A quick look at the 20 least selling vehicles of December 2014, showing how some models are completely ignored by their manufacturer.

20 Least Selling Cars December 2014

We already had a look at the top 20 selling cars of December 2014. Now it is time to check out the ones that sold in the least numbers. Just because these vehicles are selling in less numbers doesn’t mean they are market duds, since most of them belong to premium segments. We notice that this list mostly consists of SUVs while there are a couple of sedans in the list too.

Chevrolet is performing quite poorly in India and the Captiva, which seems to be outdated now, could not sell even a single unit this month. The legendary Hyundai Santro which was sold from the late 90s to 2014 has been laid to rest now with Hyundai pulling the plug on it, thus the 1 unit figure. The Hyundai Sonata performs better than the Toyota Camry. The Ford Endeavour sells in negligible numbers compared to the Toyota Fortuner but the new Endeavour should hopefully change things.

The Skoda Octavia is at an all-time low at 61 units thanks to the long and absurd waiting period quoted by Skoda dealers. The Chevrolet Spark which is getting too long in the tooth now sold 70 units. The Chevrolet Cruze and Volkswagen Jetta, both of which compete with the Octavia have performed better but still feature in our least selling list.

Luxury vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, etc. have been excluded from this list for obvious reasons. The Toyota Prius and Prado sold zero units while the Land Cruiser sold 2 units, these cars being CBUs have been omitted from our list as well.

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