TVS Jupiter Scooter Review

TVS Jupiter Review

Bike Tested: 2013 TVS Jupiter

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 52,200/-

The TVS Jupiter is the most rounded 110cc scooter, offering terrific value.

TVS has just launched the new male oriented scooter in the market called the Jupiter. Now you may wonder why the company has called it the Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Milky Way, hence it gels with the tagline that TVS has come up with “Zyada ka Fayda”. The Jupiter also has more moons than any other planet which clarifies what TVS is trying to say, that this Jupiter on Earth has more features too. While the motorcycle segment is in doldrums, the scooter market is posting a healthy growth and the Jupiter comes at the right time to boost TVS’ market share. We gets astride the TVS Jupiter and our first impressions of this ‘male scooter’ are very positive.

TVS Jupiter Scooter Road TestTVS Jupiter Review

TVS has made a very smart move with a valid tagline and nameplate, which is gelling with the product unlike other manufactures, which end up doing vice versa. Wait a minute, if this is a male oriented scooter why was the scooter not called Mars? Perhaps NASA and chocolate bar makers would not agree. Anyways, back to the scooter. The Jupiter is creating the right kind of buzz for the Hosur based company and the South based automaker is very interested in selling the Jupiter in good numbers, as it continues its regional launch spree.

TVS Jupiter User ExperienceTVS Jupiter India Review

If you loved Cocktail (the movie) and love drinking cocktails, then you are going to love this scooter. The Jupiter is a mix of almost all the scooters you have seen till date. Activa, Maestro, Aviator, etc. However, the final finishing and bulbous side panels give the desired look that the market needs and that’s what TVS intended to do. The styling in short is a mixed bag, although most people prefer market leader like look but others will appreciate the Jupiter for the overall sensible appeal it carries sure-footedly.

TVS Jupiter First RideTVS Jupiter Test Ride

What about practicality? Well you get 18 liters of under seat storage, which surprisingly does not fit a full sized helmet. On the other hand, you get two hooks (one down and one up) and the largest leg space in its class (or same as the biggest offering in the market) for keeping and hanging bags near your feet. Practicality is further aided by convenience features which are added by TVS. For instance the pass button which is smartly integrated in the high beam switch. The revised instrument cluster is for the better and much easier to read.

TVS Jupiter Performance Review

The engine and gearbox is the talking point of the Jupiter. When TVS displayed the changes to the 110cc engine at the launch, it took us by surprise and scared us at the same time as the power output was identical to the Wego (8 BHP, 8 Nm) and we feared the enthusiastic nature of the Wego’s motor might disappear. Surprisingly it turns out to be true. The Jupiter may be the quickest scooter in its segment (claimed 0-60 km/hr time of 7.2 seconds) but the energetic nature of the Wego’s powerplant is gone, long gone. However the mill is extremely smooth, refined and noiseless all the way up to 70 km/hr which we experienced on our short test ride. Bumps and road imperfection were dealt in the same manner as the Wego, the telescopic forks work well to give a plaint ride. Handling is extremely positive and the Jupiter is quite fun to ride.

TVS Jupiter First Ride ReviewTVS Jupiter Dynamics Review

What we experienced in our short ride is that the TVS Jupiter offers almost everything you need from a “male oriented scooter”. The Jupiter seems surprisingly good in many ways but like every time we enthusiast have some crying points. Like? The need for more power, more torque and more displacement. However the value for money proposition simply can’t be overlooked. The TVS Jupiter is Rs. 3000/- cheaper than the Honda Activa and you get much more features too. Reliability and quality which TVS has shown through the Wego makes the Jupiter a scooter you simply can’t ignore. What you can ignore though is the market leader once and for all by considering the best alternative built until now and the Jupiter seems to be the one in the 110cc scooter segment.

TVS Jupiter Test Ride Review

What’s Cool

* Feature loaded scooter
* Dynamics
* Value for money

What’s Not So Cool

* Not available Pan India
* Disc brake variant currently not offered