red_bajaj_pulsar_220_carb Avid Motorbeam reader and active commentator Srivatsav has sent us pictures of the much awaited new 2009 edition Bajaj Pulsar 220. There have been many guesses of how the bike will look, but now you can get the real picture. The 2009 Bajaj Pulsar 220 gets a new 220cc air cooled carburetored engine with 21PS of power at 8500rpm and 19NM of torque at 7000rpm. Other changes include DC electricals and golden brake callipers. 2009_bajaj_pulsar_220_non-fi

The 2009 Edition Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi may not have any drastic design changes, but it sure does look quite different from its predecessor. Contributing to the new look is the ‘all-black’ treatment – from the forks, swingarm, wheels and engine are all in a rich shade of black and that makes the bike look much leaner and meaner. Raised 3D graphics on the tank are also a big plus. Here’s the bike at rest, so that you can admire all the visual and technical details, including that new carburetor!

2009_bajaj_pulsar_220_side 2009_bajaj_pulsar_220_black_wheels 2009_bajaj_pulsar_220_graphics fastest_bajaj_pulsar bajaj_pulsar_220_black_theme 2009_bajaj_pulsar_220_carb_engine 2009_bajaj_pulsar_220_exhaust bajaj_pulsar_220_carb 2009_bajaj_pulsar_220_rear 2009_bajaj_pulsar_220_carb bajaj_pulsar_220_black_edition blue_bajaj_pulsar_220_carb 2009_bajaj_pulsar_220_dtsi