While looking at the top 10 exported cars from India, our eyes fell on the 10 least selling cars in India during the last month. We had a detailed look at those.

10 Least Selling Cars September 2015
Indians love SUVs, ironically, six in the low selling list

Major car manufacturers try to increase their sales and have their car(s) featured in the top sellers list every month. While some succeed in it, some fail too. This month, we had a look at the 10 least selling cars in India during the month of September. Cars from eight manufacturers have made it to the tally which means there are more than one cars from one brand. Not very surprisingly, the brand is Renault and three of its cars are on the chart.

Topping the list is the Tata Aria which has always had very low sales. Now, the numbers have fallen to the bare minimum and soon the vehicle will be replaced by the Hexa which might turn out to be a successful product for the Indian manufacturer. On the second position is the Renault Koleos which even after being a good product failed in India due to lack of road presence and the relatively high price it commands. People prefer buying a full-size SUV like the Toyota Fortuner for that kind of money.

The Ford Fiesta is the next car which is on the list and only 11 units of the same were sold in September. These might be the last few pieces which were sold for the car will not be sold anymore in the Indian market. Another SUV on the list is the Force One which has been a flop since day one since it didn’t particularly offer anything except space which isn’t the only buying criterion for most. The SsangYong Rexton is also not able to sell much despite Mahindra’s name associated with it.

The Renault Fluence fails to compete in its segment due to less interiors space and lack of marketing. If there’s one vehicle which Mahindra got wrong, it has to be the Quanto. The vehicle never sold in huge numbers due to its sad looks and now with the TUV300 launched, it is dead. Two more SUVs on the list are the Skoda Yeti and the Isuzu MU-7. Both of them while good products in isolation fail to impress when price is brought into the discussion. The Renault Scala is also a market dud due to its dated looks and Spartan interiors.

Duster vs Safari vs XUV500 vs Yeti
The Skoda Yeti is overshadowed by rivals which are much more affordable