2012 BMW 1-Series

BMW will unveil the 1-Series at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September. However, images of the car along with details have already leaked on the internet. What we feel is, that the new 1-Series is an X1 at the front and the Volkswagen Polo at the rear. The car now features a longer wheelbase with the cabin being roomier as well. The 2012 1-Series could debut in India some time in the near future and would do with the 2.0 liter diesel motor that powers the 320d, X1 and 520d. Featuring BMW EfficientDyamics (engine start/stop and regenerative braking), the new 1-Series will be as fuel efficient as any premium hatchback should be. Price it at Rs. 15 lakhs and suddenly there will be more BMWs on road than Mercedes and Audi combined!