS intended to do. The styling in short is a mixed bag, although most people prefer market leader like look but others will appreciate the Jupiter for the overall sensible appeal it carries sure-footedly.

TVS Jupiter First RideTVS Jupiter Test Ride

What about practicality? Well you get 18 liters of under seat storage, which surprisingly does not fit a full sized helmet. On the other hand, you get two hooks (one down and one up) and the largest leg space in its class (or same as the biggest offering in the market) for keeping and hanging bags near your feet. Practicality is further aided by convenience features which are added by TVS. For instance the pass button which is smartly integrated in the high beam switch. The revised instrument cluster is for the better and much easier to read.

TVS Jupiter Performance Review

The engine and gearbox is the talking point of the Jupiter. When TVS displayed the changes to the 110cc engine at the launch, it took us by surprise and scared us at the same time as the power output was identical to the Wego (8 BHP, 8 Nm) and we feared the enthusiastic nature of the Wego’s motor might disappear. Surprisingly it turns out to be true. The Jupiter may be the quickest scooter in its segment (claimed 0-60 km/hr time of 7.2 seconds) but the energetic nature of the Wego’s powerplant is gone, long gone. However the mill is extremely smooth, refined and noiseless all the way up to 70 km/hr which we experienced on our short test ride. Bumps and road imperfection were dealt in the same manner as the Wego, the telescopic forks work well to give a plaint ride. Handling is extremely positive and the Jupiter is quite fun to ride.

TVS Jupiter First Ride ReviewTVS Jupiter Dynamics Review

What we experienced in our short ride is that the TVS Jupiter offers almost everything you need from a “male oriented scooter”. The Jupiter seems surprisingly good in many ways but like every time we enthusiast have some crying points. Like? The need for more power, more torque and more displacement. However the value for money proposition simply can’t be overlooked. The TVS Jupiter is Rs. 3000/- cheaper than the Honda Activa and you get much more features too. Reliability and quality which TVS has shown through the Wego makes the Jupiter a scooter you simply can’t ignore. What you can ignore though is the market leader once and for all by considering the best alternative built until now and the Jupiter seems to be the one in the 110cc scooter segment.

TVS Jupiter Test Ride Review

What’s Cool

* Feature loaded scooter
* Dynamics
* Value for money

What’s Not So Cool

* Not available Pan India
* Disc brake variant currently not offered

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  • Shashank

    Ahhhhhhhh!!! You miss the USB charging part where is it given ?? I though it was a full review

    • Mohit

      Shashank, two words.. First Drive ;)

      anyways.. we spent very little time with the scooter, wait for the review!! which TVS decides when to give!

    • Premjit Singh

      Good Reminder Shashank!!
      But very well good enough review from a one time ride experience.
      Needless to put now though, there are other features which Mohit missed. Jupiter is the first bike with such extensive features and all of them v. very useful. I many a times feel if I had this feature, that feature…

      Well, Mohitjee, d’you have any idea how long it will take till delivery after booking in Delhi?
      I was informed that it takes 1 half-2 months. Any Idea of a dealer who could work faster??
      Do suggest.

    • Yes, deliveries can take up to 2 months due to heavy demand.

    • Premjit Singh

      Right, I asked almost every dealers in Delhi, the earliest I found is Jan 15, most saying after feb 15.
      I’m booking one just today.

    • aditya

      @ premjit singh , in delhi go for KK TVS they are able to give you within week

  • Maddy

    TVS is always known for their quality products,they always offer refine engines, quality components, and very good build quality, I will say they are as good as other Japs in same industry, even Bajaj also has raised there stander ed of products, good product with descent refinement, build quality and innovation even new comer Mahindra is also showing very good signs, so we defiantly can say we Indian are not far behind others, TVS has shown this with Jupiter ,Bajaj has shown this with Pulsar bikes.Mahindra with Centero.
    And defiantly Jupiter is an art, we just need to understand it is the quality who always speak not the brand name….

    • MRJ Sarma

      It is value for money… I have Jupitor & I am N joying the ride. In fact I have TVS Streak and using more than 4 yrs… Hardly any compliant and very less maintenance cost. Jupitor having a lot of features and I would say best alternative to HONDA as INDIAN SCOOTER.

  • k.p

    honda should stop cheating indians telescopic suspension should be there on all scooter simplly for cost cutting they r doing it…

  • yila

    I have been waiting for a good scooter with the front disc brake, in India, other than Honda. This one also has disappointed me.

    • Nikhil

      Dont you have any other factor apart from Disk Brakes???
      I have read that from you in so many posts!!!
      There are also many other things apart from disk brakes… specially on scooter…
      Also, I have heard Jupiter will soon be getting those, same as Wego… FYI.

    • Mohit

      Disc brake is an option on the Wego and TVS says Disc brake option should come in soon or later!

    • akhilesh dubey

      i think yila is still not aware that tvs wego comes with
      front disc brakes
      and best in class
      other that activa , aviator and the dio
      while tvs will further plan to have new baby with disc brake’s in jupiter or
      for the time being i can sa y jupiter has started doing ,
      what it it born for

    • kiran jain

      if u want front disk brake, go for TVS W
      ego this scooter is also best,

    • brajesh

      hi kiran ji..I have purchased it good scooter plz reply me..

    • brajesh

      u may call on 09977966408

  • sunil molpariya

    Hi Mohit,
    can you suggest me why should I buy Jupiter overlooking Activa Het, and vice-versa.

    • Mohit

      Hi Sunil, Jupiter no doubt is far more superior in every single way. when it comes to riding it its far more stable, dynamic and holds the road with authority thanks 12 inch wheels and superior suspension components at both sides. The engine is fuss free smooth unit offering give or take same mileage as the Activa. it comes far more convienent features which are daily need but are absent on the Activa such as as the USB charger, pass light button and pracality of large under seat storage and Jupiter trumps it by offering it cheaper by 3-4k depending on which state, city you are in

    • Avn Rocky

      Hey Mohit,

      Thanks for putting everything together.

      I took a test drive today and it’s smooth on roads. Front shock is good. Its ₹ 44,200 exshowroom price for delhi… Not sure about the pricing in dehradun (uttaranchal).. Can you help me to get the Ex-showroom price in dehradun for me?


  • paturi

    Is Jupiter really gives 60+ km/lit???? nope

    • Mohit

      No scooter gives 60 kmpl untill unless you drive under 60 km/hr all day long which you cant thanks to congested cities and highways. Speeds differs, mileage suffers :)

  • Spitfire

    @motorbeam what is top speed of JUPITER like? Is it 90-ish on speedo?!

  • sarath

    looks like a tvs modified activa !!!

    • Mohit

      Sarath, ek daam Saras! (very right) it does look like one!

  • Scooter fan

    impressive BIG scooter, looks like an international class of scooter from TVS.
    Wish they had put in the peppy Wego motor or 125 cc though. The size of it makes me think – 125cc is on its way

  • Ankur Mittal

    hi mohit i want to know how Jupiter
    reacts on off road???

    • Mohit

      Pot holes make you feel “on-road” as if off-road hence we can say its stays planted and balanced and there is not skittishness or nervousness like the Activa on poor roads or off road

    • Akhilesh Dubey

      Mr. ankur my town is already getting heated up with jupiter
      reaction of roads will soon come out as we get out of this waiting period of jupiter

      jabalpur M.P.

  • Akki

    I just had the first glimpse of the scooter yest, Its a quite decent one. I wanted to know whats the difference between the weight of jupiter and activa.

    • Mohit

      Akki, we are yet to find out the difference too, wait for the full review we should ge the numbers till then for sure ;)

    • Akki

      Thnx bro. Im planning to book it on saturday. I studied alot abt this scooter and major of the reviews were in its favor. Activa doesnt give good average aftr one year of its usage, lets c how does the jupiter performs.

    • Ajmer Singh

      When we can have full review please….

  • Hardik Shah

    Mohit bhai final verdict aapo.
    Jupiter or Activa I, please suggest…wants good mileage..

    • Hardik, Jupiter any day.

    • Mohit

      Hardik Bhai, Jupiter is best option out there

      don’t consider the Honda. Jupiter is far more sophisticated. Wait for the full review of Jupiter. Mileage is good which definitely will not disappoint

  • Manoj kumar

    There r no inbuilt mobile charger under seat in ll we charge mobile?its optional.u hv to pay for this from outside .

    • Rachit

      As I’ve seen today, you will get the charging socket which is placed under the seat storage where you keep helmet but you will have to purchase charger from the market.

  • Bhumij

    Hey Mohit !!
    Yar i am in a big confusion…got book Honda avaitor some days bak and wl get it 1 month….Now two days bak i saw dis jupiter on FB and went fr test drive next day…good scooter…actually liked it for all the features nd all…BUT biggest concern fr me is its plastic body whereas aviator has metallic which make the latter more durable…moreover no full reviews for jupiter and aviator is well placed in its market…wht to do man…plzz HELP ASAP !!!

    • hohum

      Want some third party advice? Get the Honda. It will at least remain in good condition as long as it is maintained and serviced properly. My neighbor had such severe starting problems with her TVS, she dumped it and started using the car to pick up her kids from the bus stop half a km away (This kind of a job should have been perfectly suited to a small scooter). OTOH my 2006 honda still starts on first crank and does whatever is expected if it flawlessly. Sure, I did have some problems in between due to poor qualty service, but I got that fixed locally and it’s been trouble free ever since. I’m not saying Honda makes brilliant scooters or anything, frankly, there really is not much to choose between the products available in the market today. But in terms of ROI, long life or reliable performance, your current choice has the edge over others.

    • Nikhil

      I really dont think so…
      I have a Dio, the thing dosent start at all… everyday I have to kick start that too with a lot of effort. the same as Hohum said, have to service Hondas at local garages, is the last hope!!!
      It really dosent matter today… go what you like as in looks and comfort. rest all are alike… good or bad!!!

    • Ahmed

      I also bought TVS Jupiter and experienced starting problem. within four days of delivery, they did full service to rectify the problem. Again after 15 days of service, now they are saying that battery is dead and need to be charged for 8 hours. TVS jupiter battery age is may be 20 days or may be unlucky customer.

    • Bhumij

      Thanx for ur viewpoints guyz…But right nw my main concern is plastic body of jupiter which is pushing me bak towards aviator…!!

      Hey mohit..where are u man why nt replyng…???

    • akki

      Bhumij, My friend The Jupiter has a metal body.

    • chetan vadgama

      yes jupiter body is metal and fiber also but u have to purchase juipiter because its a indian scooter

    • Mohit

      Who told you aviator is metallic, new aviator comes ABS plastic while Jupiter is metal body (80% metal 20% fibre) Our Aviator review is up and you check it through archives

      Jupiter is the option you should be considering Aviator is a dated model, wont fetch u resale too

    • Arunabh Kar

      itz not plastic….. Itz cross linked fiber ……

  • Gaurav Jain

    Read in ur review that it doesn’t fit full face helmet.. N today after the launch event in my city I tried to snug in my Studs Ninja 3G Full Face Helmet.. And as u said it didn’t.. :( I really liked the ride quality.. N its turning radius is small too.. But the helmet fact is dissapointing! And they are saying it can fit full size helmet!

    • Mohit

      Well normal full size helmet does fit but our sporty Ls2, studds with hunched front and rear fail to fit. Normal people should have problem fitting their small full faced helmets

    • Swaleha

      True… I am using the TVS Jupiter it is two weeks old now… My normal helmet fits in it very easily and i guess these sporty helmets wont fit in any other scooter as well…Jupiter gives you lots of space under the seat and also near the leg space area… Should go for it… U guys will love the pilot lamps when riding in the city.. no other scooter offers this!

    • harish hs

      waht abt mileage?

  • nikhil

    r u saying normal people should have or should not have a problem fitting a small full faced helmet in Jupiter?
    A big full faced helmet like studds ninja full size dosent fit in activa either… the problem I have seen….

  • Raj Khan

    I’m from Hyderabad. I’m eagerly waiting for Tvs jupiter. When i contract to tvs showroom they said wait till festive season. I don’t know how long to wait. After that i contract Honda showroom. Honda activa het price 62k plus other fitting charges :P Better i will wait for Tvs Jupiter. Lets hope everything will be good :)

    • Raj, you should wait for the Jupiter.

    • Raj Khan

      Ok Bro. Thanx for the advice :)

  • Priyanka

    Hi Mohit, i really loved this scooter…..but i wanna know one thing… it really a male oriented scooter??

    • Priyanka

      Mohitji….im still waiting for ur reply. Also wanna

    • Mohit

      Basically, yes! it does look male but a proper color should suit the opposite sex as well with no problems whatsoever.. Activa is a unisex scooter so why not this which very much looks like the Activa in the first place ;)

      Have a look at it in flesh and decide..and anyways there’s always the Wego if you want a TVS scooter.

    • ALKESH

      I am from vadodara and I have booked TVS Jupiter after it’s test drive and I will take this delivery on this sunday.
      I was searching scooter since last two months and finally, I have selected TVS Jupiter because of It’s looks and features compete with all the available brads in this segments.
      This scooter main advantage is Tubeless tyres with 12″ alloy wheel
      It is suitable for both male and female without any compromise of looks and heandeling.
      Fuel fill up arrangement from backside without hang the seat is unique.
      Telescopic suspension in front wheel with alloy wheel
      And the most important is all above comes with price package on road is Rs. 51900=00
      with 2 years warranty.

      I must say for scooter ” ALL IN ONE ” & THIS IS MADE BY INDIA COMPANY
      You can also visit company website for more details of scooter.feature,looks,specifications etc.

  • muni

    Mohit, Nice initial report there.

    Isn’t it a bit strange that the TVS guys have not sent the Jupiter to the Bangalore showrooms till now which apparently is few kms from their Hosur factory. With the festival season coming, they will loose out big time if they dont put it up for sale in the southern part of India soon. Not sure why the hurry in launching it in north first. :)
    Another major concern is the on road price which am told will be 57K and translates to around 47 to 48K ex showroom. Common guys why do you want milk Bangalore so much. Its not like we are being served on a platter in terms of facilities.

    Frot shocks seem to be teh biggest draw from me compared to Activa. Experts any news when the new Activa with from telescopic shocks will be launched.


    • Mohit

      Fact are surprisingly to us too. TVS says their main market is north when it comes to UNISEX scooters and since rains are approaching in the south chennai and most probably Bangalore launch will follow in November.. wait for south india prices.. they could be a tad cheaper ailing the low cost of transportation and various other taxes also matter.

      Activa telescopic suspension in bound to come in the 2013 festive season or 2014

  • aks

    frndss yesterday i buy jupiter
    only word for him is awesome

    • Karan Jaswal

      Hey is it really worth..i mean what about its top speed..they say its top speed is 75

  • vijay kumar

    what is your view for Hero Maestro / Activa / Tvs Jupiter ? Best in Mileage and Quality !

    • Mohit

      Jupiter trumps others in quality and kmpl numbers should be same on all these scooters.

  • vishi

    Hi Mohit,

    I am a girl, i love the looks of new dio but fascinated with the features of Jupiter.

    I am damn confused between two. Pls help… need to buy within 2 days

    • Mohit

      Dio is a inferior product in terms of hardware and features both engines on either of these scooter is great but Jupiter feels much more confident to ride over potholes and feels more confident and has best in class features.. like mentioned in the above review! Have a look of the Jupiter in flesh, take a test drive and feel the change

  • Kunal Bharati

    Mohit ji. thanx for the wonderful review. read all of your elaborate reviews..liked the
    want to purchase a scooter asap (before diwali if possible). recommend me the best between Honda Activa HET, Honda Dio and TVS Jupiter.
    i am an artist and a photographer. always in need of serious space to carry my materials and photographic gears. my main concerns are “SPACE, MAINTENANCE, MILEAGE, and COMFORT on long distances.(100km at max) and not ignoring the AFTER-SALES SERVICE “

    • Mohit

      The things you demanded are there in all these scooters you mentioned but the after sales service in our locality and according various reports we get about Honda are scary in our locality and we have experienced first hand because i am owner of first gen activa and when i was shopping for a second scooter Honda was not on my mind in any single way..which speaks for itself

      if service in our locality is great then why not the Honda’s.. but if u cant resist the convenient feature that Jupiter then the TVS is not a bad option at all.. its there at the top!

      Jupiter does have really comfy seats.. i think the best (full review should confirm that)

    • Kunal Bharati

      gues’l have to take a spin of the three scooters respectively. i almost zeroed on Jupiter after reading your review because of the suspension system.. bt on asking a few of my friends they mentioned that TVS scooters chassis starts to jitter after a year or so.. and that is something scary on the road to imagine :/

    • Mohit

      @Kunal Bharti, ditch your friends.. or put a nameplate on their forehead saying “Honda fan boys” LOL.. that is the most dumbest thing to say “chassis jittr” a 20 year old M80 continues to go strong on chassis point of view” this is a modern scooter!!

      Forget all the nonsense get the Jupiter if you can resist it ;)

    • Kunal Bharati

      thnx a lot Mohit ji. eagerly waiting for the full review… when i should i be expecting your next post on Jupiter. on the other hand .. i did not found anything much informative on the Jupiter official site. (the price and dealers page does not loads). can please you mention the OTR price in Guwahati, Assam.

  • Shreerag

    Mohit, is jupiter available in b`lore… i want 2 kno abt the pic up of ths scooter??? tey sat its 0-60km at 7.2sec ths true????? Does it hv a mobile chrgr…its not seen at all….

    • Mohit

      Sheerag, what TVS tell us that Monsoon season is approaching in south (especially in Chennai) so the launch will happen in november! i am not sure if banglore comes in their plan.. stick to our news section for news on Jupiter there is some in the archives and upcoming will be updated ASAP as always

    • Mohit

      Talking about performance, well i had a quick solo run on a empty stretch and it was quick of the line in a very linear fashion (not exciting as the Wego) but yes it does feel fast.. infact surprise was with heavy weight champions on the scooter dint lag the performance either.. obviously this happened in mild city traffic, upto 60 km/hr. Like we said it looks promising

    • paturi

      shreeragjee it is false , it cant give 60 km in 7.3 sec. i challenge any body in this forum. if any body says yes i will meet them and prove. so dont be trapped. wait some more time until it is proved

  • Gaurav

    Hey, How does Mahindra Duro dz stands infront of Activa, Wego and now Jupiter ?? No one can doubt the quality of M&M !!! Can we ?

    • Mohit

      Gaurav, well there is no doubting.. infact a recent incident.. i mean a chat with a person who owns a Duro in a traffic revealed that he has done 90k + kms on his Duro and seem very proud of his scooter. Problem with Duro is its dated and bulbous look and Mahindra’s service center.. which if fall in your locality and you can live with the looks then why not? its cheaper too!

  • prateek

    Actually i am confused now,i was going for aviator het 2013 but i would like to know whether jupiter can be a choice or not

    • Mohit

      Aviator is long gone scooter now, dint catch up, wont fetch resale..

      I request everyone to go through reviews and comments before you have any questions all have been answered please look for it for a quick response!

  • naveen

    hi guys’
    i want to know what is the top speed of tvs jupiter.
    some sites mention its 95 , 90, 80,85,60,52 … which is correct, lil bit confused.

  • Swapnali

    Like everyone in this discussion I also wanted to buy a scooter in this Diwali.

    After reading all the reviews of most of scooters I decided to go for Hero Maestro OR TVS Wego. I was confused between these two.. But yesterday only I saw TVS Jupiter in one of the reality show.. “BIGG BOSS 7” and the winning team got this scooter as gift.. I was impressed with the features of this scooter & looks too.. So now am more confused between these 3 scooters.
    Hero Maestro
    TVS Wego
    TVS Jupiter
    As Jupiter is the latest & very new… therefore there are not much reviews about it, can you tell us by when we will get its full review & which is the best among these 3. Also any idea about Jupiters weight in KG.

    • Mohit

      Test drive the Jupiter.. check ur budget if it fits, get it.. Ditch the Maestro

    • Rahul

      Hi Swapnali,

      As Mohit Said Check your budget 1st. TVS Wego and Jupiter both are comfortable and gives a lot of value.Wego has an unisex appeal where as Jupiter is a Bulky Male look but loaded with features. Wego is already a trusted vehicle in this category and gives a best in class values.

      Never think about Maestro……Its mileage simple sucks…35 to 40km/lt

    • Rahul

      Hi Swapnali,

      As Mohit Said Check your budget 1st. TVS Wego and Jupiter both are comfortable and gives a lot of value.Wego has an unisex appeal where as Jupiter is a Bulky Male look but loaded with features. Wego is already a trusted vehicle in this category and gives a best in class values.

      Never think about Maestro……Its mileage simple sucks…35 to 40km/lt

    • Sangeeth

      The tubeless tyres of Jupiter also seem to be an advantage over Wego

  • prateek

    Mohit sir please suggest me i m waiting

    • Mohit

      I did reply to you please have a look.. for details on the Jupiter please read the review..simple!

  • Rahul

    Hi Swapnali,

    As Mohit Said Check your budget 1st. TVS Wego and Jupiter both are comfortable and gives a lot of value.Wego has an unisex appeal where as Jupiter is a Bulky Male look but loaded with features. Wego is already a trusted vehicle in this category and gives a best in class values.

    Never think about Maestro……Its mileage simple sucks…35 to 40km/lt

  • Pavitra

    We have Pass light in Jupiter. What is the major function of Pass Light???
    Is it good if the wheel size is big? Width of Jupiter is 650 which is less that any scooter, will it make the scooter less spacious? A lady should I go for Jupiter or Ray Z ???

    • Mohit

      Hi Pavitra,
      Pass light is mostly found on bikes which is handy when overtaking instead of using a horn for those who roam in their cars with high end music system need to be waken up some how… right? i love numbers and comparing them and so do people use for it comparing… but the fact is every scooter like very human being is different because of the way its built.

      To your surprise TVS claims Jupiter has the highest leg space for storing your bags and baggages in its segment and we can vouch for that its as big as the class leader or certainly a notch above for sure!

      Bigger wheels aids to better dynamics and more confident ride on the roads.. it stays glue and provides confidence to the rider while riding enthusiastically (faster that is, but in a safe way not rash) so braking in return is better and cornering speeds are higher

      Jupiter has short seat height, but Ray is best suited for women because its lowest seat height and scooter sits very low as well. We have been driving the Ray for for many months now and it impress us with good pick up and splendid driving dynamics with a comfortable riding position. Only problem with ray is that it lacks the humungous boot space like other scooters but in every other way its best suited for women and the most polished scooter out there in terms of quality too..
      Infact its best scooter out there for people who ready to sacrifice slightly for under seat storage..All in all Ray Z cannot be ignored if ur a girl.
      As always Test ride of both is highly recommened before purchasing

    • Pavitra

      and how about Ray Z?

    • Mohit

      Like i said Pavitra, its only downside is under seat storage which isn’t that great or else its perfect!

    • Pavitra

      Oopps I mean Dio

    • Rahul

      Flash/pass light is to tell the other motorist when it’s safe to pass them or safe for you to renter the lane in front of them..It is helpful during highway riding situation.
      Its obviously an advantage feature to have a bigger wheel size. It will helpful during small potholes, u will not feel the jerk. You will get a good ground clearance for it too.
      Jupiter has one of the largest Leg Space and under sit Storage. U dont need to worry about it.
      If you dont prefer this male product then definitely go for TVS Wego. Its Far Ahead of Ray Z.

  • Jimit Shah

    Hi Mohit,

    I want to buy TVS Jupiter living at Borivali, Mumbai. I asked for the same to nearer showroom, They told me around 61k of TVS Jupiter. Can you suggest me what is actual price to buy in Mumbai? Please suggest me any showroom nearer to Borivali.

    • Mohit

      Apparently yes, the price which u have heard is being quoted at several places.. dealers says they haven’t go any brochure to verify.. hence we suggest wait for official notice. This price could be for urgent deliveries or dealers being nasty

  • arsh

    hi i m girl…and i really wanted to buy tvs jupiter plz tell will it suit me or not….

    • Mohit

      Yes it easy to ride in the city and there are no problems women riding it.. its just the styling which is more manly..if your height is above 5’4 this should be fine for you. If not, there is the Ray Z or the scooty!

  • Nitin K

    After a long survey and thinking ….finally booked TVS Jupitor today…
    I think …Its gem from TVS….Honda and Japs co’s are cheating indians
    And charging more for outdated tech.
    Awsome feeling while riding jupitor.
    Thanks to Mohit for a wonderful review.

    • Mohit

      We are glad hear that nitin, Thank you!

  • Nikhil kurhekar

    Sir; can u give the details regarding weight of tvs jupitor and is it less than activa or more?

    • Mohit

      Weight we will confirm when the full review comes up.. brochures haven’t reached anywhere uptill now!

  • asim

    Is TVS jupiter launched in Madhya Pradesh ????????

    • Mohit

      Nope, but it is bound to reach till november!

  • Aditya Chauhan

    hello mohit, is the Jupiter a good one as i want to buy one for my papa
    my big doubt is about resale value of Jupiter. can I rely on it when it comes to Long life performance front.

    • Mohit

      Well TVS doesn’t get you the insane amount like the Honda does because of blind following which in the end doesn’t matter either because there’s always a nice amount to be paid to get the scooter back running in spic and span condition..

      Papa should be happy with the Jupiter ;)

      TVS will get you what you really deserve… which turns out to be how you use it and how much miles you munch!

    • paturi

      aditya sir, still we have to see the engine performance and longevity of engine. so dont be trapped .

  • Deepak

    Sir i want to take the best scooter can u suggest the best scooter
    which is good actually i am going to book the Jupiter but before Jupiter lwanching
    i want to take the Activa but now jupiter in market so which will be good.?

    • Mohit

      Jupiter far better then Activa in every single way.. dont hesitate book one and relish ;)

  • ayaz khan

    Hi!mohit. I am frm mumbai. I am planning to buy aviator very soon but saw jupiter two days ago.pls tel me which is better Which one is taller amongt the two.since i m also very tall

    • Mohit

      Ayaz, On Paper aviator has more seat height then Jupiter 790mm on Aviator and 765mm on the Jupiter but since i test rode the bikes while big boots both felt the same so i think you can with the Jupiter comfortably Test ride as always is recommended before driving.

  • Akki

    Just got my swanky red Jupiter delivered yesterday. Trust me guys its an awesome ride. Its comfortable and also easy going on bumpy roads. The additional features adds to the overall beauty. Thnx Mohit for the awesome review which helped me alot booking it. Go for it guys… dnt think twice….

    • Mohit

      Akki, Congratulations!!!! Glad to hear you bought it too! Do share your ownership report with us on our Forums or write into us after your done with 1,000 kms or first service!

    • Akki

      surely brother, can you share your email ID with me so that we can be in regular touch.

  • adeel

    which one got more fuel efficiency figure @ on road actual conditions?
    which one is best buy when comparing TVS Jupiter with basic model of aviator as aviator basic variant costs just 3k-4k more which is not a big concern for me.

    • Mohit

      Well this is more sophisticated engine then the one in the Wego and Wego returned around 47 in our tests (city) this should go a bit higher or atleast remain the same and highway mileage on aviator is around 52 and since we haven’t reviewed it completely so we dont have Jupiter numbers.. wait for the Review ;)

    • paturi

      sir no gearless nscooter gives 60 or 60 + it is false. we cant drive in a idle condition as they claims either honda or tvs or some one else. if gearless scooter gives more tahn 50+ s, it is good engine

  • Deepu

    I was planing to buy activa .but after seeing all this reviews i am definitely going for TVS jupiter.Does anyone know when its is lunched in kerala?

    • Mohit

      Deepu, November is the launch month for Jupiter in south!


    Dear Friends, finally i am able to conclude that Jupitor is a better choice than Activa. But hat about WEGO vs JUPITER? Does Wego has starting trouble?Which one is better. I need to purchase in a week….
    please advice …….plsssssss

  • Deepu

    Thank you MOHIT bhai

  • Sam

    Hi Mohit,

    I loved reading the discussion & reviews in this forum in regards to Jupiter.

    Planning to buy a scooter for my wife.. Confused between 2 brands: Activa HET & Jupiter. Request you to please clarify on below:

    (1) Feature-wise Jupiter has a upper hand on all existing scooters, but is TVS Jupiter’s engine great from Honda Activa’s HET?

    (2) What about After-Sales Services? I reside in a Western Suburb in Mumbai (Malad), mechanics & multi-brand showroom owners insists me to go for Honda Activa, saying “spares will be easily available, even in local stores.. but when it comes to TVS, they have to say spares may not be easily available in local store & every time u can’t visit company authorized service center” – Is that truth? I can’t find a reason why they should lie or promote Activa. What do u have to say, things apart is it the common complaint for TVS Scooters / Bikes ?

    (3) Yes, currently I’ve been quoted around 59k includes everything, is it corect. OR you advise me to wait for some time for actual rate to settle down?

    Your replies would be appreciated.

    – Sam

  • Kashif

    Hi, Mohit

    As TVS jupiter has single stroke engine, so will it be a better option as compared to others in same segment.

    • Shoormita

      What is single stroke engine. have you designed it kashif. Please apply for NOBEL prize.

    • kashif

      Hey, Shoormita.
      when i was searching for the reviews on TVS jupiter, on the below mentioned url it is stated that TVS Jupiter has single stroke engine.

      and further you can go to the below url to make your self aware of the single stroke engine technology.

      and then you will realise that if someone knows about single stroke engine then that does not make him a contender for NOBEL PRIZE :).

    • Ashwani

      Hi Kashif,
      There is no single stroke engine in the world. You must be talking about single cylinder. For an engine to operate, at least 2 strokes are required.
      In the link, it must be a typo where it’s wrongly mentioned single stroke.

  • paturi

    by seeing all the above discussions , iam little bit confused. first of all nobody clarified that jupiter is metal body like Activa. activa is coming with HET technology surely increased KM/lit up to 52+ km. The after sales service for activa is good. so if we compare jupiter with honda, one should compare with DIO or Activa i if jupitor is fibre body. so please clarify me weather jupitor is metal body or not.. .

    • Rahul

      No thing to confuse dear…

      1st of all Activa is not having fully metal body. its 40% metal and 60 % fiber. You will find the same thing in Jupiter. the front panel of Jupiter is fiber one where as the bulky rear end is completely metal. If you want complete metal body scooter, you are having WEGO in this segment. This is the only vehicle having completely metal body.

      Coming to mileage, both scooter will give u more or less same mileage. Wego is coming with CVTI Tech. which is one of the most advanced fuel efficient Tech. It has been proven by their Other Vehicles like Sport or Star city. So i guess no worry about mileage problem. It will deliver around 55 mileage for sure. No scooter will give u complete 60 mileage.

      Coming to service part, everyone knows about Honda’s poor service attitude. Where i can say TVS is not so bad in Service too. Taste some new flesh. Try our own Indian product. Its worthy.

    • paturi

      mr. rahul u r wrong or biased. activa is 80+ metal body and 20%- fibre. correct ur self. lat us not be biased. so many guys are waiting ur observations. so be frank.

    • Mohit

      Paturi, its clearly mentioned in above comments that is a metal body scooter! HET technology has helped but our test show only highway economy has increased the city economy remains the same! Jupiter competes head on with the Activa!

  • Guru

    Hi Mohit, I am looking for a new scooter. My height is 5’3″. Should I chose Jupiter or ray z

    • Mohit

      Guru, Ray Z or the Rodeo which comes with features just like the Jupiter!

  • shailesh

    jupiter is best in class.

  • Shreerag

    Mohitji, a doubt regarding the helmet space.. my size is a midium size & looking for a full size helmet.. can i store it in ths jupiter.. yeah , i kno abt the spacious leg space…but….wil it fit???
    another doubt is that , are thr buttons for ‘eco’ & ‘power’ mode??? i`v seen the pics but confusing??i mean for chngng frm power mode to eco or vice versa….

    • Mohit

      Sheerag, your medium size can fit in perfectly, its our sporty full size helmet which have properly round dont fit. Power and Eco indicators are there to help you maximize fuel efficiency while driving carefully and when driving fast Power indicators glows! Nothing to worry its just there to guide you!

  • Shoormita

    Don’t belive TVS, they use substandard material and workmanship is poor. Go for Honda scooters. The only problem with them is that you don’t get the parts easily, but atleast they are faithful. I have Wego, and on any day it refuses to start, I have no option but to tow it to service center. I always have a rope in my glove box for pulling this Shit scooter.

    • nikhil

      If u have read my previous posts, i have written the same of Dio!!!
      its the same everywhere… depends how u use and how u maintain.
      atleast TVS parts are cheaper.
      If u go to honda service, the customer is treated as the last priority any ways… u guys decide.

      Keeping a rope in the glove box is a bit overboard, as you cant tow a scooter using a rope, its not a car!!! be real. dont write somrthing for the heck of it…

    • Raj

      well said nikhil

  • paturi

    Mr. rahul, u r giving false specification about Acitiva. activa is 80% metal and 20% fibre. because i own the bike. s, front panel is only fibre in Activa. is it same in Jupiter? activa with het technology giving minimum 52+ km per litre. the torque is better. it is with combi braking system, tubeless tyres , viscose filter and perhaps ordinary suspension. is jupiter is having combi brake?? so please dont be biased . give real picture in forum where many people depends on what we speak.

  • BS Rohit

    Which is better – Ray Z or Jupiter?

  • jayesh

    what type of body does the jupiter has??

  • Raj

    I have been waiting for a decent ‘male scooter’ for a while now. After reading your review and all the comments I’m almost convinced I’ll go for the Jupiter. Any chance any 125cc+ scooter might be launched in the near future? Appreciate any final thoughts before it is launched in Karnataka later this month. Many thanks in advance.

  • bittu

    Dear Mohit,
    What is the right choice between Juipter and Suzuki Access

    • Kashif

      Suzuki Access 125 new Being Human edition has advantage over Jupiter.

  • paturi

    I heard that Honda is going to introduce 125 cc scooter soon

  • paturi

    Mr. mohitt, how can u justify your comment that ” Jupiter competes head on with the Activa!
    still it is not introduced fully in market. it was not tested and proven that it competes a head on activa as far as mileage id concerned. so let us not be biased and wait for some time to justify. My seeing some comments, i strongly feel that there are some biased comments in this forum. iam 62+ veteran having no vested interests in any company. But let us be frank and fair in this forum atleast we can guide some people honestly in this forum which will uplift the name and fame of this site.

  • Avijit

    Hello, I m planning to buy a scooter for my dad as well as for me…so plz suggest me which is better pick for me TVS JUPITER, HONDA ACTIVA OR HERO MAESTRO ??? and plz explain little bid …:)

  • Avijit

    Hello Mohit,
    Today I check out all the three scooters(above mentioned)…now I really confused wht should I buy..TVS JUPITER has more features than any other scooters right ..but activa and maestro is established in market….can i believe on JUPITER?? or should I go for activa or maetro?? somebody plz help me out…

  • paturi

    in this forum i found that some guys are fully biased and dont believe them until or otherwise the jupitor is fully road tested. two guys never replied my questions so far. let us see. but in this forum dont give biased statements weather paid guys or sheer biased so be careful friends and wait for more news and tests on new bikes..

  • Abhi

    Somebody,,,,,,,, is having some problem if an Indian Company do some great things !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the problem with some people that they feel ,only Japanese can do wonders in automobile ,,,,,,,,, Have some respect & faith for Indigenous effort……….Who is being paid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?????? Do not show ur frustration ,,,,,,,& no need to show ur affection towards ?????????? Hope u would have got my point,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!

  • paturi

    Mr. Abhi, if u r addressing me , i dont have any confusion. yes it is true that Japanese and Chinese cos are doing wonders in the world not only in automobile but also in many fields, first lest us accept it. IAM 62+ and i luv my country like any other Indian do. By deviating from the subject how many Indians can sing national Anthem in India?????? so patriotism is not only in bikes but truly in all aspects. coming to the point iam from vijayawada, andhra pradesh and met the dealer of tvs.the vehicle details are also not available with them. they are saying it may reach their show room with in 2 months. just it is being launched. how mohit or some guys road tested and giving comments???? 1000 dolor question. so with out coming in to market,with out proper testing and results they are giving their verdict . so any person with little knowledge can understand their position in this forum and please be beware , wait for some more time let it it be proved and if it succeeds, perhaps iam also one among the persons who enjoys that an Indian co that too from south(iam also from south inda) delivered the best or atleast the better in Indian 2 wheeler market.

    • nikhil

      Mr. Paturi,
      Its a shame that you have mentioned your age… 62+ meaning you were born in the golden days when India got independence. CAN YOU SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM???
      Its shameful that people of your age are still favouring the japanese …and of all, the chinese??? China is a sick labour country with aweful labour laws… you should be born there… you can learn their national anthem too if not Indian.
      regarding journalists like Mohit and Faisal giving critics here, they have driven the vehicles which the companies offer for reviews or previews… after riding these, they write what they feel and experience. This is done so the people get a feel as to what the companies are offering.
      Now this is the basics of automobile journalism… you may not know… and if you dont, dont talk.
      If everyone waits, awaiting that some product succeeds, who will buy… and when???
      Now you may say that I am not respecting you for your age, but when elders are wrong, we have to step in. I am still writing with due respect, where, I can blast you off… shame to people like you calling themselves as Indians.

    • paturi

      Mr. Nikhil I am neither favouring Japanese or Chinese products. But Iam expecting free and fair comments by so called critics. Finally I know how the cos manage journalists and critics and tv channels. Any how if TVS produces good scooter I am happy . do hope u catch my point.

    • paturi

      mr. nikhal, still iam waiting for your reply dude. i dont feel shy to mention my age. it is true. iam asking what is ur age and what is ur qualification and what is your profession. u r talking about patriotism. what blade u r using to shave . is it Gillette or panama or topez??? what shoes u r using for morning walk nike or any Indian made . what shirt u r wearing?? what mall u r going tell me frankly. so made india is nowadays u know pretty well. the universe has become global village. what best u can buy u can buy on line. why do u bother about only scooters made in India. your poor comments does not hurt me. but provrd u guys r biased. so make self realization and speak to a elder person. many guys r following us and we should guide us with out any biased comments. let us close this topic now or else give mre ur cell no. i will talk to u. else my no is 09949024994. talk to me.

  • abhi

    Hahaha very funny,, it means one should purchase a particular thing when it comes out perfectly and also after two or three months ,,,,if this thing u want,,?? than sorry boss critics will have to leave their jobs ,,,,,, nd also ,,no need to see reviews of films, mobiles,cars etc. Sorry mohit you chose a wrong job dude,,,,,;-)

  • Arvind

    Hi All,

    Activa HET or TVS Jupiter.
    By next month, i m planning to buy scooter. Honda Activa HET is of 65K in mumbai & TVS Jupiter is of around 62-63K.
    Kindly reply as i m very much newbie into this segment, thanks in advance.

    • Go for the Jupiter, it’s much better scooter.

  • Hi

    I would like to replace my 17years old Bajaj Scooter. My choice line is Hero Pleasure,TVS Jupitor and Honda Activa. My scooter will be fuel efficient and maintenance free. Baja though not fuel efficient but maintenance free. I hardly spend any money on maintenance. Can I get any financial benefits if I purchase it during Dewali?
    Please advise.

    • TVS Jupiter but since it’s new, no financial benefits or discounts!

  • Sumeet

    What is jupiter price in himachal

  • Akki

    Using the TVS Jupiter since the past 10 days… Works smooth.. Superb Built… Noise free riding… Great Shock Absorbers.. The prices are really shooting high guys… Buy it ASAP.. The body is 80% metal and 20% fiber… The Eco and Power mode help you alot for highest fuel efficiency… Im getting a approx average of 43-45 in Mumbai City…

    More reviews coming soon…:)

    God Bless all..

    • Ashraf

      Hey Akki,
      Can you please let me know its performance on worst roads if you have faced.

    • Akki

      @ Ashraf: Havent done any riding on bad roads yet, though its shock absorbers are quite capable of handling the vehicle on bumpy roads..

    • Ashraf

      Hey Mohit,
      How best the performance of Jupiter on bad terrain. Countryside terrain in particular.

  • umesh

    Akki, what is the top speed of TVs Jupiter??

    • Akki

      @umesh: havent gone beyond 55 yet as the vehicle is new… but i think it should reach 80


    I am looking Scooter for my Dad, in Two wheeler currently I am using Suzuki Gs150R for last two years & I am very happy with it also the service station of Suzuki is near to my house my confusion in buying is Activa doesn’t have front telescopic suspension & small wheel base but highest in resale value
    Now there are remaining Suzuki Access or Swiess or Wego or Jupiter
    My Dad is using 1993 K Honda & it is still in running condition its the best Quality I have seen
    Ready to spend 5K or 10K more for quality

    My Dad preference is Activa but the waiting period is tooooo much

    Pls suggest me the best of all

    Thanks, Regards

  • Ashraf

    Hey Mohit,
    How best is the performance of Jupiter on bad terrain? Countryside terrain in particular.

  • prasoon

    Hi Mohit,
    I need a genuine advice from you here. I have been using Pulsar 180cc bike for sometime now and currently own a 2007 model. In recent times I have drawn strong liking towards Gearless scooters of qhich I just saw jupiter.
    I want to sell my 2007 model pulsar which is in a very good condition and buy a new jupiter. Pleasw help me understand how wise this decision would be to sell pulsar and own a gearlesa scooter like Jupiter.

    Please reply asap. Thanks n advance.

    • If you want convenience go for the scooter but nothing beats the fun of a motorcycle.

  • Shree

    Akki, how is the pick up..? Is it really 7.2sec for reachin 0-60km speed? Is it better thn the activa? How is the ride quality in bad roads?

    • Akki

      @shree: the pick up is cool… Havent done any time check though. Ya the vehicle is good on bad roads.

    • Jaideep

      What is the milage in city roads.can jupitor give more milage than honda het
      Any one give reply

    • Yes it’s faster than Activa. Ride quality is good too.

  • Prasoon

    @Mohit and other Moderators..Please help me with my query listed above…thanks in advance..

  • Ram

    Hi Mohit,
    First thanks for your review of Jupiter, as per ur review I hv booked Jupiter yesterday but surprised that I will get it after 40 days waiting period, I don’t know is it really true or TVS want to show it popularity by giving waiting period.
    By d way I m happy to book Jupiter

    • Ram

      This waiting period in delhi

    • bumij

      its been almost a month i booked my jupiter grey color…even the dealer dosent when this grey color will come…he is offereng me d red color which i dont like…so dont knw til wen i hav to wait fr it…!! :(

    • The scooter was just launched and initial demand of most products is high, hence the waiting period.

  • Manu

    Hi Mohit,
    I need a genuine advice from you here. I have decided to buy tvs Jupiter but I am confused on colors. Titanium grey was my first choice but when I saw it, it looked very dull probably because of its matte finish. Should I go for the white one? But I am worried that the scratches and dirt will look more prominent on it. Please help. Reply asap.
    thank you.

    • Manu

      I am still waiting for your response.
      Do red colour look girlish??

    • Manu, nope it doesn’t.

  • Avijit

    Today I bought Honda Activa …it’s nice so far and i m happy to bought this ..from last few days I was just rounding around showrooms…when i was go to book JUPITAR.. i ask the delar within how much day i can get this ?? bt don’t know why TVS delar give such a attitude.. even he doesn’t show any interest to talk about the scooter..n other guys (TVS Employee) insist me to buy a WEGO or STREAK …after this I decided that ” BHAD ME JAYE JUPITAR” n i go for Activa and get this n waiting period is 1 day cause they don’t hv stock.

  • Bhupender

    Hero Maestro and Activa is using Combined breaking technology, which seems to be much better then the TVS Jupiter’s normal braking. Do we have any comparison between the breaking systems. Which one is really better. And does combined breaking system of Maestro/Activa really make a big difference, over Jupiter’s normal breaking system.

  • sandy

    I want to buy a scooter which suites for my wife(5′ 1”) and dad(5′ 6”). I like Jupiter very much personllay but not sure it that feasible for my wife.

    RayZ and Pep+ are also running on my mind due to its compact and handyness. Please help me in finalizing the good scooter.

    • Jupiter is good option, Ray also worth considering.

    • sandy

      I own a Jupiter in Dec,13. I experience till now is awe-sum. Dad, wife and me drove that. Its best suitable for everyone in the family. Jupiter is above expectations and uncompilable with any other scooter, can blindly buy this if you are in search of a new scooter.

  • Amit

    Mohitbhai tell me which type of engine used in TVS jupiter as in HONDA scooter have HET engine.

    • Amit, it’s TVS engine, no HET here. HET is marketing gimmick.

  • mohit sethia

    hello….I want performance….because i m fond of racing…..plz help me to choose. activa,jupiter,wego, or maestro.plz reply.

  • Ehsan

    What about accessories for Jupiter. Can we get a lockable toolbox below the ignition ? For safety purpose my old scooter has a spare wheel. I know most companies don’t provide, but by jugaar is it possible to get one installed.

    • Ehsan, not recommended as it will spoil performance.

  • Jay

    I have taken Jupiter,it’s a wonder scooter. such a great millage and very comfortable. I like it

  • paturi

    Mr. jay, is jupitor metal body or fibre?? plz reply

  • Vikrant

    I just enquired the On-road prices in Mumbai directly to their showroom and the difference is hardly 1k – Activa being on the higher side. The ground space is less in Jupiter (50 cms against 53cms) and is like to brush against speed breaker, more often if u are with a pillion rider. No doubt there are added features in Jupiter, but if you go with the cost, I would certainly prefer Activa over Jupiter in terms of buy back value.

  • Prem

    Hey All

    I want it to buy either Jupiter or Activa HET
    so today i went to TVS showroom and they are pricing 61K
    Can u suggest me where should i buy the product in much cheaper or wait for better review and price

    • Prem, if you can wait, wait but I think you can go ahead with Jupiter right away.

  • Swaleha

    Hi all .. I have bought my TVS Jupiter home two weeks backs.. It is great you all should go for it.. I know that the looks of this scooter are designed for men but girls who are tall and want to have an elegant scooter with loads of features, comfort and space should opt for this one… trust me it is not heavy… infact it balances real good… girls you dont have to put much effort. i m riding it daily and i know it!!

  • Ram

    Ya. What is written in test drive review is correct. I took the test drive of Jupiter 2 days back in Bangalore and its extraordinarily good. The vehicle weight is not seen when driving and feels as if handling of a cycle – well balanced. The facilities given (compared to competitive scooter manufacturers) like parking lite, extra bag hook (foldable), full face helmet storage (I checked personally by keeping my helmet in under seat box), 12″ alloy wheels with telescopic front suspension, the gas filled back shock observers, pass light, total safe in locking the handle with encrypted key, tube less Tyre, majestic look, manageable saddle height – all these with competitive rate tag – made me to book the vehicle instantaneously. The delivery period expected is around one month.

  • Ram

    Ya. What is written in test drive review is correct. I took the test drive of Jupiter 2 days back in Bangalore and its extraordinarily good. The vehicle weight is not seen when driving and feels as if handling of a cycle – well balanced. The facilities given (compared to competitive scooter manufacturers) like parking lite, extra bag hook (foldable), full face helmet storage (I checked personally by keeping my helmet in under seat box), 12″ alloy wheels with telescopic front suspension, the gas filled back shock observers, pass light, total safe in locking the handle with encrypted key, tube less Tyre, majestic look, manageable saddle height – all these with competitive rate tag – made me to book the vehicle instantaneously. I am sure, even ladies with average height can drive/man over comfortably, as the same would be driven by my wife too. The delivery period expected is around one month.

  • Boss

    When can I get jupiter in Tirupati. waiting eagerly.

  • Ram

    The On Road price quoted in Bangalore by Dealers for TVS Jupiter is Rs.57,500/-. The mirrors (2 Nos.), as they say, is O.E. fitted. One dealer was able to give split-up details of the amount as follows:-

    Basic Invoice price of TVS Jupiter Rs. 48,712/-
    Insurance 1,241/-
    Regn. charges, Road Tax & )
    Handling charges ) 6,929/-
    Left hand side ladies foot rest (foldable) 618/-
    Total Rs. 57,500/-

    • Ram, Bangalore most expensive due to higher road tax.

  • Ram

    Faisal, no, I’m yet to get my Jupiter (gray colour). If I owe this, it wound be my 16th two Wheeler in my life. But I can, (with all these years experience of two wheeler driving) vouch that TVS Jupiter is the best in its class. Unfortunately, the so called Japanese tech. based scooterette manufacterers in India-who enjoys good will till date, are cheating consumers with low end, out dated scooters with least facilities with higher pricetags. Alas, TVS has made its mind to come out with such a good commuter scooter with more user friendly technology blended with style to justify the value for the price paid by the customer. Let me make it clear that I m in no way connected to TVS. I would certainly share my joy, the day I get my Jupiter with my comments in this forum.

  • umesh

    when the booking ll start in Chennai??
    one of the TVs dealer said that the booking ll start by new year only. is it true???

  • Ram

    Dear all,
    It’s confirmed that sale/Regn. of TVS Jupiter had started from Monday, the 11.11.2013. I had booked for grey colour and the vehicle of my choice may be delivered to me by next week. In the mean time, let me pen down the On Road Price of Jupiter in Bangalore with split details:-
    Regn. – Rs. 450
    Road tax – 5408
    Stamp fee – 25
    Insurance – 1240
    H.P.Endorsement – 60
    Petrol – 75
    No.writing charges – 550
    Handling charges – 550
    D.F Charges – 30
    Smart card – 300
    S.G – 200
    Basic/Invoice price – 48712
    Total on road price – 57100

    So, the vehicle-upon paying above price- comes with 2 mirrors and 2no. plates. Please note that the amount of initial small quantity of petrol given with vehicle is also collected by the customer.

    The above amounts are collected from an Authorised Dealer of TVS Motor Co. LTD., Bangalore. Hope this would enlighten my fellow purchasers further more.

  • Ram

    Dear Faisal, just observed that there is a total error in my TVS Jupitor On Road Price. The total as per split details provided by dealer comes to Rs.57, 600. You may please correct as I cannot do it now, since it’s appeared.

  • ravi

    is jupiter available in Nagpur, Maharashtra? I am 80 kg, 42 yrs and having slight backpain problem. the reviews of jupiter impressed me. but like most of the contributors i am also unable to decide between Activa HET and Jupiter. Activa is a time tested and comes with better resale value, also jupiter do not have a combi break, does it make a big difference. how much the risk is increased if a scooter do not have a combi break system? requesting all for the opinion
    -Dr. Ravi

    • Get the Jupiter, it is available at all dealerships across India.

      Combi-brake is helpful and if you really want to buy a Honda, get the Aviator but no Activa, it has poor suspension.

    • Ram

      Dr. Ravi, if you go through carefully, there are more advantageous points on Jupiter. Since, the main reason for purchase of a vehicle is to commute, one has to see the plus points of that vehicle-to be purchased. The Jupiter has got 12″ wheel size compared to that of 10″ of Activa, riding through rough/path hole filled roads will be easy in Jupiter. It has got a telescopic front and gas filled back suspension, against spring/coiled shock observers/suspensions of Activa-which again adds to driving comfort. I feel, you may go for Jupiter, since it has got a few other plus points over Activa/Aviator-which were briefed in my earlier comment in this forum.

  • khushi

    I am a girl height 5’1 ,I want to buy a two wheeler my choice is Tvs Jupiter but
    Guys u know the dealers say ,u have to wait for 2 months.
    After January 25 we deliver the Tvs Jupiter.
    And Tvs Wego is available on the showroom with no waiting.
    I am Damn confused about both the scooters look wise same 1-2 or different features.
    My sister suggest me to buy Honda Activa ,U know because of its Goodwill and market share.
    But I am not interested in Activa

    Guys please help me

    • Khushi, the Wego is a good option and you can opt for the one with disc brake at the front. Also consider Yamaha Ray.

  • shibin

    waiting period for Jupiter in navi Mumbai..

  • pooja

    I want purchase a durable & reliable scooter which gives me value for money, pls suggest me among activa, maestro & jupiter which should I pick. .one more thing I wanna ask among these 3 lighter .pls pls help me as this would be my first vehicle& I want best.

  • Bhavesh

    Does Jupiter get a Metal Body like Activa or Fiber Body like Access ?

    • Metal body with there is fibre too.

    • Ram

      I got my Jupiter “Titanium Gray” delivered on 28.11.13 and the on Road cost at Bangalore is 57,200/- (which includes basic invoice value, RTO+Regn+Insurance+handling charges) with 2 mirrors fixed. The ladies foot rest is not given as O.E. accessory. The vehicle was filled with half a liter of petrol and delivered.

      About the performance, its really marvelous. The engine is super smooth, pick up is good (I have not crossed 40 k.m./hr. speed as it is in break-in-period) and with initial filling of fuel, it gave me the mileage of 46.7/ltre. There is no morning staring problems, as were reported in this blog from some of the users. It started with a single half kick in the morning today.

      In my opinion, this is the best scooterette available in the Indian Market as on date.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes it’s a very good scooter.

    • enzo

      When did you book it and when was it delivered? I ask this because I am curios about the waiting period…

    • Ram

      enzo, I had bookedmy Jupiter on 5th Nov. 2013. I was given a waiting period of 1-1.5 months, but I got delivered on 28.11.2013 itself. While taking delivery of my vehicle, I was told that newly booked vehicles would be delivered only after 2.5 months.

  • Ram

    Dear all, you might have read my earlier user review on new Jupiter (“marvellous scooterette”). I am further happy to inform you that my Jupiter, on its 2nd refilling of fuel delivered a solid 50 kmpl. (165 k.m. for 3.3 ltrs. petrol), that too, driving in Bangalore city traffic. Of course, I’m adhering to my ‘not crossing the 40k.m. per hr. speed’. It’s driven by my wife too (medium biilt) who enjoyed the comforts and handling of Jupiter.

    I would again, with proud, say that Jupiter is the most advanced auto scooter available in Indian 2 Wheeler market (as on date) that can fetch you the best value for your money in terms of technology, features, utilities, style, mileage with a smooth driving at a very reasonable price.

    • Mileage should improve post first service.

    • Ram

      Ya. You are right. I hope the mileage would touch 55 k.m. p.l. With a decent driving. .

    • Very much possible.

    • Ram

      My Jupiter with its’ third refilling of petrol gave me 57 kmpl (i.e. 228 kms for 4 ltrs of petrol). Of course, I drove my Jupiter below 50 kms/hr. (economy mode) in highway for about 160 kms. So, I am sure i would be getting at least 55 kmpl. in city driving. Though I have touched 50 kmphr. speed once/twice, i could not hear the rising of Engine or abnormal sound. It’s as smooth as i felt at 35-40 kmphr. speed.

  • sushant j

    Hi, today i have booked Tvs Jupiter after having lots of reserch. But waiting is one month. Hope i have taken correct decision.

  • shama

    I bought a Jupiter from bangalore yesterday.. had booked it on nov 7th. they have charged Rs.61040 on road, yet not given the mobile charging unit!

  • Ram

    Hi all, the Mobile Charger for Jupiter is available in J.C. Road (at Magaji automobiles/or with side by two wheeler spare dealers – on the Road diagonally opp. to Bharat (Talkis) buildings). You have to ask for original TVS Streak/Pep mobile charger and is available at Rs.220/- per piece (female portion-that sits in the place provided beneath Jupiter seat). The male/mobile connecting unit has to be purchased, again at extra cost-may be Rs.150/-. I got it fixed at the place where I booked/got New Jupiter by paying Rs.130/- labour charges. The dealer will cut the given grove and fix this mobile charging unit, without harming/spoiling original wiring system. I still feel, the TVS should provide/made available this extra/optional accessory (both male & female connecting mobile charging unit) with their dealer outlets only, to ensure originality and good performance assurance. Of course, they may charge nominally – say some Rs.300-350.

  • Shreenivas

    Can you please help someone, what is the current price & with other charges of TVS Jupitor in Mumbai.
    I want to buy a Jupitor in shortly.

  • Geet

    Hi Frnds,
    I want to but a scooter for first time, m very much confused between Wego and Jupiter.
    M 5’1″ tall girl
    My main concern is easy Handling and Mileage.
    Plzz suggest me..

    • Geet, Jupiter is a nice option for you or wait for upcoming Yamaha Alpha scooter.

  • prasenjeet

    confused between aviator and jupiter…?? suggest me plzzz…!!!!

  • Akshay pingale

    i like jupiter suspension amazin suspention no any scooter this suspention

  • Pankaj @ kalyan

    Hi I am very much confused between TVS Wego and Jupiter. I like the styling of both but I’m more interested in wego due to its body balance and full metal body. But it has very little leg space. Please suggest if I have made the right choice. I’m 5.9 & my wife is 5.3 we both are going to ride the bike

    • MM Gandhi

      Dear Learned Moderators, Please reply to the question of Pankaj ji, since I’m also facing the same issue. Also throw some light on the requirement of a disc brake, if the scooter is to be used at moderate speeds, say 40- 50 km /hour. One of your colleagues stated that the engine of Jupiter is better/refined as compared to Wego, but the dealer say both scooters have the same engine. What is your view?

  • Bhanu Pratap

    booked jupiter today in black color… may arrive in one week… excited :)

  • jazz

    Can I get good pickup with jupiter ??
    How jupiter performs in hills and churams ??
    Is it good for long drive ??

    • jazz

      Hey any one give me openion …
      Mohit sir

  • Binu

    My jupiter will be on the road within 2.3 days fro a Trivandrum dealer. People are coming with different opinion with its pros & cons. Little confused and doubt whether I have taken a wrong decision.
    Experienced people may pl come forward with their valuable suggestions/advice pls………….

  • Bhanu pratap

    hey faisal bro… i got jupiter after 2 months of booking…. on the very next day of its arrival, the fuel was leaking from some pipe( air pipe as told by the mechanics) and it was unable to start… after a lot of efforts it started but fuel was still leaking… i took it to the service station they fixed it and changed its crburettor and some fuel lid…
    plzz tell me that do dis happen in some scooters and should i complain about this to tvs..?? plzz tell me…

  • Arbaaz aslam

    I have accelerated TVS jupiter at 93kmph and my weight is 80+

  • Arbaaz aslam

    I have accelerated TVS jupiter at 92kmph and my weight is 80+

  • MR

    Hi I am Mayank, I bought Jupiter in the Month of Feb’14 from
    Bhopal. I read lot s n lots of reviews and compared them with Activa but I
    think most of the reviews were paid or fake.

    Immediately after buying I faced following issue

    1. Back body was bumping whenever I cross a speed breaker

    2. There was a irritating tick tick sound coming from the

    I went to the service station but it was not resolved some
    of mechanics said that this is a manufacture defect faced by many buyers.

    When I complained on website of TVS motors then they
    resolved the issue but were not ready to agree that it was company defect.

    Even after the repair tick tick sound was there to entertain
    me during my drive. (It increases and decreases)

    After few days my Jupiter was not getting started and I
    found few petrol drops on engine and floor, I again called TVS guys and when
    they came it was found the petrol pipe was not clamped properly and was not at
    its place.

    Remember I am hearing tick tick sound till now from front

    I got transferred and moved to Hyderabad……Today, again my
    Jupiter broke down…. I can see petrol drops over engine and it’s not getting

    This is frustrating that within 2000KM of run I have faced
    so many problems.

    Please consult a user who has at least used this scooter for
    1000KM, because when you face such issues it not only creates mental tension
    but also ruins your day.

    • r m

      Hi, I purchased Jupitar in Feb-15 and after 1st service tick tick or chat chat sound/ noise getting from front

      ans also the big problem found that storage area and backside at leg place getting heated too much

      I went to service center and placed vehicle for 1 day….after service according to me problem has not resolved

      AS service guy and me took trail for 4 kms with my vehicle and demo vehicle and result got that both were heated,,

      so i get frustrated as this not done and why should we accept company fault.??

      before buying, i went lots of user review and comparison, but now realize that online reviews may fake..

    • MR

      Definitely most of reviews posted are fake…. this sound is not going to go… company don’t accept that this is a manufacturing defect…. i have completed a year now and done all services at authorized service station but the sound still exist…. really a poor quality production

  • prakash

    Purchased Jupiter on 25th September 2014 finished 420 kms and mileage is very low 1st full tank 31.25 2nd 34.75 3rd 29 doesn’t start properly rattling sound from front & engine strains with pillion any idea to improve mileage? I think hoda would have been a better choice

  • Binu Thomas

    Hi Mohit, I have booked a Jupiter Silver Bangalore color, wanted to know the mobile charging option, I have not contacted the dealer about it, want to know and get some idea about it, Is it worth? Please advice. Thanks in advance.

  • Seema

    Is Jupitor only for man? women should not buy them or not…

  • Sundar Sankaran

    Hi.. I have purchased TVS Jupiter on 10.04.2014 and i converted into three wheeler because i am a physically disabled person (Both Legs). But from the date of purchase itself, my scooter had self starting problem. I have contacted so many times and explained my problem to the service center Sri Pandian Motors in Madurai, TN. For the first 2 times, they have changed the battery and the next time they have changed the charging coil section. Now the same self starting problem occurs from yesterday onwards. Kindly help in this regard, i am not able to start the vehicle in kick start without some others help. Plse Plse help.

  • Jazkaran Singh

    hello motorbeam ,
    i bought tvs jupiter this year in the month of january and i also own 2007 model honda activa.
    regarding the engine responsiveness .. i am facing an issue of race lags .. when the throttle is held at the same position and driving at a constant speed there’s a feel of small jittery race lags .. as if the engine gets unresponsive for a second and then again pumps up .. so it gives a very jittery ride .. this thing has never happened with my activa .. it runs smooth on constant speeds
    any suggestion will be really helpful

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