Royal Enfield tuning specialist, Carberry Motorcycles has readied a carburetted litre-class powerplant that remains true to the brand’s lineage.

Paul Carberry, the person behind Carberry Motorcycles, that successfully created a 1000cc V-twin engine based on Royal Enfield’s 500cc single-cylinder engine has yet again revealed a carburetted version of the 1000cc powerplant. Carberry Motorcycles shut down its Australian operations and has now moved to India!

Carberry Motorcycles has just revealed only the new powerplant, and the first India-made Carberry Enfield 1000cc V-twin is atleast 6-8 months away. Termed the 1000cc engine as ‘Double Barrel’, this will be a carburetted motor producing 56.32 HP of power and a massive 108 Nm of torque and will be BS4 compliant. A fuel injected powertrain is in the works too.

The exhaust note of the powerplant is something Royal Enfield fans will appreciate as it has the thump. In the meanwhile, Royal Enfield has also started working on a twin-cylinder 750cc engine that will most probably find its place in the Continental GT 750 cafe racer spotted multiple times.

1000cc Royal Enfield Engine

– Carberry Motorcycles has shut its operations in Australia and has moved to India
– The V-twin engine produces 56.32 HP of power and 108 Nm of torque
– Carberry is in the process of readying a 1000cc V-twin engine and will be out probably in the next 6-8 months

Royal Enfield 1000cc Carberry Engine
The V-twin engine is still in the process of getting ready
Royal Enfield Carberry Motorcycle
One of the older Carberry builds