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The Italian auto manufacturer Fiat’s “selling like hot cake” compact hatchback, Panda was showcased by the company at the recent 2012 Geneva International Motor Show. One of the best selling cars in the European market, the Fiat Panda has been made bigger, roomier and safer in its third generation model. The Fiat Panda, as many say it has a very “friendly” design language all around itself by combining the element of fun and practicality. Not only does the new third generation Fiat Panda get more space and cosmetic upgrades, it even gets more frugal, thanks to Fiat’s constant endeavour towards engine downsizing.

The new Fiat Panda will be offered in 3 engine options headed by Fiat TwinAir Turbo engine. The award winning Fiat TwinAir Turbo engine has got a displacement of 875cc which produces 85 BHP of power. With its unique combination of power, flexibility and economy, the Fiat TwinAir has the lowest CO2 emissions of any quantity production petrol engine in the whole world! The engine returns a European Combined Cycle average of 67.3 MPG. Fiat is also developing a naturally aspirated version of the TwinAir engine which is expected to debut later this year. Apart from this, Fiat has also tuned its 1.2 litre FIRE engines, one that powers the Fiat Punto to develop 69 BHP of power with increased fuel efficiency. In diesel, Fiat is offering its 1.3 litre Multijet2 turbo diesel.

All the engines come with Start-Stop and Gear Shift Indicator (GSI) as standard which suggests the driver when to change gear to obtain maximum efficiency. In overall dimensions, the car has grown bigger in terms of rear legroom and extra boot space to fit in more luggage. Other features include 6 airbags (4 standard, 2 optional), ABS, ESP (optional), Low Speed Collision Mitigation System and active anti-whiplash head restraint system. The new Fiat Panda is available in three trim levels – Pop, Easy and Lounge. The Panda definitely makes great sense for the Indian market but unfortunately Fiat hasn’t had a very successful innings in the Indian market inspite of having such great cars.

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