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The interiors of a car is always one of the talks when a customer plans to buy his/her vehicle, the reason being the interiors appeal to the style of a customer and also give a ergonomic way to operate the vehicle. The interior are play a vital role as the owner of the car spends most of the time here. WardAuto, for the second time did a thorough study of the car interiors and has come up with a list of top 10 global models featuring the best interiors for 2012. The winners are:

1. Audi A7
2. Chevrolet Sonic
3. Chrysler 300 Luxury
4. Dodge Dart
5. Hyundai Accent
6. Hyundai Azera
7. Infiniti JX35
8. Mazda CX-5
9. Range Rover Evoque
10. Volkswagen Beetle

WardsAuto World Editor-in-Chief Drew Winter says that this year it was very difficult to decide the winners since there were a plethora of cars with good interior designs to choose from. The expected result is that the luxury vehicles feature on top of the list and also had the highest numbers of contenders; 13. However, at the end the A7 won over the editors with interior styling that manages to be every bit as dramatic and inviting as the sheet metal. From the Indian automotive market perspective, the Hyundai Verna (called Accent in foreign countries) features on the list. There is no doubt that the Hyundai Verna Fluidic has one of the best interiors currently in its segment.

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Source – WardsAuto