When it comes to the numbers game, the Czech Republic automaker always belonged to the last row but wooed the upper segment of the population. In 2011, the company had a market share of 1.3 percent which it retained in the next year as well; but in 2013 the sales went sour by 38 percent (YoY) and the market share dropped down to just 0.9 percent. According to current sales, Skoda’s share went down to 0.6 percent as it did not cross even the 8000 figure. During the course of these three and half years, the company pulled out the Fabia and Laura (replaced by the Octavia) off its shelves, hence we decided to skip their details. The next generation of the Fabia is an uncertain launch in India.

Octavia – The sedan did sell decently in its past and received a generation change in 2013, replacing the Laura. The third generation was a complete overhaul and it did lure a few Skoda enthusiasts. Though this car has plenty of potential it failed to strike the right chords due to the higher pricing. Since September 2013, only 2110 units of the Octavia have been sold. The RS version will be launched shortly that should help bring more volumes.

Rapid – Launched in the last quarter of 2011, the Rapid has been the best seller for Skoda since January 2012. The only volume selling machine apart from the late Fabia, 3246 units were sold in the month of June 2012 which is supposed to be its apex. The car then experienced a sinusoidal sales graph till May 2013 where it settled down along the 1000 unit line. This year 5548 units have been sold.

Yeti – For sure there is no vehicle in the market like this but the SUV could not make the most of its monopoly. The Yeti was selling good in 2011 but the car lost its charm in this volatile market. The premium SUV sales went down by 39 percent in 2012 (YoY), while in 2013 it went further down by 56 percent (YoY). 2014 sales stabbed the company right into its heart as its volumes went down to two digits. This year just 66 units were sold till date. The Yeti is in the process of receiving a facelift later this year.

Superb – This premium sedan has been doing comparatively better than its Skoda siblings. It has been observed that more or less, the Superb has been tracing the path of the Yeti but most of times the figures have been better than the premium SUV. The volume has been fluctuating between tens and hundreds as this year sales count summed up to 715 units. Since January 2011, 7500 Superbs have rolled out from showrooms.